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90s vibes

Back with an outfit post, it's been a while since I've done one, huh? As I was editing these photos I got major 90s vibes from this look, and everybody loves the 90s so I was all up for it. I love pairing this awesome button up skirt from Zaful.com with, well, everything. It's so versatile and a true closet staple item. 
Anyways, how are you guys? I feel like it's been a while since I've updated you on general life stuff, but the truth is I haven't been up to much lately. I know, it's not that exciting here in Skopje this time of the year, when all you can think about is escaping from the hot pavement streets to a colder retreat for a quick dip in the water. I've got quite a month planned ahead of me, from music festivals to seaside escapes - it's all happening. And then August will be just like June, unbearable heat and studying. What an exciting summer, I know haha.

Summer ready with Shein.com

I'm bringing you this post in collaboration with Shein.com, the best place for you to do some damage to your wallet before you go on vacation. With so many amazing sales happening right now on their website, I chose 4 items that I think you would love!

Денешниот пост е во соработка со Shein.com, најдоброто место за правење на штета пред да тргнете на добро заслужен одмор. Без разлика дали ќе скокате на фестивали, ќе пливате во море или ќе шетате европски метрополи, на Shein.com може да најдете се' што ви треба за да изгледате модерно и кул. Јас одбрав 4 парчиња кои сметам дека одлично би се вклопиле во сечиј плакар!
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June Playlist | 2017

Hello people!
June was bittersweet for me, some things ended and others began. Actually, when I put things into retrospect I know that everything happens for a reason. If life has taught me one thing (in my ever-so-long 19 years of age), it's exactly that. But what I do know for sure is that these next few months will be filled with both work and play, which makes the "play" part much more enjoyable.
The songs this month were um, really random. Most of them are ones you've probably never heard of before (thanks to NoonPacific.com) but then you have some really old ones that sound just as amazing. Genres mix in this playlist, so I think that there's something for everybody here.

Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini is one of those songs I would categorize as "real music". Drums, a bass, a trumpet and a soulful voice. Add a meaningful message + an excerpt from Charlie Chaplin's speech from The Dictator and you have yourself one hell of a song. Definitely check it out.

Have you ever listened to a song and it opened up a whole new world to you? Yeah, that's me after listening to In A Manner Of Speaking by Nouvelle Vague. First of all, the amazing soft vocals accompanied by the equally as amazing Bossa nova style of music - butter on toast. Second of all, why do I feel like a grown up when I listen to music by Nouvelle Vague? Third of all, why haven't I been listening to this before?! I'll answer the second question myself - because I know I wouldn't have had appreciated it. But I guess now I do, so therefore that makes me an adult now?

Brought to you via NoonPacific.com (I honestly can't stop going on about this music streaming site, I've got all of my friends hooked on it) we have You by LINES and Tear You Down by La Mar.
You is from a more recent playlist of theirs, and the funky beat stood out to me, plus that chorus is super catchy! On the other hand, Tear You Down is the complete opposite. It's from an older playlist, but that's the beauty of this website - you have so much cool music neatly organized in picture perfect little playlists. This particular song is one that sounds like the music I would fall in love with from the first listen. The atmospheric sound makes this the perfect chill out song, but you still have to stop and appreciate every aspect of it. Honestly, I can go on about this for days, so I just suggest you put on your headphones for the full experience and enjoy this music masterpiece. La Mar have amazing music, I will definitely be checking more of it out.

Astrid S is back with Party's Over, a song that I've had on repeat since last month. You guys know I love this girl, so her bringing out new music makes me rejoice! Party's Over is a chill song, with a kick-ass beat drop, perfect for listening to while daydreaming perhaps?

Lauv's I Like Me Better was suggested to me every time I would listen to Party's Over, so I decided to give it a go. Let me explain to you, I've never felt so strong about an under-rated singer - Lauv is a gift from God himself. Right after I listened to this song and came to the conclusion that it's probably one of the cutest songs I've heard in my life (and sent it to my friend for a second opinion on whether this is the cutest or not) I made it my sole purpose to support this guy and his music no matter what. So, came the social media stalking and finding out if he's playing live shows anywhere near me (ofc not -.- ) and then I started listening to his other songs. That's when I found The Other, a song that I am still to this day sure I've heard prior to that moment, but I just can't put my finger on where I've heard it before. That made me furious, and I spent the evening trying to figure out where I know this song from, but alas nothing was determined.

I know I should have downloaded Halsey's album by now, but I'm just not there yet. In the meantime I've been listening to Eyes Closed with pleasure, it's such a cool song! At first I thought "Hmm this sounds like something The Weeknd would put out" and when I made my research I found his name under Writers, so that made sense.

And last but not least, There For You by Martin Garrix and Troye Sivan. I love Troye, been there since day 1, so I've been looking forward to this collab for a while now, and the final song did not disappoint at all! In fact, I'm seeing Martin Garrix live tonight, so I think it will be a cool moment to listen to this song (sans Troye sadly </3).

And there you go, another playlist, another month gone! Well, almost gone. Click HERE for the whole playlist or on the individual titles above. Till next time!

Moody June

For the ultimate mood setter I suggest listening to this while scrolling this post. 
The time and day: a rainy Saturday afternoon, around 3 pm. 
The scene: the backyard of a building in Debar Maalo. 
The feeling: indescribable awe from this hidden gem. 
Angela and I never expected to run into this place, from spontanеously deciding to go to Аcanthus Gallery and then me seeing a garage door in the back that looked descent enough for an Instagram photo, to being amazed from the coolness of this little secret spot that's been right under our noses. So, an impromptu photoshoot was a must, and funnily enough - the moody weather was a perfect fit for this place.
Shoutout to Skopje Se Nosi for using the beauty of this place for a photoshoot of their own, 

June SheIn.com wishlist

To start off the month of June, I'm bringing you a wishlist featuring items from the Shein.com, a super affordable wholesale fashion retail website.
I love wearing bright and light colors during spring and summer, so it's no wonder that I've opted for this white & blue theme.
The pinstripe cold shoulder top is stunning, I've been seeing these kinds of tops in every story possible so they are a big trend right now. I would pair it with a denim skirt, and this one from Shein.com is perfect! I can't resist a cute button up skirt guys, they are my weakness!
Embroidery is EVERYWHERE, so why not have it on your super cool shoes too? How amazing are these white lace up sneakers. And to finish off the outfit, you need your cute accessories like these pink mirrored sunglasses and a white satchel bag. 

Го започнуваме месецот јуни со wishlist од страната Shein.com, една од моите go-to дестинации за онлајн купување.
Во пролет/лето најмногу сакам да носам светли бои, така да воопшто не ме чуди што парчињата кои ги одбрав за овој пост се во плаво-бели тонови.
Јас не би била јас доколку не носам тексасно здолниште, и нијансата на ова е совршена! Одлично би одговарало со било каков топ, но јас се одлучив за ригеста маичка на прерамки. Овој стил на "cold shoulder" го гледам насекаде и мислам дека изгледа преслатко, без разлика дали е на маички или фустанчиња.
Везените детали беа многу популарни минатата сезона, но овој пат истите може да ги забележиме и на патики! Дап, патики - и финалниот продукт изгледа прекул!
И за да го комплетираме изгледот - наочари со розево стакло и бела сачел торба.

The Culottes

So, back in my first post for 2017 I wrote that I will set a small goal for this year, and I quote:
and that is to care less about other people's opinions. If I want to wear something, I'm sure as hell going to wear that and not give a.... Same goes for everything I do and say.
So, here I am - present day Elena trying to put her own words into action. If I do say so myself, I have been more experimental with my outfit choices this year more than last year, even though I'm a sucker for a T-shirt & mom jeans combo. One of the bigger pieces that required a lot of "mental preparation" before heading out of the door were these culottes from Romwe.com. To be honest, I HATED them when they first became popular. Part of the hatred was because I thought I would never be able to pull them off (main reason: being hella short). But I decided to just do it, so I ordered them not knowing what to expect. So when they arrived and I tried them on, I was so surprised! Never in a million years would I think that I could wear pants like these with confidence, but the truth is - I feel so *cool* when I wear them. I think we should all have a piece of clothing in our wardrobe that makes us feel like the street is our personal runway and not care what people think about it.
Photos: Fabulous is Freedom

May Playlist | 2017

It's that time again guys! Another month has (almost) passed us, which means only one thing for me - it's getting closer to summer! No more exams, no more worries. I have just a few left, and from the 9th of June onwards I am a free person! These past few weeks I've been trying to get my life organized and I've put studying first, blog second - which I absolutely hate. But, slowly I'm getting back into the game, and I for sure knew that I wasn't going to miss this month's playlist!

Starting off with Wash Away. You are all familiar with my love for Wilkinson, so when I saw that he had a new song out I knew it was going to be one of those "replay until you're sick of it" songs. And the conclusion is - I think I'll never get sick of it. It's been on repeat for a month straight, which is weird even for me. The interesting part is that the whole track has about six words that are sung on loop, but it's the beat of the song that makes it so epic!

When lowkey you've been listening to Zayn songs on repeat for months, but it's been just a secret. Yeah, that happened. Still Got Time is a fun song guys, I'm not gonna lie and pretend like I don't enjoy listening to it haha.

So, the story about how I stumbled upon Beach Weather's Swoon is a random one. I was scrolling down Tumblr one night and I saw one of those horoscope posts that tell you funny/random things about your sign. This post was about songs your sign should be listening to. Under Libra (my sign) was Swoon, so I decided to give it a listen. Little did I know I would completely fall for this song haha. The song gives me Arctic Monkeys vibes, but more beach-roadtrip-type of vibes. The same goes for Chit Chat , it's just one of those feel good songs. P.S. Here is that Tumblr post, so that you can check for your sign too haha.

Now, you might not consider me the type to listen to Childish Gambino (2013 rapping Childish Gambino, not the "Awaken, My Love!" soul/rnb 2016 version), but I've been a fan of his songs for a few years now, so I decided to listen through the whole of "Because The Internet", as I already knew (and loved) half of the songs from the album. I've always known his music is very different to other popular rappers' of that time but now I have newfound appreciation for this guy. The whole album is made to sound like an hour long song, and each interlude compliments the story and connects the tracks so perfectly. I could honestly go on about this album for days, I think it's honestly one of the best ones I've heard - ever! If I could put each song on this playlist, I would, but at the end I decided Sweatpants deserved a place here the most. Honorary mentions go to Zealots of Stockholm and Earth, The Oldest Computer. 

Humanz came out late April, and can I just say - Oh my god! The sound is very different to their past music, but growth is part of every good artist's music, so I was beyond impressed with their new sound. Also can we talk about the amount of featured artists on this album?! Crazy!
Submission was one that stood out to me from the very beginning. I fell in love with Kelela's vocals, so when Danny Brown's part came up I was taken back a bit, but overall it compliments the song nicely.
The Apprentice was right up my alley, so I immediately knew it was going to be featured on this playlist. I feel like this song is divided into three parts, each corresponding with the singer's style even though they all sing to the same beat. I'll be listening to this album for months on end, there are just so many different songs and I feel like they all deserve their special attention.

You can listen to the whole playlist on Youtube HERE, or click on the individual titles above! Until next time, ciao!