Saturday, November 1, 2014

Skopje Fashion Weekend | Day 4 | Le brand

Another Spring/Summer 2015 collection, but this time by Lili Kadinska for "Le brand".
Clean cuts and geometric shapes were taking center stage when It came to the "Le brand" collection.
Keeping the color palette very simple with black and white, with a touch of peach to add warmth and a deep plum to add coolness, this collection was all about contrast.
Lady-like dresses, pants and skirts with interesting details on the shoulders were the main pieces.

I can safely say that this collection was all about playing with different cuts, whether they were on the skirts in a V shape, or the neck line where my absolute favorites were the high neck cuts with plum borders at the sides.

Also, some of the pieces were (as I said) very lady-like but there were also some pieces that had a sporty vibe to them (The dresses with the pleated skirts really reminded me of the types of dresses that tennis players wear), completely proving that the contrast was not only meant to be present in the color combinations, but in the whole collection as a unit.

                                                                       Photos by Vladimir Vidanovski

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