Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Soo, If you've been following me on Instagram you'd know that I visited my lovely friends in Ljubljana, Slovenia a few weeks back. I am currently writing and editing the photos from that trip (there's A LOT of material to go through, trust me) for a full-on travel post, but before that, I came up with the idea to give you guys a sneak peek of my Ljubljana adventure and share one of the coolest spots in town - Metelkova Street.
According to Google, Metelkova is an autonomous social and cultural centre, made up of seven buildings (former military barracks) that are now used as bars, shops, and clubs. During the day it's a tourist photo stop, but during the night, Metelkova is considered to be party central with different gigs and parties with music ranging from Techno to Jazz.
According to me, Metelkova is one of the coolest, most visually captivating neighborhoods I've ever seen. The whole feeling of Ljubljana changed when I entered this little district, and I found myself with my mouth open, not knowing where to look first. Art installations, murals, and mosaics overtook my view, and the sound of music playing on the radio in one of the barracks made the whole experience even better. 
Photos don't do this place justice, so If you're ever in Ljubljana give it a visit.
Photos: Marija Stojkovska & Elena Vasilevska
Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Have you ever looked at a photo from decades ago, only to imagine yourself belonging at that moment? Or listened to an old song and felt its resonant sound, as if you were supposed to be at that specific concert in 1969?
That feeling is one of the most interesting, yet so confusing things I have experienced. How can we long for something that we never had, that we don't have even the slightest clue about? I look back on photos from my parents from when they were my age and I think: Wow, their lives were so amazing back then. Everything was simpler - in the best way possible. To me, they had it all. Everything the world offers us today is more than sufficient, and I know I might sound undeserving of the privileges that we have today, but how can one not dream about appreciating the little things that now we don't even acknowledge. 
Maybe that's why people find things of the past so intriguing. I recently went to one of the most amazing vintage shops I've ever seen, filled with little requiems of the past. I touched broaches made 60 years ago, flicked through books with stained, yellow pages that have probably survived World War II. Surrounded by so much history, I felt wanderlust for a time I will never know about. 
Saturday, April 28, 2018

April Playlist | 2018

Is it just me or was April a *hella* long month? Or maybe I got that impression because this month was a really busy one and we all know how much I love my "chill, laid-back" style of living. But hey, it's time to try something new once in a while! I posted about this on Instagram but I guess I should mention it here too because it's sort of an excuse about why I haven't been posting a lot on the blog recently - I volunteered for Skopje Film Festival and had a great time doing it, I don't think I've ever seen so many movies in a span of a week. But, I've been focusing my time and energy there and on University, which left me with no free time or any creative thoughts. But, I'm hoping that will change in May (even though I have some "lovely" exams this upcoming month), and if not - bear with me! Anyhow, time to get on with the playlist!

I've already said in past playlists that I'm not a big fan of The Weeknd's new sound and that I desperately need him to go back to his Trilogy roots. So, you can guess how fricking excited I was when I played the first track from the My Dear Melancholy, album. And that excitement grew stronger and stronger with each passing track, so much so that I literally started jumping around my room. I'm sad about the lyrics and the meaning behind the songs but at the same time, I'm selfishly happy because it made him go back to where he started and the sound that made me fall in love with his music. Although I love every song from this album, my absolute favorite has to be "Wasted Times". Oh, how I love every bit of that song, especially the bridge - literal chills down my spine.

 I started off not liking this next song, but the beat stayed in the back of my head so I decided to give it another chance. Here we are, one month later, still obsessing over how much Khalid and Normani sound amazing together. Their song "Love Lies" is the perfect mix of captivating vocals and a catchy beat which we loooove! I'm so glad Khalid is getting the recognition he deserves, I feel like a proud mom.

Years and Years released their new song "Sanctify" last month and of course I've had it on repeat since the day it came out. I LIVE for the whole Britney Spears pop vibes, it's different for them but also it's a very fresh take on their style. And to make things even better - they announced their upcoming album! Mark your calendars people, July 6th is THE day!

From time to time I allow myself to be hypnotized by Tame Impala's music and try to find new songs I haven't heard from them before. I admit, I'm only at the surface when it comes to their music, but I'm loving it so far. They are definitely a *mood*, it's not just music you play when you're feeling whatever, it's a specific mood that I just can't explain and if you listen to Tame Impala I think you would agree with me too. This time around I'm loving "List of People (To Try and Forget About)". What a title, am I right?

Daniel Caesar has a special place in my heart, and his collaboration with H.E.R. for "Best Part" (followed with that STUNNING video) made me cry tears of joy. The song is just gorgeous from start to finish, I can't put it into words how mesmerizing I find it. Definitely, give it a listen!

And that concludes the April Playlist! Click on the individual titles above, or just click HERE for the playlist on Youtube. Until next time, bye bye!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Pumped Up Kicks

Not too long ago I had a short conversation with some university colleagues and I told them that I considered myself an introvert. And to that, I got the most interesting reply: "Why do you think that? I wouldn't put you as an introvert, I think you're super friendly and down to make conversation with everyone". At first, I was taken back by this comment because I've never thought of myself as anything else.

Sure, I was way shyer 4,5 years ago when I started high school and I've come out of my shell a lot since those days, but I'll never shake that feeling of being known as "the quiet one". This little exchange of opinions meant more to me than it would to a normal person, mainly because the colleague who said this has known me since recently. I think it makes more of an impact if you hear these comments from new people in your life because they don't know "the old you" and they get to know you without any past judgment or preconceived opinions. It's good to know you've grown up mentally, even if you don't realize it at first.

I told all of this to Jane and he just looked at me and said: "Well, an introvert wouldn't lay down in a skate park just for the sake of a photo, I'll tell you that." I guess he was right.

Wearing: Peach Sweatshirt & Patch Denim Jacket
Photos: Jane Nikoloski

Sunday, April 1, 2018

March Playlist | 2018

It's 2 AM in the morning, 2nd of April and I'm up finishing up this playlist post before it's too late. And now that it's time to sum up my past month, I realized that it was quite an eventful one. I think I gave 110% of myself in March and I am so pleased about that. Maybe it was because I became a bit more organized thanks to my Daydream Planner, or just because I was running around like a headless chicken trying to be at 10 places at once. If I had to describe March in three words they would be parties, midterms, and FWSK (more about the last one soon).
And now, grab a cup of coffee/tea/water/alcoholic beverage and read (or should I say listen) about what I've been loving this past month.

If you're not from Macedonia (but even if you are) you might be a little puzzled by the first song I'm going to talk about today. I contemplated whether to put it on the playlist but I gotta stay true and share *ALL* the songs I've been loving throughout the month, so I present to you "Emil, Vrati Se" by Macedonian singer and actress Ana Kostovska, circa 1986. Yeah, I went there - both Macedonian and from the 80s. This whole thing started with me listening to the local radio stations more often, and this song was being played on repeat for some reason, which ended up with it being stuck in my head for days on end. Then, a really cool event started happening called MK Shlageri (click here for more info) and I fell even more in love with the song, but this also gave me a chance to reminisce on my childhood and other older Macedonian pop music (I used to hate it when I was little, but now I sing along to every word with so much joy). Another reason why this song needed to be featured on this playlist was that the band in which Ana was a part of called Bastion (huge in the 80s, with adoring fans still to this day) reunited and promoted their self-titled album on vinyl after 30 years of its initial release. Of course, I had to go to the release because all signs pointed that this was something I needed to do, and I had an awesome time listening to the music my parents loved when they were around my age. All of these little things combined make up a weird musical coincidence, but then again I don't believe in coincidences.

Going along with the 80s theme, but in 2017 I present to you "Girl Like You" by Toro y Moi, one of the grooviest songs I've heard in a while. When I listen to this I get nostalgic about a time when I wasn't even born yet, which is still so fascinating to me. It also immediately lifts up my mood, I swear this song is like auditory magic!

The Neighbourhood released their album this past month and I became an overly excited 16-year-old all over again. I love that they kept their signature style, but I find it a bit more experimental now, which I don't mind at all. I love when artists and their music grow together with their audience (as long as they don't change their sound 180 degrees). My favorites from the album so far are "Blue" and "Softcore".

Continuing the talk about Macedonian artists, Bobi Andonov released yet another *fire* song called "Smoke" (get my subtle pun there?). Jokes aside, it's amazing - nothing less was expected. I gotta say that his style is totally up my alley, the right amount of sultry mixed with a catchy pop/R'n'B sound. Can't wait to see what else he releases this year!

As time passes I find myself falling more and more in love with Mabel. She has those badass vibes that I aspire to also have, but until then I'll just admire her music. "Fine Line" is such a cool song, and the video for it is even cooler. If you're in the mood for some subtle reggae sounds mixed with pop then definitely, check it out.

Along the lines of badass women, my current obsession is Essy, formerly known as Sierra from the duo Alex & Sierra (bf/gf, won X Factor US, had a few singles out, broke up). I wasn't really that caught up with their past music, nor was I really affected by their break up, but for some reason, I searched up Sierra on Instagram and found out she started a solo career after a long time. What really stuck out to me was the fact that she felt like she couldn't make music without her partner anymore, but learned to move on with her life and channel her emotions into her music (which for me, is such a powerful decision to make). So, even before I heard "Don't Hurt" I knew I needed to support this girl for being so brave, and to my pleasant surprise, I listened to an incredibly catchy and sultry song. All I have to say is You go, girl!

"Good Together" is a really cool electropop song by Sara Hjellström also known as SHY Martin. I did a little research on this girl and she's a singer/songwriter and has written songs for artists such as Astrid S, Kygo and The Chainsmokers (she deserves a "You go, girl!" too). Besides this being a really cool song, it also has an amazing choreography video to go along with it, which I am a big fan of!

I think 8 songs are enough for this month haha. As always, click on the link HERE for the whole playlist on Youtube or on each individual title above. Happy listening!
Friday, March 23, 2018

Roll the Dice

"Roll the dice"
1. Literally, to roll dice, as for or in a game of chance.
2. By extension, to take some risk on the hope or chance of a fortunate outcome.
As I've never gambled in my life, and the closest to actually rolling a dice I've come to is when playing Monopoly, today I decided I'm going to talk about the idiomatic expression "roll the dice" and how often I've found myself (or not) in those kinds of situations.
When I thought about all of the times I've risked on something so far in my fairly uneventful life, I came to the conclusion that for me it's about expressing how I truly feel. I'm a very "straight to the point" kind of person, which has gotten me into some rather brash situations (and most of the time I regret it immediately) but at least I knew I had the guts to say what's on my mind. And that's how I'll continue to be, rolling the dice with every word that comes out of my mouth.
Other than that, I would say that I rolled the dice when I made this blog, not knowing what would ever come out of it. I rolled it when it came to choosing friends too, which always has positive and negative endings. With all of this being said, I know I should take more risks and try to be an "over-achiever" which is what I've been trying to do since the start of this year, but it's all about the baby steps. I would roll the dice for new experiences, new people, new outlooks on life.
What would you roll the dice for?
Wearing: jacket
Photos: Jane Nikoloski

Sunday, March 18, 2018


Where is home to you?
Personally, one answer simply doesn't exist.
Home is Skopje.
Home is the City Park in spring and summer, with a cup of lemonade from Velo Kafe and a deck of cards, soaking up the sun while sitting on the green grass with music softly playing in the background.
Home is the Congress Center, with countless editions of the music festival "Zlatno Slavejche", whose amazing songs I still sing to this day. No matter what happens to this place, the memories of the iconic round lights on the ceiling and the vibrant purple chairs will forever be with me.
Home is GTC, the place where I used to go with my mom and dad, when I was little, for our Sunday evening stroll, which always ended up with me begging for donuts from the main square.
Home is my university, with whom I have a love-hate relationship. There is love when I get lost in the mazy stairs which look like they go into nowhere and I somehow find a photogenic little corner, or when it's autumn and the large windows from our classrooms offer us an amazing watercolor-type view. But, there is hate when I have late lectures, or the cantina isn't open.
Home doesn't have to be a physical place. To me, home are my friends, whether we're having coffee on a sunny Saturday in an overcrowded cafe, or it's movie night and we end up having bizarre conversations until 2 AM.
I now know why I appreciate traveling so much because I know that at the end of the day I'll return home, in Skopje, where I'm the happiest.
Wearing: Irina Tosheva | Collection "Home"
Photos: Angela Petrovska
Location: Congress Center