Friday, October 31, 2014

Skopje Fashion Weekend | Day 4 | Nikola Petrovski "Moments of pleasure"

Even though it is Autumn/Winter, Nikola Petrovski made us dream that it was summer with his Spring/Summer collection. 

With the first pieces he gave us the illusion of water and waves with a nice play suit and a dress for the girls, and a two piece set with shorts for the boys. Then things got more dark with a few pieces that included a print that I can only explain as a forest and her water reflection caught mid a sunset (I tried, I swear haha). I really liked it, it was unusual but it went so well with the whole theme of the collection. And we ended with pieces that were a solid pastel blue - simplicity at it's finest. 

I loved the whole presentation of this collection, from the hair and make up to the set up on the runway, it really did give me summer time sadness. 

                                                                     Photos by Vladimir Vidanovski

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