Thursday, October 1, 2015

September Playlist

Another month, another playlist. Can you believe September is over? I sure can't, even though I feel like I've been going to school for like half a year haha. September was a fun month though I must admit. But I can safely say that October will be one hell of a busy and eventful month for me.
Anyways, back to the playlist portion of this post. A lot of artist that I love decided to bombard me and release their albums in the same month and I had about 30 songs to listen to just from that haha.
So, this playlist consists 3 albums and 2 singles.

"Beauty Behind The Madness" by The Weeknd. This has been the most anticipated album for me. I waited and waited and downloaded it as soon as It came out. Now, every song is beautiful and I know a lot of work went into every single one but I of course had my favorites that I replayed religiously. Those are:
"Acquainted" - my personal favorite from the whole album
"In the night" - a very Michael Jackson-esque pop tune
"Shameless" - the perfect amount of slow and the perfect chorus
"Real life" - in this one I love the first verse and pre chorus, but the chorus is not my fave tbh
"Losers" - with this one I went though an emotional rollercoaster. When I first heard a snippet from it I was totally sold, YES THEN I LOVE THIS SONG. Next thing, I download the album, I play the song and I hear Labrinths part and I HATE it. I was kind of disappointed and thought Labrinth didn't fit the song at all. Since then I've kind of come along and I think it's a nice song, but I would have loved it more if it was only The Weeknd.
Also, I just have to mention this song. Before there was "Acquainted" there was "Girls born in the 90s''. The Weeknd decided to scrap most of "Girls" and add just a little bit from it to the end of "Acquainted". The lovely people over at Tumblr shared a leaked version of the original song and you can click HERE to listen to it. It is honestly so good, I wish he didn't decide to change it. But, alas, we have an extra song from The Weeknd thanks to Tumblr.

Up next is "Wild" by my favorite, Troye Sivan. This is his second album and it is honestly soo good! He has a unique sound and I love that you can recognize from the start which song is his. This album contains 6 songs, each more precious and beautiful than the previous one. Every song has a story and is a memory or a emotional state of Troye's. I love that you can get so personal with someone just by listening to a song and with that you get more that you would ever get by just talking to the person. Anyways, getting too deep here, since there are 6 songs you best believe I'm gonna listen to all of them and here are my thoughts:
"Wild" is the opening song and the album title. It's a really cute song that you can sing to and Troye here sings about being in love with this boy and how he makes him feel.
"Fools" is my favorite from the album. I can't even begin to explain why I love this song so much, every part of it is perfection. LISTEN TO IT!
"Bite" is a really weird song, but in a good way. It has this haunting and dark feeling to it, and the way he sings in it,it's just really amazing and I would say it's an experience. Once you know that this song is inspired by the first time he went to a strip club and how he felt like a piece of meat, you just can't go back haha.
"DKLA" reminds me of ''Bite" but it's more sultry than haunting. It's still dark but more upbeat. I think that Tkay Maidza is the perfect addition to this song, love her part.
"Ease" is probably the song I was most excited to hear. I LOVE Broods and when I heard they were collaborating together I just about lost my mind. I love that you can actually tell that Broods produced it because it has that signature Broods sound and from hearing the first 3 seconds I was like YES THEN!
"The Quiet" is a sad song actually but has an upbeat tempo, and I love when artists decide not to go all soppy on the sound when the topic of the lyrics is sad. It's a nice contrast in my opinion.
Also, I must say - the music videos for Wild and Fools are true art, they are like watching a movie. Everything about Troye is perfection tbh.

"Badlands" is still a listen in progress because I feel about Halsey the same way I feel about Years & Years - I like to take my time and listen to each song properly and give it love. Halsey is an all around babe and her voice and sound are amazing. Here are my favorites so far:
"Colors" - what a song. It's fun and upbeat and I LOVE the lyrics.
"Castle" - a lot darker than "Colors" which I like. Every time I listen to it I think I'm this badass haha which is basically how every Halsey song makes you feel.
"Drive" - if you listened to the previous two songs and by this point you are still not sold on Halsey then after this song you will most definitely be. Plus, her boyfriend sings a bit in this song which adds to the cute factor. EDIT: I JUST SAW THAT THEY BROKE UP?!? Brb, going to cry myself to sleep.
I also love "New Americana" , "Ghost" and "Coming down" but I think that I've spoken about them In previous playlists.

Now onto the singles, both by Zara Larsson. You guys know I love MNEK and when I saw that he had a new song out I rushed to listen to it. Of course, I loved it and had it on repeat for a week straight. "Never forget you" has the coolest beat to it, I can't even describe, go check it out.
With this song I was like Who is this Zara chick? Love her name haha. She is a 17 year old Swedish singer and honestly, her voice is out of this world. In the suggested box there was "Rooftop" and I went to have a listen and I thought the song was SO FRICKIN CUTE! It's not the most amazing jaw dropping song in the world but it's cute and singable and I really like the video too.

Okay, so this playlist was a beast to write haha.
You know the drill, click HERE to listen to (most) of the songs that were mentioned in this post or click on the individual song title.
Till next month!

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