Monday, August 31, 2015

Paper planes

So, school is starting on Tuesday and I am sure all of us are excited and I hope I'm not the only one who didn't prepare at all (ex. buying notebooks or pens). Instead for school I am starting to get prepared for Skopje Fashion Week which is I guess bad... but not really, right? I have my priorities very VERY straight as you can tell.
Here is an obligatory back to school outfit, featuring my school essentials: Vans, a cute backpack with even cuter badges, a comfy white T-shirt and sunglasses.
Have a good school year friends!

Многу наскоро започнува уште една школска година и сигурна сум дека сите сме возбудени (бирам да бидам позитивна за прв пат) и се надевам дека не сум единствената која воопшто се нема подготвено (пр. купување на тетратки и пенкала) Наместо за школо, еве сум јас овде како се спремам за Моден Викенд Скопје, што претпоставувам е лошо... но не баш, нели? ЕПТЕН си ги имам средено приоритетите како што гледате.
Се разбира, моја должност е да постирам back to school комбинација, во која се вклучени моите најважни работи за преживување на школската година: Vans, слатко ранче со уште послатки беџови ("Ни срам, ни перде" беџ од Преплет), удобна бела маичка и наочари за сонце.
Ви посакувам среќна година на сите!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

August Playlist

Had a very hard time putting together this monthly playlist, I think it was because writing it makes the fact that .August and summer break are officially over, so much more real. I honestly feel like I blinked and we are starting school again like it was June 10th yesterday! Oh man, when time flies this fast I can't not feel a bit scarred, you feel me?
Onto the actual playlist, this month there was a diversity in what I listened to, most of it was catchy pop-y tunes, and I don't mind. ALSO THE WEEKND JUST RELEASED HIS ALBUM WHAT! I have not been this excited in a while, with "Teen Wolf" ending like literally a couple of days ago I felt like everything was over and life had no meaning and then The Weeknd rescued me with his tunes.

The Baes Years & Years released their album at the end of June and I have yet to listen to the whole thing, but bare with me. So far, from what I have been able to listen to I absolutely loved two songs and they are "Gold" and "Border". Both very different, but very catchy. In "Border" in the beginning you get that "elevator music" feel, but not in a bad way. And as you listen to the song more and more you basically fall in love. And "Gold" is actual gold, when the line "I shiver on the one | I breathe for two" comes up, I am the one that is shivering, no lie.

The story behind "Ocean Drive" : I listened to it on Soundcloud, loved it, liked it (it automatically saves to a "Liked" playlist) and forgot about it. A couple of days ago, randomly listened to it and remembered why I liked it in the first place. It has this very #tbt retro 80s/90s feel to it, but with a futuristic touch.

"R.I.P. 2 My Youth" is one of those songs that just make you feel extra cool when you are walking around with your headphones in, it's basically #goals . Besides that, it is a really good song, recommending it highly.

So, even though technically "Beauty Behind the Madness" isn't officially out yet (at the time when I am writing this post), The Weeknd posted a 18 minute version of the whole album on his Soundcloud (another reason why I frickin love this website) and when I first heard "Acquainted" it stoke a chord with me and I have been listening to it non stop - dare I say it is my favorite from the whole album?!

Not sure if I have ever mentioned this, but "Latch" from Disclosure & Sam Smith is my favorite song of all time, and when I saw they collaborated again I thanked the gods. "Omen" has a very different feel than "Latch" but I like it even more for that reason, it shows me that when these two artists collaborate, the sky is the limit.

Warning: Sad song ahead. "Say Goodbye" came onto my HillyDilly shuffle and I was amazed by how beautiful it sounded. It is definitely the saddest of the bunch (the playlist) but that doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to it.

Halsey's whole album is DA BOMB DOT COM! But the songs that came to my attention were "New Americana" and "Coming Down". Sadly, "Coming Down" is nowhere to be found on Youtube or anywhere, so if you want to have a listen you will have to download the whole album I suppose, not that that is such a bad thing. BUT, "New Americana" is available on the Tubes, so that is why this song gets the spotlight this month.

Ending things on the most mainstream of mainstreamed songs this summer: "How Deep Is Your Love". I gave in guys, my inner hipster was defeated and I sang and danced along to this summer hit and loved every second of it.

And that is it! Click HERE to check out the whole playlist, or click on the titles individually to hear the songs!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Took a bit of a blogging break as you can see, this post was supposed to go up a couple of days ago but I just needed some time apart from the blog so that I can miss it more and then want to come back to it even more. So, some information about the story behind this blog post: I received this gorgeous flower crown made by the one and only Sim's World about a month ago, and I wanted to shoot it so bad, but since my vacation was coming up I decided to use one of the lovely locations that I found there (and I found this super pretty olive tree garden that I fell in love with!). So, here we are today, finally sharing the photos.
I hope you enjoy, see you in the next post!

Имав мало одморче од блогот деновиве, овој пост требаше да биде објавен пред неколку дена ама решив малку да го оставам за после да му се вратам со повеќе љубов! Накратко ќе дадам некои информации позади постов: Го добив ова преубаво цветно венче од прекрасната Симона од Sim's World (исконтактирајте ја доколку и вие сакате едно, или две) и едвај чекав да го сликам за на блог, но решив да почекам додека да отидам на одмор и таму да го сликам на некоја нова, интересна локација (Кога ја најдов оваа градина со маслинови дрвја бев пресреќна, многу беше мирно и убаво). И еве сме денес, конечно го споделувам цветното венче со вас, во лежерна но истовремено и вечерна комбинација.
Се надевам ќе ви се допадне, се гледаме во следниот пост!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Cotton candy

Hello again!
I don't usually use props in my blog posts, so when Biljana gave me this cotton candy I was left with: "How do I make this not awkward?" haha. So, here are the results, a bunch of pictures of me posing and one of me awkwardly eating it (the cotton candy just didn't want to cooperate, okay!).
The sun was running away from us and we we're all really tired, but we made the most of the situation, so I hope you enjoy the photos.

Здраво повторно!
Обично не користам реквизити во моите постови, па кога Билјана предложи да ја искористиме оваа шеќерна волна останав со мислата: "Како ова да не изгледа чудно?" хаха. И, еве ги резултатите, јас како позирам со волната и една слика од мене како пробувам да ја јадам (шеќерната волна не сакаше да соработува, океј!)
Сонцето брзо ни бегаше и веќе се чуствуваше заморот, но ја искористивме ситуацијата и се надевам ќе ви се допаднат фотографиите.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Pink sunset

As you can tell, posting is back to regular by now. I have honestly never been more tired in my life (yeah, I'm a working girl) but I am so happy that I have my (blog) life together and have enough content for you guys.
This is the second look we shot with the lovely Biljana and I am so happy with these photos. I mean, can I get an AMEN about the sunset making these photos look extra pink. I don't wear this kimono that often tbh, and I'm kinda regretting it.
Hope you like the post.

Како што забележувате, постирањето пополека се враќа кон нормала.Животен апдејт, никогаш не сум била волку изморена во мојот живот (да, за жал блогирањето не ги финансира моите потреби за излегување и шопинг) но многу сум среќна што барем имам доволно содржина за постирање и нема да ме нема хаха.
Ова е вториот изглед кој го сликавме со прекрасната Билјана и многу сум задоволна од сликите. Мислам, може ли да добијам едно големо Амин за зајдисонцето кое ги прави сликите да изгледаат уште повеќе розеви. Не го носам кимоново колку што треба, веќе го зажалувам тоа.
Се надевам ќе ви се допадне постот.

Monday, August 3, 2015

July Playlist

So, July just passed and I honestly don't know where It went. The fact that summer break is almost over really freaks me out because I feel like it just started yesterday and I have so much that I want to do but I don't know If I will have the time?!
Ok, so this past month I spent most of my time on the beach and traveling, first going on vacation with my parents, then with my friends. Everything just happened so quickly, I need a moment haha.
About the songs that I have been loving and listening to, there were so many that I had to narrow down the list to the ones I liked the most and that was hard, let me tell you. In June I said that I didn't listen to that many songs and I guess I kind of made up for that in July.

So, without further or do, here is the playlist:

"Pain Goes Away" by the NYC-based duo Refs. I discovered this song whilst listening to random playlists on (this site is amazing for any music fanatics that love to discover new "not mainstream" music).This song will most probably be one of those songs that i will forever want to listen and never get tired of, it's that good. HillyDilly describes: "This is one of those tracks that combines Chet Faker levels of cool with a pop format that blows any R&B wannabe out of the water." and I couldn't agree more. Can't wait to see what Refs will come out with next.

When I first heard "Sober thoughts" i instantly thought of The Weeknd. This song is by J.O.Y. or Judgement of Yesterday and his sound is really similar to the one of The Weeknds. This kind of has me on the fence about whether I should listen to some more songs from this artist: Is he just a rip-off? Let me know what you think. But none the less, I enjoyed Sober Thoughts a lot.

Okay, so I was never on the Frank Ocean bandwagon, but I have been listening to "Swim Good" like crazy this past month. This song is just good, and sing-able and all around cool.

BANKS, my queen. In July,  "Change" was the song of choice. It has all of the good old BANKS trademarks - a slow, deep song with a catchy bridge/refrain and of course her amazing dark vocals.

Sooo, Years & Years RELEASED THE FRICKIN ALBUM AND I AM SO HAPPY! I decided to take the time whilst listening to the songs and give each song a special place in my heart and in my soul and on my playlist, okAY?! "Ties" was one of those songs that I waited and waited, being left with nothing but youtube recordings from live performances (story of my life, huh?). And then, it was released, and I was screaming with joy and was just a happy fan girl, the song was better than anything I ever expected. I have been listening to some more from their album, but tune in next month to find out what.

"More Than A Miracle" really is for me more than a miracle. This song is by MNEK (pronounced Em-En-Ee-Kay, just like his real surname Emenike, which I think Is just genius, one of the best stage names I have encountered) and I have seen his name floating around the webs but never took the time to listen to some of his songs, and I feel so stupid because they are too good. YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS SONG, you will not regret it.

"You Were Right" by RUFUS is the perfect summer jam, by the beach or by the pool or on a roadtrip, it just makes you feel soo cool.

Okay, so in every playlist there must be at least one mainstream song that most of you know because it is so catchy and good. "You Know You Like It" by DJ Snake and AlunaGeorge is this months pick. I love this song, it makes you want to dance and sing and makes you happy, so screw everyone who says this song sucks.

If I can choose one song that would be the soundtrack to my life it would be "Milk" by The 1975. Not because of the lyrics or their meaning but just because of the tune of the song and how cool it makes you feel when you are listening to it.

"We Wont" by the lovely Jaymes Young (the singer of "Habits of my Heart") and Phoebe Ryan describes a dysfunctional relationship and breaking up with a catchy tune - I mean what more can one song need? This song is an easy listen that I would recommend hearing.

That is it folks, don't forget, click here to listen to the whole playlist on Youtube and you can of course click on each title to hear the song individually.
Until next month, goodbye!