Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekly favorites!

Hey guys! So i have to say, i am very excited about this blog, i could't sleep last night because all i was thinking is what would my next post be about. And it hit me! I will do a weekly favorites post, every Sunday to be exact. Something that i have been loving for the past week, summed up in one post. It will consist something that is fashion related, and maybe something that is not, who knows.

Let's begin!

1. Cozy sweaters
- I have been loving sweaters for the longest time, i think they are both cute and stylish at the same time. They can be dressed up, or dressed down. They can be worn with a cute button up beneath with the collar popping out (which i love!) or with leggings and some cute riding boots.

2. Converse
-It may be December but in Macedonia it's still hasn't snowed, so i have been rocking my black leather converse chucks. They are quite new in my closet, so if i can wear them, i will! I love pairing them with my white high waisted jeans and you guesed it, sweaters!

3.Studed boots!
-Stud have been my love since last summer. I own probably too much studded stuff. Oh, i stud them myself, because that way it's really cheaper. My favorite studded item are my boots. They were love at first sight, and even tho they were a bit expensive, i was in luck because i had some money saved up. So of course i spent them all on these shoes!  (The boots in the picture below are the ones i own.)

xoxo Elena


  1. Преубави ти се чизмичките. :-))

  2. Супер ти е постот,а чизмичките се преубави!
    Инаку од каде ги земаш тие ,,studded" незнам како оди на мак.Од ebay или?

    1. Studded е глагол од именката stud што во превод би значело нитна. Јас моите ги земав од битпазар, од една продавничка за патенти,нитни, монистри и такви ствари, се наоѓа кај албанскиот театар. Ама јас ги земав дури пред 1 година, а бев пак пред неколку месеци и немаа некој добар избор. Ако можеш да земеш од Ebay слободно, истите се.

  3. Cizmite eptem ti se ubavi :D

  4. Најпрво сакаме да ти посакаме Добредојде во светот на блогерките :) Како што гледаме одлично си започнала, keep it up! Мило ни е што не следиш и ти се допаѓаме, па повели и на нашата facebook страна :)

  5. Nice photos and lovely sweaters<3

    you can follow me?

  6. amazing pics!!! i follow you now
    i would love to follow me back because I really love your first post ;)

    1. WOW you have amazing pictures on your blog, i love it! You have a new follower for sure!

  7. Слатки работи, ти одговараат на возраста (прочитав во преходниот post)
    Среќно блогирање, Еленче :)

  8. The boots are so cute, they are to die for!
    Keep up the good work lady!
    Happy blogging.
    p.s. I am a follower :)

  9. Добредојде на сцената :) Постот ти е одличен, продолжи да работиш, без никакви ограничувања.
    Би сакала да видам постови со твој личен стил наскоро.
    Поздрав :)

    1. Fala, planiram da stavam moja kombinacija nedelava, se nadevam ke vi se dopadne!