Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Dear Diary

Sometimes I like to treat my blog as a personal (but public) diary, so I'm sharing with you something that's been on my mind this past week:

Dear Diary, I realized that I'm a people person. Not in the sense of wanting to be surrounded by big crowds or going out of my way to meet new people, but I learned, the hard way, that I function better when I'm with someone. I'm not strong enough to be alone, just me and my thoughts, and that doesn't make me a weaker person in comparison to those who are more comfortable when left alone. I applaud people who are like that, and I truly wish I was just like them because it takes a lot of self-love to not let "bad thoughts" put a damper on your mood. And there are times when I am left without a choice and I have to be a companion to myself, yes, I might get a little sad, and if you do too I'm here to say that it's OK. Stress occurs, overthinking occurs, and there's nothing you can do to make it stop. There will be times when you'll be laughing will all of your heart, and there will be times when you'll start to cry without a reason and you'll feel helpless. But, I guess that's just the beauty of life, we get to experience low moments so that we can appreciate the good ones even more.

Photos: Jane Nikoloski

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Current mood: Retro

Hello, my name is Elena and I am a TV series addict. More precisely, I am addicted to 90s TV series so I made it my mission to rewatch all of the shows I've started watching when I was little, but never actually finished. And so, one of my absolute obsessions these past few months has been the legendary That 70s Show. Between laughing at Fez & admiring Jackie's hair, I'm totally ready now to buy a pair of high-waist bell bottom jeans, but until then my mustard-colored sweater and round sunglasses will have to do! 
Do you have any 90s favorites? Let me know in the comments, I'm always on the lookout for more!
Saturday, November 11, 2017


Saturday morning. It's 10.30 AM and it's colder than ever. I'm not a person that loves the cold weather, in fact, I hate it. Even though I enjoy the occasional "sweater weather" I think I'd rather be in a sundress, wearing bright and fun colors. It's funny how when the autumn season rolls around, we all start wearing dark and muted colors as if we're imitating the environment that surrounds us. To that, I say "No!" Give bright colors a chance in autumn and winter too, they might even put you in a better mood. So this is my challenge to you, wear more colors this season, let things get a bit more saturated. 
Photos: Ivica Stojkov

Monday, November 6, 2017

October Playlist | 2017

Is it just me or did October just feel like a whole year? Especially the last week or so, it truly felt like forever. October was a weird month for me, I had my birthday so now I'm 20 which doesn't make any difference since I look 15. Other than that I kept myself quite busy, with both university and this little blog. It's been a joy having new content to post every week and the feedback has been amazing, so thank you for that! And that's why this playlist is a bit later than usual, so I apologize for that.
I decided to keep things short this time and recommend my absolute favorites, the best of the best for the month of October. So, here they are:

Finders Keepers by Mabel stood out to me from the very first listen, I just love the vibes of this song. The video correlates with the song perfectly, portraying the message of "just live in the moment and be with the person you want to be with" which I think really goes with the rhythm of the song. Give it a listen!

Another song that I became obsessed with from the start is Either Way by Snakehips feat. Anne-Marie. Personally, I love Anne-Marie & I think she has an amazing voice and Snakehips gave me two amazing remixes to songs I adore ( Warm Water - Banks | Wanderlust - The Weeknd ). So naturally, if they collaborate, I'm bound to love it. I also LOVE the video, it's just so different to anything else I've seen in a while. I love the simplicity of both the video and the song itself. I remember the first time listening to it, I was expecting something very different of the chorus to what I actually heard and I became pleasantly surprised. It was mellow and chill, something I didn't expect from Snakehips as their style is a bit more groovy.

Words can't express how much I've listened to Mura Masa's Love$ick. I know, I know, everybody's over this song but I'm just starting to understand the hype behind it. When it first came out I thought It was nice, but nothing special - so I guess sometimes it takes me longer to process information, or in this case, an awesome song. For those of you who haven't heard it yet, it's a must listen!

Okay, this is the reason why I love the Internet. Somebody has taken the music from Redbone and replaced the lyrics with the lyrics from Sweatpants (both songs by Childish Gambino). And now we have "What Redbone would sound like if you were wearing Sweatpants". How frickin' genius is that?! In my opinion, Sweatpants is one of CG's best songs, so to take those *fire* lyrics and combine them with Redbone's neo-soul sound is a combination I would never think of, but now that it's out in the world - I need it! It's especially interesting as both songs are from different periods of Donald Glover's discography and to have them intertwined is a weird sensation for the ear. He's my ultimate crush, I must admit.

Banks is back with a new song & I'm officially dead. I juST LOVE HER SO MUCH! Okay, fanglirling aside, Underdog is an amazing song. I just adore her for being consistent with her style of music and not for not changing her sound (like other artists that rise to stardom). You can immediately tell a song is by her because she gives words a certain flair and makes them her own.

And that's it! As always, you can click on the individual song titles above, or just click HERE for the whole playlist on Youtube. Until next time, bye!
Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Somebody mentioned the 90s?

If an outfit could transport you into an alternate universe, this one would make me the star of a 90s romantic comedy, where I'd be Meg Ryan and I would end up with my Tom Hanks. We'd meet in a grocery store, at first not noticing each other. But then our shopping carts bump into each other, our eyes meet and while Dreams by The Cranberries plays in the background and everything is in slow motion, we start an awfully awkward but at the same time perfect conversation. Of course, I can go on and on about what would happen next and reveal all of the cheezy plot twists that make up my "romantic comedy", but I'll just let you put yourself in my shoes and finish off the storyline how you'd like it.
Life would definitely be more interesting if this was truly the case, but until then taking photos in a half-empty parking lot will suffice.
P.S. If you like the top, you can get it HERE.
Photography: Irina Krstevska

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Monthly Moments | October

Monthly Moments is back, mostly because I just needed a reason to capture one of the best days this October. There was a really short time period where we experienced Autumn in the true sense of the word - lovely weather perfect for layering (and adding cute details to your outfits like this scarf from Gamiss.com), sun shining through almost naked branches and lovely people enjoying the sunshine at the park. Ah, the park - my go-to place when I just want to relax and enjoy the company of my friends with a cup of coffee and good music playing in the background. This is just a fragment of the loveliness that was happening last Saturday, I hope it will give you warm feelings just as it does to me.
Photos: Angela Petrovska
Monday, October 23, 2017

Shein.com Autumn Wishlist

Hello! I have teamed up with Shein.com once again to bring you my Autumn wishlist. From the latest items on their website, I've chosen the top 3 items that I know will make any outfit look stylish without you even trying. So head over to the Shein.com website to check out more amazing clothing for a super affordable price!

Pearl Beading Bell Sleeve Ribbed Tee - Bell sleeves are back with the 70s trend, and they are better than ever! Pearl adorned clothing is also a big hit this season, so this super cute top combines both trends to give us the perfect autumnal lightweight sweater.  

Frill Belted Waist Gingham Pants - Gingham is also a big trend for Autumn, so this sophisticated pant is the perfect go-to piece when you want to look put together for any occasion! 

Drape Collar Grid Longline Coat - We all need a good coat, and they are usually super expensive. But for under $50, this grid pattern coat can make any outfit 5x warmer while looking stylish at the same time.