Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April Playlist

So, April is about to end soo that means it's time for my April Playlist!
April was the month of adventure and exploring and hanging out with friends. I went on the highly anticipated excursion (Check out the post about Prague here and the post about Dresden here) and whilst on the road some of these songs were played on repeat and some were later discovered.
This month I discovered some older songs and was taken back by the fact that I am just discovering them now (the same goes about this "new" tv series that I am binge watching called The 100. YOU.MUST.WATCH.IT if you haven't already) and also I quite liked remixes as you can see from the list.

"Habits of my heart" is a great chill out song that you can totally sing to, the melody is very catchy and just an over all great song.
"All hands on deck" (Giraffage remix) was a random discovery of mine. At the beginning I wasn't really into this remix but I quickly changed my mind. This song makes me wanna dance so much, you have no idea. Also, the song itself is a good song, but I like the remix version more.
"Worship" is the newest song by my faves Years & Years. I LOVED this song just by listening to the first 20 seconds of it, so you can imagine the emotions I went through when I listened to the whole song. And I am telling you now, Years & Years will forever have a spot on my monthly playlists (and my heart)
"Tunnel Vision" is the song that inspired the whole "old song that I didn't knew existed" rant at the beginning of the post. You know the feeling when you first hear a 10 second snippet of a song and then you love it and you try to find it on Shazam but it just won't recognize it? Yeah, that happened to me with this song. But at the end you do find it and you cry happy tears...
"Drunk in love" (Sikdope remix) is another awesome remix. Yeah Drunk in love is a bit last year but I mean come on, a bit of Beyonce never hurt nobody. At the begging of the song you think Oh yeah I know this part but then "the drop" happens and you just wanna dance and stuff. It's a great Trap remix for those of you who are into that kind of music. I recommend headphones and volume on full blast!
"Mind" is also a song with a drop and you can see by the two other songs on the playlist I quite enjoyed this kind of music if you can call it like that. Skrillex and Diplo make a good combination.
And now we ease a bit from the dance music and go onto the more "not so aggressive on the ear"  music.
"Let it go" by James Bay - the guy with the dreamiest voice ever! This song is just plain beautiful to listen to.
"Don't wanna be your girl" is a chill song and I really liked the lyrics of the song and the meaning. It is pretty straight forward - the girl wants to break up with the guy because she deserves better, and before you start thinking oh Elena wants to break up with someone or went through a break up you are soo wrong. I just liked that the song is very empowering and doesn't cover the reality of most relationships these days.

And that is it! I made a Youtube Playlist with the songs from the March Playlist and you can find these songs on there too because I know it's easier when they are all in one place,and you can check it out by clicking here,but if you just want to listen to a specific song then you can click on the titles of the songs just like in the last post.


  1. Да знаеш дека ги ислушав и си го букмаркнав постов за да ги слушам кога ќе ми се слуша нешто поинакво, ептен се добри, прави по еден ваков секој месец! :)

    1. Фала ти најмногу, со коментаров ми го разубави денот! Баш заради ова и ги правам овие постови, за барем еден да ја има твојата реакција. Поздрав <3