Monday, December 3, 2012


So , i'm back with a new post about... COLLARS !
I love them , they are very popular this season , and the season before ! My favorite type is the Petter Pan Collar , i think they are so adorable ! I like the simple button up shirts that are closed to the top and their collars are with some kind of detail . I have seen on the internet these accessories for collars , so called "Collar tips" and they are so awesome . I mentioned in the past post that i love studs , and of course my collars have to have them . Again , i did everything myself !

I know it's about time to put some of my own outfits on this blog , so expect an OOTD on Wednesday !

Here are some pictures of the collars that I made . I think it's more fun to put pictures that are mine , that taking something from the internet.

My ever first DIY collar ! I cut out a collar from one of my dad's old shirts , added some studs and Voila !

I have made two button ups like this , but i have a picture of just one , but you get the point .

For the end i left my most awesome , ultimate DIY project that i have EVER made ! This pearl Petter Pan collar !

Talk to you in my next post !
xoxo Elena


  1. pre mnogu mi se dopaga :)
    poslednoto e vrv <3

    1. Na nego sum najgorda, steta sto nemam kade da go nosam ... :D
      Aj mozda ke go iskoristam za ponatamosni kombinacii na blogov.

  2. Супер се,и јас планирам да си направам нешто слично!

  3. Убави се јаките. Најмногу ми се допаѓа ланчето =)

    1. Fala :D Uste se cudam kako ne ispadnalo nitu edno biserce.

  4. Excellent work, girl! I am a huge Peter Pan Collar fan and I absolutely love these.
    I especially like them because they are hand made :)

    here is my inspiration post on this toppic:

    Hope you like it.
    P.S. You're doing great :)

    1. Thank you, every comment means the world to me!
      Your post is excellent, i'm super impressed!

  5. Hi pretty girl,
    Loooove the result, the first and the last are gorgeous DIY!
    I just found your blog and it's great, i'm your new follower :) Hope u can follow me back!

  6. Nice collars!

  7. Thank you for comming by :)

    Love your blog ,
    I am your new follower!


  8. Super se jakite, sakam da si napravam nekoja, ama nemam vreme, a mnogu mi se dopagaat!!