Sunday, December 1, 2019

November Playlist | 2019

Okay, how is it December? I can't believe how quick this year went by, and by now I think I probably say this every year, but still! I'm keeping the reminiscing part for next mont's playlist because the year isn't done yet and there are still a lot of memories to be made, but my oh my has it been eventful so far. November was a weird month for me. I experienced some seasonal depression (as everyone else) and that really affected my mood. I'm not complaining, but when the sun sets at 4 PM you can't help but feel as if you've done absolutely nothing all day. So, whenever I could, I would go grab coffee with friends after uni or go study somewhere that isn't home. I would say that I've never focused on university work as much as I have this semester, and I am damn proud of myself for that. I'm interested to see how long that will last haha. I also went to some pretty cool concerts and gigs this month, and those were the moments I felt the happiest, for sure.
Okay, rambling done. Time for the November playlist:

If I had to give the month of November a soundtrack, it would probably be Oracolo by Skinshape. It's moody but still upbeat, chilled and slightly dark - so basically the weather we've been having in Skopje for the past month. The drums and bass in this song are too good, so if you're appreciative of details like those, I recommend giving this song a listen.

My love Ama Lou released her EP "Ama, who?" and I am over the moon in love with each song! I decided to share the one that stood out to me the most from the EP, but it's safe to say that I've had all songs on repeat every day. Better captured my attention with the laid back R'n'B vibes and the blink-and-you'll-miss-it drum'n'bass moments. Overall, loooove, just love!

Dominic Fike's 3 Nights makes me feel as if I'm hanging out with my friends by the beach with a bonfire and one guy has a guitar (of course) so we're all dancing and singing. It's the polar opposite of Oracolo for example, but when you're in that mood, you just are.

Mura Masa is back with a new sound and I'm soo digging it! In the beginning, I was kind of confused because it's quite different from his previous music so it took some adjusting to. But, there are so many factors why I am obsessed with Deal Wiv It and here's a shortlist of a few of them:
1. No matter if you're a long-time Mura fan, or this is the first song by him that you've heard, you have to agree that the beat is so sick. It just makes you wanna dance and jump.
2. That accent. Slowthai is just so weird (in the best way possible) that he grows on you.
3. The video. It was shot in Belgrade, Serbia (as well as No Hope Generation) and I just love the fact that these UK dudes packed up and out of the whole of Europe, they went to the Balkans to shoot a music video.
4. In this Behind the Scenes video, he explains why he's changed his sound, and how he made the song, and it's so interesting and makes you appreciate the song even more.

Buč Kesidi always ended up on my Recommended, so I would always passively listening to their songs for a while, but once I listened to Nema Ljubavi u Klubu with attention, I was hooked. I have a lot of respect for "unconventional" artists from The Balkans because when somebody mentions Serbian music to me I immediately think Turbofolk which is the only genre of music I cannot stomach. So when young artists such as these guys show up with a disco, indie rock, pop sound that is really popular in the UK for example, I'm pleasantly surprised.

And that wraps up another monthly playlist! Click HERE for the whole playlist on YT or on each individual title above. Happy listening!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

October Playlist l 2019

Hello hello! A little bit late this month with the playlist, but it's here! I've been having a sort of "trial month" in October, trying out a new routine, getting more organized and all those things I say I'm going to be at the beginning of every year. So in true "birthday month" spirit, I decided it was about time I stuck to my word. And yeah, I turned ~22~ and although the actual celebration was fun and I loved spending time with my friends, I'm scared shitless about getting older. There's something about 22 that just looks and sounds way more serious than 21, or is it just me? I don't know guys, it might be partly why I've been feeling under the weather in October, or maybe it's because we started uni and I have 9 am classes every day and I'm not quite used to it yet. As I'm typing this I realize a lot of things have happened in October, and here I was ready to write something like "Yeah October was nothing special." Oh, and while we're on the uni topic - I started my final year and although the actual "getting your degree" part will take a while, there are still a ton of things that will happen in these upcoming two semesters that make you feel as if you're one foot into adulthood.
Aaalright, I think I'm rambling at this point and after all, we're here to share some CooL TuNeZ soo here they are. This month's playlist is very, VERY random and I have no explanation for it. Songs for all of the moods maybe?

Starting off with the most light-hearted songs on the playlist: Honeypie by Johnny Utah and Goodie Bag by Still Woozy. Honeypie was a random find, skipping from one recommended video on Youtube to another. This song has been my go-to "put you in a good mood" type of song. It's a very whimsical and likeable song, reminds me of a mix between DNCE and Maroon 5. Another totally similar type of vibe is Goodie Bag, the only difference being that this one is more mellow and a tad more groovy. The lyrics are random, the way I found it was random, but the beat and ~vibes~ are on point. It's basically the definition of something being "short and sweet".

Sweet Tooth by Jess Connelly is my latest discovery in October and I would describe it as the perfect girly girl song, in the best way possible. And no, that doesn't mean that only girls can like this song, get with the times. It's pop-y, with RnB undertones from the beat, and it's soo good!

I've been waiting for Ama Lou to drop a new song for so long, and the wait was totally worth it. Northside is just perfection, the subtle RnB beat combined with her strong vocals is a match made in heaven. Plus, those little comic comments made throughout the song, they make it even more special. I can't wait to hear the whole album, I know it's going to be UH-MAZING.

How can it be a SBSF playlist if I don't have at least one Brockhampton song tbh? This just proves how much they went off on this Ginger album. This month the spotlight was on the mellow Love Me For Life. The 8-bit meets 90s hip hop type beat on this track is insane. I think it's the biggest part of why I immediately clicked repeat the first time I heard it. Highly recommend.

Another song that I really liked mostly due to the beat is Highest In The Room by Travis Scott. I'm not a huge fan of Travis, but I gotta give it to the guy - he produces some amazing songs and definitely deserves all the hype surrounding him. The music videos are always on point as well.

My friend Bisera recommended me this song and it was just what I needed at the time. Panic Room is a mix of Techno and Deep House and it immediately caught my attention. Right after we both fangirled over how good this song is, we came to the conclusion that there are no clubs in Skopje that play specifically Deep House, so it's up to us to open one.

And that concludes another monthly playlist! You know the drill, click HERE if you want to listen to the whole playlist on Youtube, or on each individual title above. Happy listening!
Tuesday, October 1, 2019

September Playlist | 2019

Playlist photo: Trey Trimble

September has been testing me. A lot. Health-wise, it could have been better. Actually, it could have been better in a lot of other aspects too, but since the rest of the year has been amazing so far, I was expecting a quick check of reality to come my way. And how did I cope with the low blows of September? Lots of time with friends and feel-good music. Oh, and a bunch of Netflix too. But mostly hanging out with friends I haven't seen in a loong time and discovering new music that made me happy. So, if you're looking for moody, dark songs (which I usually love), I'm sorry but this month was just not it for me. However, what was "it" were some French bops and catchy choruses. So, here's the little list I have ready for you this month!

The Brockhampton love saga continues, this time with Sugar on blast. This one is really different from their other songs, which is why I think I quite like it. Brockhampton jokes that they are the best new boy band, but this song is the most boy band-esque they've ever released. It's a very smooth track, less saturated in sound and quite timid in comparison to the other songs on the album, but still a big mood.

I found this song randomly while watching a Youtube video that popped up in my recommended, and the guy used a small bit of it and it immediately stuck in my head. I would describe Herside Story as a very positive song, whenever I listen to it I just start to nod my head like crazy. Also, you'll have the chorus stuck in your head after the first listen, trust me. I've seen the name GoldLink pop up before, so I'm definitely going to have a listening party in October.

In search of new music similar to the vibes of Tame Impala and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, I was suggested to listen to Jungle, so I did. And I immediately became obsessed with Casio. I believe this is one of their more popular songs, and rightfully so. I absolutely love the 70s sound, it's like you're in a music time machine with some modern elements. I think a reoccurring theme this month was listening to feel-good songs, and this one is for sure on that list.

While we're on the topic of songs with the 70s sound, I've found a new genre that speaks to my soul on another level - French synth-pop. *queue me regretting that I never continued learning French properly* I have two songs for you guys to listen to, the first one being Vérité by the gorgeous Claire Laffut (seriously, the girl is so stunning!), the more modern-sounding song of the two, and the second one is Toi Et Moi by Paradis which is just pure 70s/80s.

My absolute favourite find this month was Blush'ko. I found this artist through a live performance of the above mentioned Herside Story, and Blush'ko sang the chorus in it. I was really impressed by his vocals, so I decided to listen to some of his music and boy oh boy was I pleasantly surprised. His mixtape Blush'ko In Love Pt. 1 is an absolute gem - from the Intro to the smooth transitions and flow from one song to another, I became more and more obsessed. I'll give a shout out to Poetic Love, a super 90s vibe, and Another Love, which is a remix of the beat from Poetic Love but with different lyrics (genius, right?!). Also, If you're listening through the whole mixtape, I would highly suggest reading the description for each song where Blush'ko humorously explains each song and what it means to him. The whole thing is just so wholesome, I highly suggest listening to him!

And that wraps up another monthly playlist! Click HERE for the whole playlist on Youtube, or on each individual title above. Happy listening!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Sziget Festival On Film

Once upon a time, Elena and Angela said that it would be so cool if they ever got to go to Sziget Festival in Budapest. And one month ago, they did. And it was as amazing as they thought it would be. Okay, dramatic third-person storytelling aside, it was quite literally the best 5 days of my life. And, being the hipster wannabe that I am, I bought a disposable camera to capture random moments from that trip. Here's the result of that + me obsessing and word-vomiting all over your screens, so grab a cup of coffee, a snack, and come with me on this magical journey called "everything nobody wanted to know, but I'm gonna share it anyway because I want to".

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

July & August Playlist | 2019

Soo, long time no blog...
I've been quite selfish this year. I've been doing things I never thought I would, experiencing the most amazing things and living in the moment (with Instagram as a form of memory capturing), but I've neglected the thing that brought me happiness over the past years, and that's this little blog. I'm here to say that I'm putting an end to that (this sounded so official), and I plan on making more *hopefully* inspiring content for you guys! I have a couple of plans on what I want to post, but me being the slug that I am when it comes time to actually finish things, I've kinda lost interest. Buuut, I'm making a promise that I'm gonna stick through and finish what I've started, starting with this July and August playlist.

Truth be told, I don't have a lot of new music for this playlist, mostly due to the fact that I've been listening to Mura Masa and Years and Years on repeat, song after song, album after album, getting mentally prepared for the madness that was Sziget Festival. Yeah, that fkn happened. Angela and I have been talking about going to this festival for years now, but it always seemed so unreachable (not to mention expensive). But, when you want something, there comes a time and a place when you just say Fuck it, let's do it, and you do, and then you're in shock for about a week afterwards. Yep, I am still in slight disbelief of the things I got to see and hear, buut I'm planning on doing a post specifically dedicated to that whole experience, so you'll just have to wait a bit more to hear me geek out about music (and life at that point).
So yeah, here's my shortlist of music I discovered these past two months, as well as a guest song suggestion by my friend who I think you all already know, Angela, just because I wanted to have more suggestions for you guys!

There's something so enchanting about Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Multi-Love is a perfect example of a "musical voyage". The vocals give me a contemporary Freddie Mercury vibe, but still, have their own distinct sound. And I absolutely love the sharp shifts between slow tempo and fast tempo, it adds a new level of dynamic to the song. I would love to attend a concert of theirs at least once in my life, I think that would be the closest thing to an "out of body experience" I'll have.

BANKS is back with a new album and I've been waiting for this moment since forever! And of course, she did not disappoint. I'm still slowly listening through the whole album (I like to give each song the special attention it deserves), and so far I can say that Stroke and Alaska are uh-mazing. Stroke has a very dark undertone and a nice steady tempo, and then out of nowhere she hits us with an 80s synth-pop switch to the beat and that's when I was absolutely sold on the song. Alaska, on the other hand, is more upbeat and more cheerful (but the lyrics, of course, are anything but cheerful), with the unexpected chorus style that made me fall in love with the song. I'd highly suggest you listen to this album, she's a true artist.

Brockhampton also made their comeback with their new album Ginger, which I am as well going through at the moment. I have so much respect for these guys, and if you haven't read up on their story, I'd suggest you do. For this playlist, I'm gonna put the spotlight on I Been Born Again, which I would humbly describe as a textbook Brockhampton song. Also, Matt Champion's verse in this song is short but sweet sick.

On another note, I've been quite into chill but upbeat Soundcloud remixes and one that I would recommend is Cabu's remix of They. - Back It Up. Soundcloud has been my main source of "on the go" music, so it's no surprise that I'm including one in this playlist.

And now, Angela's recommendation: "If there is a song of the summer, Be Honest by Jorja Smith feat. Burna Boy is just that, even though it dropped at the end of August. Jorja's sultry vocals and Burna's rapping over the afro trap beat are the definition of a song for a summer heatwave. The accompanying visuals are as dope as the song itself, making you want to take a night dip in a swimming pool or drive around town.

And that rounds up this playlist if I can even call it a playlist lol. You can click the link HERE for all of the songs on my 2019 playlist so far, or on each individual title above. Happy listening!

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

June Playlist | 2019

Okay, so June. Damn, this month had so much going on I think I'm gonna need a year long vacation just so I can process everything that has happened. If May was filled with guests coming over in Madrid and me living my best life showing people around, June consisted of studying, stressing, traveling, and then stressing some more. I had my exams, I finished my Erasmus exchange (post coming for that whole experience soon), I came back to Skopje, and then returned to Madrid for a little bit to get some stuff done. In fact, I'm in Madrid currently, sweating my butt off because of the heatwave, but my little vacation is coming to an end soon *cue me crying at the airport yet again*. This is probably the most I've traveled my whole entire life, or more specifically the most I've been on an airplane in a short amount of time. Thank god I'm not afraid of flying, otherwise this whole thing would have been a nightmare. Anyway, the emotional rollercoaster was in full swing this month, from meeting some people I wish I had met earlier, to saying bye to the people who made my experience here the best ever. Okay, I'm gonna stop now before I bum myself out even more. Here are the songs I've been listening to this month:

When I came back to Skopje, I went on a mini-quest to find what cool events will be happening in my hometown this summer, and one of those events is Zdravo Mladi. And then I remembered that Nipplepeople is headlining the festival this year, so I decided to give them a listen. Frka is one of those songs I knew, but I had no idea who it actually was by, so now that I know I'm going to listen to it live I'm suuper happy about it. I've been into 80s synth-pop since last year, so this is straight up my alley.

I would like to state a public "Thank you" to whoever was in charge of the playlist in Stradivarius that day because I Shazamed this song immediately and have had it on repeat ever since. Cabu's remix of Stay Lost is everyyything I need for this summer, and after you listen to it it will be everything you need too.

BANKS released her second single Look What You're Doing To Me and do you know what I said after listening to this track? "Look whAT YOU'RE DOING TO ME BANKS!! Got me crying at the airport like an idiot.." Either way, this song is amazing just like anything else she puts out so yeah.

My latest obsession Sabrina Claudio has made a collab with 6LACK which I was not aware of until last month, and now I know that these two are perfection together. Belong To You is so sultry and seductive, like daym miss Claudio. All of her songs have this vibe, but this one is that + R'n'B and I'm living for it!

Jason Dhakal is my latest discovery who deserves soo much more recognition. Infatuation is an amazing chill, laid back song with a sultry tune - and we all know I'm a sucker for this combination of sounds. Highly recommended!

And that wraps up this month's playlist! As always, click HERE for the whole playlist or on each indiviual title above. Happy listening!
Saturday, June 8, 2019

April and May Monthly Playlist | 2019

Okay, I know I've been bad at this "monthly playlist" thing, but I promise I'm back on track this time! Of course, I'm not just going to disregard April as a month filled with good music, so this post is a double playlist! I'm in exams right now (more specifically, 3 down, 2 more to go) so what better time to go through my fave songs these past two months! If I'm procrastinating, I can at least procrastinate by doing something I love, amirite?! Anyhow, here are my top picks for April and May:

I love Ella Mai's vibes, especially in Shot Clock. It's a very chill R'n'B song that I think everyone would like. I adore the chorus, it's so catchy and vibey, and I just adore listening to her in general when I want to relax/or pretend I'm at a concert in my room. 

I'm sorry but why is every song from Zayn THAT? I swear that guy can't do wrong in my eyes... Okay maybe that duet with Taylor Swift was not my cup of tea, but the rest is just A++. Fingers has been on repeat for two months straight and it's still so.damn.good. 

I think everyone on the internet has stumbled up this remix at least once in their lifetime. Kučka - Honey (Medasin Remix) is the poster song of Majestic Casual, and people get obsessed and over this song in waves. I'm currently in the "obsessed" category. It's just such a vibe. So good. 

I know I've been sleeping on this song and everyone is probably over it by now, but James Blake's collaboration with Travis Scott and Metro Boomin for Mile High iS SUCH A VIBE! I remember my friend Angela told me about this song and how unusual it was that James Blake made a song with Travis Scott (which it is, but also genius???) and I just thought Oh cool, look at James go, listened to it once but it didn't really catch my attention. And here I am 5 months later, shamelessly jamming out to this dope song.

I'm going to watch 6LACK perform live this summer at Sziget (super excited!!!) but I actually haven't listened to many of his songs so far. My plan is to learn every song of his until August because so far I adore his sound. First on my list of favourites is In Between featuring my queen BANKS. Again, I don't know why I've been sleeping on this song, it's sooo goood!! Their voices together in the chorus, it's like bread and butter and I'm not even exaggerating.

Speaking of BANKS, this woman is back and better than ever. Gimme is truly a masterpiece of a song. It's just so powerful, I don't know how to describe it. I just listen to the chorus and I'm like YES I WANT EVERYTHING I DESERVE EVERYTHING GIMME! I think that was the effect she was going for with this song, or if not, that's how I interpret it haha. Plus that video, oh my, oh my.

Tame Impala, we meet again. Or should I say Kevin Parker finally decided to make a new song and I don't have to listen to The Less I Know The Better on repeat anymore... Just kidding, that's never going to happen, BUT it's great that now I have a new song to switch to from time to time. Borderline is your typical Tame Impala song - catchy, amazing, the best possible trip you'll ever have.  

New Order. Blue Monday. Yeah, I'm just as confused as you are. I mean, it's an amazing song and even though I don't usually share songs that are classics because everyone knows them and my point is to use these playlists as a platform for discovering new music - I had to include it. I just remember trying to fall asleep one night, but it just wasn't happening, and all of a sudden the Blue Monday melody appeared in my head. So, normally, I put it on and jammed out at 3 AM with my headphones on in the pitch black in my room. Aaand I haven't stopped listening to it since. 

And that rounds it up! As always, click HERE for the whole playlist on YT or on each individual title above! Happy listening!