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I wanted to talk about how much a single item of clothing can hold such meaning to a person. For me, this top is a story all by itself. It reminds me of my summer spent in Italy and how I bought it on the very first day there because I related to the quote on it, and an hour later I stained it with Nutella gelato from Sottozero. Later on, this top bas my go to cover up for the cold nights spent on the bus from every trip we took back to our apartment (because stupid me didn't bring a jacket). So, where ever I went, this little striped 3/4 lenght sleeve top went with me. My point is, we all have some pieces of clothing that hold memories, whether those are good or bad. If you have something like that, share it with me in the comments!
Photos: Fabulous Is Freedom (before she left me for Ljubljana)

The Fall

Two things you should know about me: 1. I love autumn, it's my favorite season & 2. I love pugs.Oh so basic, but just let me be guys! So when I was gifted a tote bag with pugs on it I almost lost it,  it's everything I've ever wanted... The chances of me having a pug in the near future are close to zero, so this is my second best. A big thank you to Angela (and all of my other fabulous friends), how talented is she?!
Photos: Sara Acevska 


First off, how do we feel about the new look? I absolutely love it, it has been on my to-do list for a few months now, I just wanted a new refreshed look and I finally decided that the time has come. Also, we have a new domain now! I said in a post a few months back that the blog will be www.shybutsecretlyfabulous.com, but that idea took a back seat for a while. And now I can finally breathe and post with pleasure! 
Anyways, time for a new outfit post, one that I've had on hold for about two week now. This was back when we had sunshine instead of rain, but I'm still hopeful that the weather in Skopje will start to get better. My OG blog photographer Angela wanted to shoot at this location for some time now, so we set up a time on a Saturday morning & this is the outcome. I fell in love with this location, it's something that you can't find in Skopje that easily, and it shows a different side of the city. When it comes to finding locations for shooting, we struggle. But actually, we have really cool locations here, it's just about going out and searching for them. 
I hope you enjoy the post! 

A trip to... #9

So It's been a while since I posted something about my Italy adventures, so in protest to the gloomy weather we are having right now in Skopje, I decided to share probably my favorite trip of the whole month I spent in southern Italy. I'm talking about the amazing cruise around the Aeolian Islands also known as Isole Eolie. So grab a cup of tea and enjoy my little recap from this trip.

The first thing I need to say is that we were running on "low fuel" because the day before we went to Palermo, got back in Reggio at around 1AM and were supposed to get up at 7 AM to go to the Islands. So, at the beginning we were over the whole trip even before it started. Little did we know how amazing it would turn out to be.
For those of you who don't know, the Aeolian Islands are a volcanic archipelago north from Sicily. So that meant that we first had to get to Sicily, travel another 3-4 hours by bus and then get on the boat to start the cruise. This trip to Italy in general was a lot of firsts for me. I've never been on a plane before, neither on a ferry, and definitely never been on a cruise boat. So you can say that I was quite excited.
Our schedule went a little something like this: a trip around some of the Islands, a two hour stop at Panarea Island and another two to three hours at Stromboli. As our boat was getting further and further away from the dock this whole thing became even more real. On our way to Panarea we gazed into the blue depths of the Tyrrhenian Sea and even saw a dolphin! Soon enough we were able to see a group of scattered islands on the horizon, looking small but we all knew that they were bigger than we could ever imagine.

September Playlist | 2016

It's the end of September so you guys know what that means! Playlist time, woohoo! But first,life update: I started college a few weeks ago and so far, so good. I'm studying English Language and Literature here in Skopje and I'm finding each subject interesting so far. I'm thinking about taking on another foreign language, one that I haven't studied before so we'll see where that takes us.
September is over and so many things happened this past month that I can't even. I went to a couple of fashion events and it was definitely strange as I went on a small "detox" these past few months. And now slowly we are getting back into the game with Skopje Fashion Weekend being scheduled for the end of October. Speaking of October, I know it's going to be an interesting month with different events happening, both on a personal and social level - but more on that next month!
The playlist today is a true mess. From pop hits to songs that you've never heard of before - it's all here.


I am finally back with an outfit post. I've really missed doing these types of posts. The whole process from picking the outfit to choosing the final photos. But with that being said I've kind of forgotten how to write texts about outfit posts, soo here we are! 
I collaborated again with Captured by Klisarova (we all know and love her by now) and when she said she had a fun prop for me I was quite excited. That prop was a super cute penny board, with the dreamiest color combination ever! Now, I've ridden a skateboard before, only a couple of times, but penny boards are a totally different thing. They are lighter and smaller, so that makes them kind of difficult to balance. But, by the end of the shoot I was left wanting one for myself, they are just too cute! 
I chose a casual and comfy look that's suited for cruising on a penny board. If I had some extra cool big headphones I would add them to the look, but I don't so we can leave that for next time. 
I hope you enjoy the photos. 

August Playlist | 2016

Soo I'm back in Skopje! A month exploring south Italy was an amazing experience but I am more than ready to get back to my regular life. I have a few more travel posts but I will disperse them so that it's not travel posts all day every day.
Returning home is kind of like returning to reality, no more beaches and speaking Italian on a daily basis. Even though I really loved the Italian life, I missed catching up with friends over a cup of coffee, or coming home to a cooked meal, or just the simplest of things like sleeping in my own bed. But, now that I'm back, I am craving some "Vitamin Sea", eating delicious authentic pizza and interacting with people from different countries at school. Oh mind, how I adore you and your little tricks.
When It came to music, there wasn't a big list of newly discovered songs in August. But, even if I listened to just one song on repeat I would still make a playlist about it. So, here are my choices for this past month.