Friday, December 7, 2012

Statement necklaces

Hey guys!
Today we will talk about statement necklaces. I think they were a big trend last year, and this year also, but they were really in style last summer. I saw absolutely everyone wearing something simple and than BAM pairing it with a chunky necklace! I just love that, i love the idea that one necklace can spice up a plain white T-shirt.
 So when i write about something i usually like to have it in my wardrobe so that i can share my own pics with you , and for today's topic i have only one . I also have my pearl collar necklace that i consider a statement necklace also but i have already posted a picture of it.

Here are some pics, including one from my necklace collection. 

Necklace: Accessories / Sweater: Cotton


  1. Многу сакам вакви ланчиња. Твоето е преубаво =)

  2. Многу убаво направено, браво. :)

  3. Ми се допаѓа многу твоето!

  4. konecno uspeav da vlezam na tvojot blog..:)
    prekrasni lancinja

  5. Многу ми се свиѓа твоето.И во главно целиот пост е супер, ми се свиѓа дека пишуваш за тоа што веќе го имаш и прикачуваш слика, доста е занимливо.И големи пофалби за collar-сот многу се слатки! :-)

    1. Fala mnogu, se trudam da bidam sto pooriginalna ako toa e vozmozno :D

  6. I've been obssessed with necklesses from since I can remember so I love this trend!

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  8. Lovee ittt <3
    Tvoeto posebno mi se dopaga se nadevam deka ke go vidam vo nekoja tvoja kombinacija :D

  9. i like it :)

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