Friday, October 24, 2014

Skopje Fashion Weekend | Day 1 | Jovana Filipovic „Where the wild things are“

The second fashion show of the night was by the amazing Jovana Filipovic who describes her collection as "safari chic". I did not know what to expect because those two words don't usually go together, but what I saw pleasantly surprised me.
Elegance to the maximum. Long flowy dresses with exposed backs and thigh high slits were taking the breath from the audience (and the photographers!). There was a mixture of materials and patterns, from satin to leather to fur, from zebra prints to solid earth tones, everything was included in this collection and it actually worked.
There were a few men's wear pieces and they were casual, but still a bit dressy, very commercial and easy for everyday wear.
The hair and make up were perfectly executed. I loved the sleeked back high ponytail with bold brows and contoured cheekbones (there were also looks with flowy messy curls, but the ponytail was my favourite).

Day 1 of Skopje Fashion Weekend presented us with two collections that were completely on the opposite sides of the spectrum, but we enjoyed them very much never the less.

                                                                             Official FWSK photos

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