Sunday, March 29, 2015

March Playlist

So, In my last post I mentioned something about possibly doing a monthly playlist. I wanted to do this for such a long time and I think that now is the perfect timing.
*these posts are going to be only in english*
*овие постови ќе бидат само на англиски*

March was a full of ups and downs, tears and laughs, very little sun, so much rain. So I guess that had an impact on what I was listening, so here you will find a variety of songs, from rap to technopop and electronica.

Bridges is one of my all time favorite songs and reminds me of good times with good friends, and due to some events I went back to this beautiful song and had it on repeat.
Nothing on my mind has the most beautiful video that you must watch, It goes perfectly with the song and by the end you will wish that you were the boy in the video,trust me. This song makes me think of summer sunsets and beaches so much.
Falling for somebody new and W2TW are very chill songs for those rainy days.
Where are U now is one of my latest discoveries, don't let the Justin Bieber part fool you, (if you don't like him) this song is really good.
The oldest computer is a fast, upbeat song that you will want to sing to (or rap if you can haha). I really respect Childish Gambino as an artist, I know he gets a lot of hate but I really don't see why.
And finally King by my all time favorite band - Years & Years. I have listened to all of their songs and Take Shelter has a special place in my heart, but this month King has been on repeat. It's just a feel good song that you can sing to with everything you have.

*You can click on the song titles to hear the songs*
*Кликнете на насловите на песните за да ги слушнете*

Bobi, these posts are dedicated to you  ❤️

Friday, March 20, 2015

Never mind

This weeks look is more casual than usual. I got this T-shirt a few days ago and I absolutely love it, i think it's really cool. Pairing it with a plaid shirt tied to the waist came naturally, I literally had this outfit in mind when I saw the T-shirt on the rack. So, decided it was time for thing to get a bit more sporty here over on Shy but secretly Fabulous haha.
Hope you like it.

Најпрво, можеби некои од вас не знаат, но пред 1 недела излезе моето прво интервју! Голема благодарност до за можноста, ми беше забавно да ги одговарам прашањата и се надевам така ќе можете да дознаете повеќе за мене. Прочитајте го интервјуто тука.
Овој пат, споделувам кежуал/спортска (за мене лично поспортско од ова нема да биде) комбинација, со најновиот додаток во мојот плакар, оваа бела маичка. Ја земав пред некој ден и веднаш штом ја видов во продавницата оваа комбинација ми дојде на ум.
Се надевам ќе ви се допадне.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Daily

Long time no see. But I am back and this time there is a slight change to my blog and that is: MY BLOG IS .COM! *cue cheering and clapping*
I have wanted to do this for as long as I can remember, and It is finally done!
I know I haven't posted something in a loong time but I will try to not let it happen again. Plus, I have some exciting plans for future posts that *maybe* include some traveling and not the typical only outfit posts. Also, I wanted to do something on a more personal note, and I have been thinking - what Is a big part of me that you guys don't know? Music! So, I might be posting a monthly music list so that you can see what I have been loving to listen.
The outfit for today is casual and low-key, just as the title says - daily.
Hope you like it.

Долго време не сме се чуле. Но, се враќам со мала промена на блогот, а тоа е: БЛОГОТ Е КОНЕЧНО .COM! *ракоплескање и свиркање*
Ова е нешто што сакав да го направам уште од почетокот, и конечно е средено!
Знам дека не постирав на блогот малку подолго, но ќе пробам тоа да не се повтори. Исто така, мооожеби имам планови за идни постови во кои е вклучено патување, наместо типичните аутфит постови. Уште едно исто така, сакав да вклучам нешто на блогот што е полично и со што ќе можете повеќе да се запознаете со мене, и размислував - што е голем дел од мене и мојата личност што на вас би ви било интересно? Музика! Така да, можеби ќе постирам месечна листа на музика која сум ја слушала тој изминат месец, и сите заедно ќе можеме да ѕенѕаме на истите песни хаха.
Денешниот аутфит е доста кежуал, баш како што кажува насловот - Секојдневно.
Се надевам ќе ви се допадне.