Friday, October 24, 2014

Skopje Fashion Weekend | Day 1 | Jovan Petrovski „SQUIRE“ & „BLACKOUT“

It is that time of the year again, when all Macedonian fashion designers gather and show their collections (aka hard work) with the public. Of course I am talking about Skopje Fashion Weekend, a 5 day event that I will be attending this year. But I am not only going to fashion shows, I am also part of a Fashion Blogging Workshop leaded by British stylist and fashion editor Rebekah Roy and I am so happy that I get to spend my mornings with a group of fellow fashion bloggers and fashion photographers.

The first official show this season was by young Macedonian designer Jovan Petrovski, who is making his mark in Thailand where he lives at the moment. 
One word that can describe his collection is sharp. Sharp lines and clean cuts were visible in every look. The color palette was black,royal blue and white which went perfectly with the whole vibe of the collection. The modern/edgy play on a simple button up shirt was my personal favourite when It came to the women's fashion, and for the men it has to be the blazers with no lapels and the jackets in general.
The hair, make up and music choice completed the whole look that Petrovski was going for. Sleek low ponytails with heavy eye make up were the perfect choice. The music was by Sashko Kostov and It was especially composed for the show and I loved how dark and edgy it was.

     Photography by Vladimir Vidanovski 

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