Thursday, November 5, 2015

October Playlist

Heey guys, sorry about the late Playlist post, I've been super busy these couple of days.
So, October is over and I don't know how I survived it, so much stuff happened I can't even begin to explain. BUT let's talk about the future instead for a little bit. I have SO MUCH cool stuff planned for the next couple of months and I am super excited!
Okay, that was enough of a teaser for you, now onto the playlist!

"1977" by Years & Years is a super chilled song and Olly's vocals are actual heaven. Ugh I love that boy so much. Still listening through their album (mainly cause no new music to be released soon) and I am loving it.

Okay this song was my JAM this past month!"Gold" by Kiiara was introduced to me by the lovely That's so Jack on Youtube and I have been religiously listening to it ever since. Honestly, not a day goes by that I don't listen to this song, I haven't been obsessing over a song like this for a long time! Definitely going to listen more from this artist.

"Lose it" is the perfect chill song, giving off hipster vibes and oh how much do we all want to be hipster amirite?

Up next is "Drifting" by Wolfie. I have been on and off listening to this song for three months straight and It never got it's spot on the actual playlist, but now it is time to introduce you all to it. A cool beat + Wolfie's amazing vocals = repeat for days.

So the next two songs are oldies but goodies. I have listened to these songs religiously in the past and decided to revisit them again in October, and boy did it feel good. "Youth" by Daughter, I mean come on this song is practically written in the history books, it's that good.When you listen to it you are emotionally connected to it, the lyrics hit you hard with this one. And of course, "Taste my sad" by Bear//Face, this one is the total opposite from "Youth" where it's all about the lyrics - here it's all about the music aspect of it, you can even barely recognize what the girl is singing haha. But that gives the song so much more character, and that is why it is one of my all time favorite songs, it's up there with "Latch" for me.

If I said that I didn't jump on the "Hotline Bling" wagon and didn't laugh endlessly at all of the Vines of Drake dancing I would be lying big time. It's a really catchy song with a really catchy dance, who could resist?

Before there was "Hotline Bling" sung by Drake, for me, there was "Hotline Bling" covered by Sam Smith & Disclosure (my baes). I couldn't find the original song on Youtube to hear what the fuss was all about, and I found this cover that I absolutely fell in love with. It gives a whole different dimension to the song, plus Sam Smith with his heavenly voice covering a Drake song?! Must listen!

And last but not least, Janet Jackson. JANET JACKSON? Elena..?
I know I know, I am the first person to admit that Janet Jackson is probably the last person I thought I would listen to, but hey stuff happens. Or in this case, Kyle Hanagami happens (I am a big KH fan), he posted a choreography for this song and if there is anyone that can make me like a certain song, it's him and his choreographs. "Burn it up" is probably not every ones cup of tea, but I liked it enough to put it in my playlist so there's that.

Click here to listen to the whole playlist, you know the drill.
Till next month!

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