Monday, December 31, 2012

Welcoming 2013 with new shoes

I  am all ready to head on to the new year with some awesome kicks!
I am not a sneakers-kinda-gall but these Isabel Marant inspired ones took my breath away. They are not the real ones, but because i would never spend soo much money on a simple pair of shoes, i am soo satisfied with them.
These Stradivarius sneakers are the most amazing pair of shoes i have ever bought, of course other than my Converse. They are irreplaceable.
I bought them on a sale, because they were a little expensive at the beggining .
They were originaly  3000 den./ 50 eur. and i bought them for 1800 den./ 30 eur. So if you want these sneakers i would recommend to get them now.

Мислам дека е редно време да почнам да пишувам и на македонски, бидејќи не сите знаеме англиски толку добро, така да ова е за вас :D
Си ги купив патичињава од Страдивариус на попуст и можам да кажам дека веќе сум опседната со нив! Планирам да ги носам зимава, а и рана пролет, бидејќи се неверојатно топли, што ме зачуди.
Тој беше тој филинг, кога видов дека имаат мој број, 36-ка. Имам мноогу мала нога и кога ги пробав инстантно ги засакав. Си реков, па овие се направени за мене! Другарите што беа со мене по патикиве знаат колку се израдував кога видов дека имаат бројче ко за мене. Мало дете не ми е рамно!

Океј, доста беше дрндање, еве што носев на школо денеска.
Патиките ги облеков кога се вратив дома и се сликнав со нив, иначе ги носев чизмите со нитните.

So, this is what i wore to school today. Last day of school and winter break oficialy began!
I didn't wear my new sneaks to school, i wore my studded black boots. I just tried them on and took a picture.

I really like my hair this way, pulled back in the beret and two curly parts sticking out.

Saturday, December 29, 2012


So, today i went to our town park for a walk with my friend and we later on went to McDonald's. We had such a great time, and of course i had to take a picture of what i was wearing.

I geared up on two pairs of socks, leggings underneath my jeans and an undershirt under my button up and sweater! It was chilly, and i  have a low tolerance of cold weather, in other words, i hate it. 
I also made this into a "Two ways to wear button ups" kinda post and i hope you like it! 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

DIY : Studded shoulders

I love DIYs. They are just awesome.
My first Do it Yourself on this blog will be about Studded shoulders. 
You can use whatever types of studs you want. I am using cone spike studs and i was inspired by all of the pics with studded shoulders. You can put them on whatever type of top you want. My original idea was to put them on a chunky sweater but i couldn't find one and this is a cute alternative. 

It's simple and this is what you need.  

1.Studs, a needle and thread. 
I used blue thread, but i later switched to black. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Once upon a necklace

First off i would like to say Merry Christmas and happy holidays to the ones who celebrate it tomorrow.

So, this is my newest most favorite sweater and i decided to wear it with beige pants, my UGGs and a chunky necklace. Hope you like it!  

Saturday, December 22, 2012


It's Saturday and we are alive! Decided to celebrate with some shopping!
So today i went on a little walk with my friend and we went to our local store and i bought the cutest pink light sweater from  Forever21. You will see an outfit with it soon, it's perfect for layering.

I wore a black long sleeve bodysuit, a beige/brown jacket, my usual skinny jeans and some UGGs. I accessorized with an owl necklace (Yes, there are more... :D )

Friday, December 21, 2012

New in + OOTD

Hello again my beautiful friends!

Today is Friday, i am home early and I am listening to Christina Aguilera - Your body. I have no idea why.

So, this is what i wore today to school. I like to dress up on Fridays, and by dressing up i mean wearing cool necklaces and bright colors.
I wore this green top/sweater with a grey cardigan over it, beige pants and grey boots. To dress it up i wore a statement necklace. Oh, i am also wearing a purple beret that i recently purchased.

Sorry the pics are inside, but i didn't plan on taking any pictures today.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Flower headbands / headpieces

Even though it's winter and our head are probably covered in wool hats and beanies i would like to take us back to the warm, summer days when we used to wear headbands, Flower headbands to be exact.
To me, they are the most spring-ish or summer -ish  accessory there is!

I was soo excited when i found a headband that is both cute and fits my head perfectly! Me and headbands do go together, so when i bought this one i was soo thriled!

P.S. I decided not to do the Weekly favorites posts anymore, because it turns out, my favorites don't change that much . I will be replacing that with my all new My week in photos! I think that would be more fun, both for me and you! Yay or nay?

Okay, so here is my headband. It's from Stradivarious 300 den./ 5 eur.

this is my blogger profile picture ^.^

Here is a old picture as an extension to the one above.

xoxo Elena.
Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ways to wear skirts in winter

I am so glad that i have some free time to take some pictures and post them to you.
I have missed you guys soo much!

So, this post will be about ways to wear skirts in winter.
Of course i will tell you the number one way to wear skirts right now is by wearing tights.But, for those who are living in the colder climate, for example me. It's bellow zero in my country, so a pair of thin tights will not cut it! So i recommend wearing thermal skin colored tights under neath them.

1.Black and white
-The first outfit is a more festive, balerina-esque. I paired my skirt with a black bodysuit, a white cardigan that is belted and my thermal tights + normal black tights. I would wear this to a New Years Eve party, or just a party in general.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Weekly favorites.

So, i'm a little early with my weekly favorites because it's Saturday but i will be extremely busy tomorrow so it is better that i post this now than later!

I have an apology for you guys because i will not post anything till maybe Thursday. I have so much to study this upcoming week (including tomorrow) and i am in school from 1 pm to 8 pm so as i said, i will have absolutely NO free time to blog.

Hope you understand!

And now, to the actual point of this post, my favorites this past week have been:

1.Aura Mini Glossy
-I bought these two Aura mini lip glosses for 89 den. or 1 eur. and a half. I don't mind that they are small, they are the perfect size for me to put in my pocket or in my bag, and plus i don't like lip glosses that much, so as i said they are perfect!

The first one is a really beautiful red sheer color, great for putting it on top of a red lipstick, or wear it simply on its own. (number 52)
The second one is a more pinky/nude color, also great for giving your lipstick a nice shine. (number 67)

2.Black bow beanie
-It has been a life saver, since the weather here is freezing!
I don't have an exact picture of it, but it is very similar to the one in this picture,except it is all black.

3.Gray cardigan
- I don't know why i have not worn it more this couple of weeks, because i love it. It keeps me warm and it can be worn with almost everything.

xoxo Elena
Friday, December 7, 2012

Statement necklaces

Hey guys!
Today we will talk about statement necklaces. I think they were a big trend last year, and this year also, but they were really in style last summer. I saw absolutely everyone wearing something simple and than BAM pairing it with a chunky necklace! I just love that, i love the idea that one necklace can spice up a plain white T-shirt.
 So when i write about something i usually like to have it in my wardrobe so that i can share my own pics with you , and for today's topic i have only one . I also have my pearl collar necklace that i consider a statement necklace also but i have already posted a picture of it.

Here are some pics, including one from my necklace collection. 

Necklace: Accessories / Sweater: Cotton

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lime green and floral

What's up!
It is Wednesday and as i promised in my last post, today will be my official unraveling, of me and my style.
I am wearing this cute light lime green sweater, with a floral button up underneath. I have already expressed my love for button ups worn  under sweaters so it's more that usual that my first combination on this blog is consisted of these two pieces of clothing. I am wearing my everyday jeans, the studded boots from my second post and a cute owl necklace to accessorize a bit.
Today was kinda chilly, so i wore my black jacket and a simple black hat, but i don't have any pictures from the hat, or the jacket in that matter. 
Okay, enough chit-chat , lets get on to the actual pictures. 

P.S. I tried to make them as "professional" as possible, and this was as close i can get with an ordinary digital camera.

I would also like to thank my most amazing friend Irena, for being a sweetheart and taking these photos. Here's a pic from her! 

Monday, December 3, 2012


So , i'm back with a new post about... COLLARS !
I love them , they are very popular this season , and the season before ! My favorite type is the Petter Pan Collar , i think they are so adorable ! I like the simple button up shirts that are closed to the top and their collars are with some kind of detail . I have seen on the internet these accessories for collars , so called "Collar tips" and they are so awesome . I mentioned in the past post that i love studs , and of course my collars have to have them . Again , i did everything myself !

I know it's about time to put some of my own outfits on this blog , so expect an OOTD on Wednesday !

Here are some pictures of the collars that I made . I think it's more fun to put pictures that are mine , that taking something from the internet.

My ever first DIY collar ! I cut out a collar from one of my dad's old shirts , added some studs and Voila !

I have made two button ups like this , but i have a picture of just one , but you get the point .

For the end i left my most awesome , ultimate DIY project that i have EVER made ! This pearl Petter Pan collar !

Talk to you in my next post !
xoxo Elena
Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekly favorites!

Hey guys! So i have to say, i am very excited about this blog, i could't sleep last night because all i was thinking is what would my next post be about. And it hit me! I will do a weekly favorites post, every Sunday to be exact. Something that i have been loving for the past week, summed up in one post. It will consist something that is fashion related, and maybe something that is not, who knows.

Let's begin!

1. Cozy sweaters
- I have been loving sweaters for the longest time, i think they are both cute and stylish at the same time. They can be dressed up, or dressed down. They can be worn with a cute button up beneath with the collar popping out (which i love!) or with leggings and some cute riding boots.

2. Converse
-It may be December but in Macedonia it's still hasn't snowed, so i have been rocking my black leather converse chucks. They are quite new in my closet, so if i can wear them, i will! I love pairing them with my white high waisted jeans and you guesed it, sweaters!

3.Studed boots!
-Stud have been my love since last summer. I own probably too much studded stuff. Oh, i stud them myself, because that way it's really cheaper. My favorite studded item are my boots. They were love at first sight, and even tho they were a bit expensive, i was in luck because i had some money saved up. So of course i spent them all on these shoes!  (The boots in the picture below are the ones i own.)

xoxo Elena
Saturday, December 1, 2012


Hello, everybody! My name is Elena and this is my new fashion blog.

This is an introduction post, my next post will be  regular and fashion related.
So, i'm 15 years old and i live in Skopje, Macedonia.
I love fashion and at times i may show signs of being a shopaholic, but i promise, i'm not!
I would describe my style as girly and trendy. I am a trend follower, not a trend setter for sure.
I love writing, reading books and drinking a cup of  hot chocolate in a cute mug.

That is all for now, i will talk to you in my next post.
xoxo Elena