Monday, November 12, 2018

Bratislava & Vienna on Film

As a lover of all things retro, I can definitely say that analogue photography is my favourite type of photography. I adore the look of the photos and the feelings they evoke but most of all I love the thrill of not knowing what your photo will turn out like. And although I have never actually used an analogue camera before, I was eager to get my hands on one.
And luckily I wasn't the only one who had a thing about film photography. Angela, Jovana and I have talked about purchasing a small, point and shoot disposable camera for a while, so what better timing than for our trip?
I am in love with how the photos turned out, and now I am stuck on the idea of buying an actual analogue camera and giving this thing a go. Only time will tell.

Monday, November 5, 2018


You know that feeling when you return to a place you haven't visited in so many years, and it looks exactly like you left it?
This is that place for me. When I dig deep in the overflowing treasure chest called memories, I see myself, aged around 6 or 7, going up to the open fields of Gazi Baba to play with my friends or to go on afternoon walks with my grandmother.

Everything seemed so much bigger then. And more adventurous. I remember I was scared to go alone, actually scratch that - I was TERRIFIED because at night the hill looked straight out of a horror movie. The older kids would make up stories about monsters coming down from the forests if we played outside until the late hours, which I now realise was a great way to get rid of the annoying little children that we were.

Now, aged 21, I'm no longer scared of the monsters from the forest. I see the openness in front of me and I sigh. There's a word in Portuguese called "saudade" which I came to learn was one of the most discussed words in the language. There's no official translation for it, but what it essentially represents is a feeling of melancholic longing or yearning. Yearning towards something you had or you'll never have. How beautiful and sad at the same time. I'll always have the memories of this place, but I'll never feel the freedom of running down the field without a care in the world, nor take an afternoon walk with my grandmother again. I guess that's just life's way of making room for new, equally as happy memories to be created.

Photos: Jane Nikoloski

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

October Playlist | 2018

Sooo, October is over and done. In retrospect, this past month has been one of the most challenging ones of this year so far. From amazing news to moments of utter weakness, I guess the universe needs to balance itself out somehow. But amidst all those ups and downs I knew one thing for sure - music was here to make me chill tf out. That is why most of the music this month is on the "vibe with me" side, so that means lots of chill R'n'B and soul beats. The songs I listened to in October can be divided into two categories: new, fresh Macedonian music and music I discovered via the Student FM radio (92.9 here is Macedonia - you won't regret it!).
Here are the ones that made the final cut:

Probably my favourite song in October - Matej Foltz "Ponedelnik". I am soo surprised by how amazing Macedonian music has become in the past few years. New artists are bringing so much to the table, I guess the music here was stuck in a creative rut where it had to compete with foreign music in order to be appreciated. So when I see new artists like Matej trying to bring back the beauty of a cool, laid-back beat & simple, yet meaningful lyrics it makes me so happy to watch the industry move forward. Also, major shoutout to Frozen Timedrops, the video looks sooo good!

Another example of Macedonian music moving forward is Funk Shui and their latest track "Krik". They've been on the scene for quite some time now, but they are finally getting the recognition they deserve. I love the direction they are moving in, it's new and different from what we're used to but they still manage to make it unique and their own. And again, the video looks so sick!

Toro Y Moi - So Many Details
This is a prime example of "music I discovered through the radio". I don't usually listen to Toro Y Moi although I loove Tame Impala and he has similar music to theirs, so far everything I've heard from him has been super cool. I had another song by him on a previous playlist which was a totally different vibe from this one but none the less, "So Many Details" is the perfect chill out song.

Khalid is back with a new EP YAY! I'm yet to listen to it, but the lead single "Better" is sooo good! I expect nothing less from Khalid, I am soo beyond excited for his growing career and even more happy that he's still keeping his style the same.

Ama Lou - DDD EP
Ama Lou is my latest discovery and I am over the moon happy that I did. Her EP DDD is amazing from both an auditory and a visual aspect - the songs: "Tried Up", "Wrong Lesson" and "Wire" all complement each other so good and it truly feels like you're listening to a whole story being told accompanied by soul and R'n'B beats. At first, I thought I could choose a favourite out of the three but I soon realised they are all connected and you get the full experience when listening to all of them. And the visual film made to accompany the songs is simply filled with the coolest shots ever, plus I read that everyone that worked on it is under 22 years, so that makes me even more proud that young artists of all fields can come together and make something beautiful.

As always, click HERE for the Youtube link to the whole playlist, or on each individual title above. Happy listening!

Friday, October 26, 2018

A trip to... #12


I guess it turned into an unintended tradition for Angela, Jovana and I to take a trip to some random European city in September before University madness starts. This time around, there was a lot of debating where we wanted to go. We started off with the idea to go for the "chill, lounge by the sea" type of trip, but we knew we find those kinds of places a bit boring, so we searched for some cheap aeroplane tickets instead. And that is the not so interesting story of how we decided to go to Bratislava, Slovakia.

I know it's much better for the sake of the story to say that I've always wanted to visit Bratislava and my dreams finally came true, but it was just as simple as that - cheap Wizzair tickets FTW! Although we didn't know much about the city, that didn't stop us from getting all excited and googling fun things to do/see whilst in Bratislava. 

And after 5 days spent in Bratislava, this is the final verdict: it's the most charming little city, filled with cute cafes and a lively night-life. The food and coffee are relatively cheap, as well as entrance fees to different galleries and museums. The old town brings mystery (especially at night) with its intertwining alleys, the abundance of parks and trees clears up your lungs, while the murals and graffiti bring out the urban side of the city, as well as your camera. 

Hope you enjoy this collection of moments captured by Angela Petrovska!
Monday, October 8, 2018

September Playlist | 2018

First things first, I want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for the amazing response I got on my last post. I honestly felt so overwhelmed but in the best way possible! So many young, amazing women (and gents) reached out to me to share their story or just to say how much they liked it, and I am forever grateful that the post had the effect it did because that was my goal from the start! Although I love blogging about fashion, I truly believe that this platform is meant to do so much more than just showcase personal style. I want to tackle more topics of that nature in the future, so if there is a certain subject you'd want me to talk about and share my point of view, don't hesitate to write to me.

Gratitude rant aside, here are some of the songs that I listen to in September. There aren't many as I revisited a lot of music I had previously posted on the blog, so these ones were the lucky few that made the cut:

I'm starting the playlist off with the most wholesome song of them all - "The Trip" by Still Corners. This was one of those rare gems on Youtube that probably sounds the way happiness feels. It's so chill, easy-going and brings positive energy like no other song. When I listen to it I just imagine myself in a van on the road, with mountains surrounding us while I take photos of them on my analogue camera. That honestly sounds so perfect right now.

A few years back I discovered JOY. and I adored her sound and music. So, when a song auto-played on Youtube one day I immediately knew it was hers. The vibes are still the same and her voice sounds even better now, so I was pleasantly surprised to see she still makes music. "Same Place" has those r'n'b subtones while keeping things mellow and melancholic with the overall sound. Definitely check it out.

Sometimes you listen to a song and the lyrics hit you like a ton of bricks. I guess that was the feeling I had when I heard "Better Than This" for the first time. I love the self-empowering message it gives, about how at the end of the day you're your own friend and cutting ties with people is sometimes mandatory.

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon one of The Weeknd's old songs from way back, and next thing I was doing is listening through his Trilogy album. "What You Need" is one of those songs that I always go back to and could never get tired of, it's not typical for The Weeknd but he still managed to make it his own.

I'm not one to listen to trap music or Travis Scott for that matter, but when I was in Bratislava last month my friends and I had a little Astroworld listening party and "Sicko Mode" managed to get my attention. I'm sure probably 99% of you have already heard this song, so no need to explain why I think it's a cool one.

And that's it! As always click HERE for the whole playlist, or on each individual title above. Happy listening!

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Body Positivity & Dealing with Comparison

Photos: Angela Petrovska 

Written 9/03/2018:

As a female, I constantly hear criticism. I'm compared to other girls on the daily, even when it's not pointed directly at me. "So and so is so hot, she's got perfect curves" is something I've heard a handful of times from guys around me, which obviously makes me think about how I'll never look even remotely close to that previously mentioned girl. It's only human to compare, it's in our nature, our way of thinking. Even though I like to think that I've accepted myself for who I am, I still can't shake that feeling of not looking good enough, or not being good enough.
This is what made me think about the following statement: Why is it that we allow our self-image to be dictated by society? With crappy comments that only objectify women and end up turning us against each other.
Instead of praising a girl for what she looks like, and loving her imperfections - we allow negativity to overtake our minds and make everything a competition.
As I type this I realize I'm touching a sensitive subject, one that makes me tear up. Because I'm writing this from my personal point of view, I can only speak for myself - but I know that other women feel this way too. We'll never look perfect because even when we try to achieve perfection we realize that it's not worth it. At the end of the day, others will continue to compare you, even when you've stopped caring a long time ago.

Monday, September 10, 2018

August Playlist | 2018

I'm a little late, I know! Buuut, I have some really cool new music to make it up to you guys (insert devil emoji here). This time around we have everything, from chill techno to sultry R'nB - just the right amount of different music genres on one playlist. August was definitely a month dedicated to music, I went to a bunch of concerts (and discovered I do not have the energy for anything more than 4 hours of EDM, at best) and discovered soo many new artists. It was hard to narrow down the selection, but here are my top 7 picks for August:

Don't ask me how I stumbled upon "Orange Evening" by DWIG because I can't tell you. One Youtube hole after another and then this gem started playing. I know it probably won't be everyone's cup of tea, it's very dark and repetitive, but what amazes me is how good every layer of this song goes together, from start to finish. And to make things even more interesting to me, I randomly heard this song playing while walking by a cafe days after I discovered it and I was honestly shocked at this coincidence (the song isn't recent, nor is it a hit that's playing on radio stations right now). I love moments like those, and my friend who was with me when I heard the song and freaked out can agree.

I found this song one evening on Soundcloud when I was going through my old liked tracks and I saw the band The Citrus Clouds pop up. There was a period when I was obsessed with their song Nature, so I decided to check out their other songs. That's how I stumbled upon "Thorns on a Rose // Roots", the most chill R'n'B/soul song ever. Listen to this one, you won't regret it.

Jhené Aiko for me is one of the best female R'n'B artists out there, anything she releases is just filled with so much soul. The laid-back beats accompanied by her soothing vocals in "Never Call Me" made me fall in love with her music even more in August.

When there are no new songs by the artist that you love - just find a remix! That's the case with Childish Gambino's Terrified (Zikomo Remix). I love the original, but this version has the most distinctive groove to it. I highly recommend you check this out!

Unknown Mortal Orchestra and their song "Hunnybee" is my most treasured find for this summer. The ~vibes~ of this song are perfect, just what I need to make myself feel like I'm living my best life with it playing in the background. Plus, the band itself has a retro 70s sound that everybody needs to hear!

I love Mura Masa and I love NAO, so when I saw that they collaborated for their latest single called "Complicated" I just about peed my pants from happiness. And of course, the song did not disappoint - it's catchy, groovy, and all-around amazing.

In August I finally got around to listening to the new Years & Years album "Palo Santo" and I was a tad underwhelmed. It has a more pop-ish sound than I'm used to hearing from them, but that doesn't mean that the songs themselves aren't really good. The one that stood out to me was "Karma", the rhythm was stuck in my head from the very first listen. 

And that wraps up another month! Click HERE for the whole playlist on Youtube, or on each individual title above. Happy listening!