Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Skopje Fashion Weekend | Day 3 | Irina Tosheva

Day 3 of FWSK was quite a hectic one for me. Getting up at 7 am every morning took it's toll so when I got back home I collapsed on the bed and long story short, I missed the first show (Upsies)
Because there are so many shows, I am only going to review a few a day.

This time I will be talking about the Irina Tosheva collection. The pieces were something that I would totally wear, simple but with a fun print. This time it was all about the Zebra for Irina, describing her choice of animal as her main inspiration as a symbol for individuality. She says that her collection is for those who are constantly on the move and have a desire to stand out from the crowd, and I completely agree. The color palette was more on the darker side with navy blues and forest greens, but still keeping it fresh with whites and pinks.
Crowd favourites were the lovely overalls, whether they were dresses or pants. I really liked the edgy twist on a solid colored button up with extreme slits on the sides. I have noticed that button ups are really common among the collections this season, which I don't mind at all.

                                                             Photos by Vladimir Vidanovski

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