Friday, October 31, 2014

Skopje Fashion Weekend | Day 4 | Nikola Petrovski "Moments of pleasure"

Even though it is Autumn/Winter, Nikola Petrovski made us dream that it was summer with his Spring/Summer collection. 

With the first pieces he gave us the illusion of water and waves with a nice play suit and a dress for the girls, and a two piece set with shorts for the boys. Then things got more dark with a few pieces that included a print that I can only explain as a forest and her water reflection caught mid a sunset (I tried, I swear haha). I really liked it, it was unusual but it went so well with the whole theme of the collection. And we ended with pieces that were a solid pastel blue - simplicity at it's finest. 

I loved the whole presentation of this collection, from the hair and make up to the set up on the runway, it really did give me summer time sadness. 

                                                                     Photos by Vladimir Vidanovski

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Skopje Fashion Weekend | Day 3 | Irina Tosheva

Day 3 of FWSK was quite a hectic one for me. Getting up at 7 am every morning took it's toll so when I got back home I collapsed on the bed and long story short, I missed the first show (Upsies)
Because there are so many shows, I am only going to review a few a day.

This time I will be talking about the Irina Tosheva collection. The pieces were something that I would totally wear, simple but with a fun print. This time it was all about the Zebra for Irina, describing her choice of animal as her main inspiration as a symbol for individuality. She says that her collection is for those who are constantly on the move and have a desire to stand out from the crowd, and I completely agree. The color palette was more on the darker side with navy blues and forest greens, but still keeping it fresh with whites and pinks.
Crowd favourites were the lovely overalls, whether they were dresses or pants. I really liked the edgy twist on a solid colored button up with extreme slits on the sides. I have noticed that button ups are really common among the collections this season, which I don't mind at all.

                                                             Photos by Vladimir Vidanovski

Friday, October 24, 2014

Skopje Fashion Weekend | Day 1 | Jovana Filipovic „Where the wild things are“

The second fashion show of the night was by the amazing Jovana Filipovic who describes her collection as "safari chic". I did not know what to expect because those two words don't usually go together, but what I saw pleasantly surprised me.
Elegance to the maximum. Long flowy dresses with exposed backs and thigh high slits were taking the breath from the audience (and the photographers!). There was a mixture of materials and patterns, from satin to leather to fur, from zebra prints to solid earth tones, everything was included in this collection and it actually worked.
There were a few men's wear pieces and they were casual, but still a bit dressy, very commercial and easy for everyday wear.
The hair and make up were perfectly executed. I loved the sleeked back high ponytail with bold brows and contoured cheekbones (there were also looks with flowy messy curls, but the ponytail was my favourite).

Day 1 of Skopje Fashion Weekend presented us with two collections that were completely on the opposite sides of the spectrum, but we enjoyed them very much never the less.

                                                                             Official FWSK photos

Skopje Fashion Weekend | Day 1 | Jovan Petrovski „SQUIRE“ & „BLACKOUT“

It is that time of the year again, when all Macedonian fashion designers gather and show their collections (aka hard work) with the public. Of course I am talking about Skopje Fashion Weekend, a 5 day event that I will be attending this year. But I am not only going to fashion shows, I am also part of a Fashion Blogging Workshop leaded by British stylist and fashion editor Rebekah Roy and I am so happy that I get to spend my mornings with a group of fellow fashion bloggers and fashion photographers.

The first official show this season was by young Macedonian designer Jovan Petrovski, who is making his mark in Thailand where he lives at the moment. 
One word that can describe his collection is sharp. Sharp lines and clean cuts were visible in every look. The color palette was black,royal blue and white which went perfectly with the whole vibe of the collection. The modern/edgy play on a simple button up shirt was my personal favourite when It came to the women's fashion, and for the men it has to be the blazers with no lapels and the jackets in general.
The hair, make up and music choice completed the whole look that Petrovski was going for. Sleek low ponytails with heavy eye make up were the perfect choice. The music was by Sashko Kostov and It was especially composed for the show and I loved how dark and edgy it was.

     Photography by Vladimir Vidanovski 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


A quick little blog post from me before the whole Fashion Weekend Skopje  begins! (Eek!)
This is what I wore in my previous post and I liked this outfit that much that I wanted to do a whole post about it. Recently I started to become more comfortable with tights and these ones are one of my faves. Paired them with a skirt/t-shirt/cardigan combo and I love how cute and casual it is.
Hope you like it!

Како што можете да забележите, ова е комбинацијата која ја носев во претходниот пост, и толку многу ми се допадна што сакав да направам посебен пост само за неа. Исто така, сакав постов да го објавам пред да почне целото лудило наречено Fashion Weekend Skopje хаха.
Пред некое време почнав да носам хулахопки со различни дезени и истите ми станаа најомилен моден додаток за топлите есенски денови. Овие што ги носам со оваа комбинација ми се едни од најомилените, супер начин да можете да ги поносите уште малку летните сукњички и во есен.
Се надевам ќе ви се допадне!