Sunday, June 28, 2015

June Playlist

Another month has passed so that means it's time for my monthly playlist *wohoo* !
First of all, I have to admit I am IN LOVE with the playlist picture, it makes me that more excited for summer and vacation, which brings me to a bit of a life update for those of you who are interested.
I have been a busy girl lately, I started working and haven't had a lot of time for blog photo shooting (but, there will be an outfit post up in a couple of days that I shot a while back). Buuut, exciting things are happening in July and I honestly can't wait. I am going on vacation with my family and after that on a vacation with my friends, so expect a bunch of posts from the sea side.
Onto the playlist, this month i guess I kind of failed because nor did I have time to listen to a lot of music, nor did I find a lot of cool new music. The ones that I did listen to are real chill and here they are.

I went to the OneRepublic concert on the 1st of June and oh my god. Everything was perfection and I can't even begin to explain why. From the stage setup to the amazing live performances of songs that we all know and love, this night was definitely one I will remember forever. One song that I didn't know was "Can't Stop" and I don't know why because it is amazing.When they performed it I remember thinking Wow this song is soo good! And for the first time in my life, I can say that a live performance is better than the studio version.But, I came home and listened to it, was a bit mad that I didn't know it for the concert, and then listened to it some more. And now I have PCDS (Post Concert Depression Syndrome).

"Do You Remember" is such a cool laid back song. It was love at first hearing haha. Most of the comments on the video are about the amazing cinematography and I honestly agree with all of them.

"Talk Is Cheap" was introduced to me by Marigo (the lovely girl from this post). Just like "Do You Remember" it's a chill song, perfect for listening to on the bus.

Now, "Foundation" is reaaally different to the other Y&Y songs. It reminds me so much of Banks' "Brain". It has a slow build up and It doesn't really have the typical song lyric style. There is a lot of repetition and I kind of love it. I did some research on the song and the video (it's real creepy) and this song is the first track on their new debut album, so i guess it is like a prologue to what we will see in the rest of the album (plus, the song is called Foundation, duh). Even though it's short I love the darkness in the song and Olly's amazing vocals.

"The Hills"...All hail the king! Finally a new song am I right?! I listened to this song probably since about two months ago, when he performed it at Coachella and it was still called "Mood Music", and I was left with nothing but a recording from some person from the live performance. I waited and waited and waited for the studio version and finally it came out! Now, I am very displeased about the interpretations of the video aka the meaning behind it. It all comes down to one hypothesis: He is giving in to the mainstream. (The car flipping and exploding is him deciding to change, the two girls who are holding him back are either his fans or his two previous albums, and him going up to the house and the stairs is him giving in and at the top he finds what is expecting him when he becomes internationally famous, mostly bad things). I love that he made us really think about the message he is giving though the video, but I don't like it one bit...

And the last one is "Remeber Me'' - probably the most summer-y song of them all. They played it again and again on the radio, but I don't really mind. It's the perfect summer song, light and makes you wanna dance.

And that is all for this month! Here you can find all of the songs in my Youtube playlist, or you can click on the titles to hear the songs that you want to hear.

Wow, I can get quite chatty when talking about music. This time, I want to know what are the songs you have been loving? Leave them in the comments, and I will for sure have a listen!

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