Thursday, December 3, 2015

3rd Blog Birthday!

Yep, you read the title right! Shy But Secretly Fabulous turned 3! Well, it turned 3 on the 1st of December but hey now it's official!
Honestly, I just keep pinching myself and thinking Wow, has it really been 3 years already? In times like these I just reflect on everything I have accomplished with the blog and the most amazing things that I have done/experienced.
Of course the first thing that comes to mind are the amazing friendships that have blossomed from this "hobby" with people who share the same interests as me, with whom I never thought I would find so much common ground. New friendships were made and old ones were solidified. My blog has made me come out of my shell so much and gave me more confidence than ever, but I guess it took 3 years for me to realize that.
Here is a little rundown of the amazing things that happened since last December:
I started two new segments on this blog in order to make it more personal - "A trip to..." travel posts & "Monthly Playlist" music posts. Part of my travel posts were my trips to Prague and Dresden (part of my 2015 excursion) and those posts are something that I will treasure forever and look back on.
I was lucky enough to be a part of the super amazing super nerve wrecking challenge with Avon Cosmetics, where I filmed a video tutorial for their Youtube Channel , and guys this was legit and probably one of the coolest things I have done so far. Click here to see the post about that.
Speaking of challenges, the most recent one which I'm sure you all know is the Fossil & My:time Fashion Bloggers Challenge where I made it to the second round. The competition was tough but I am so pleased with how the posts turned out and I just want to thank all of you who took the time to vote for me. Also, to the new readers who discovered my blog through the Fossil Challenge, HELLO! Well, that wasn't lame... Ooh and the challenge is still going on so head over to to vote!
A big part this year for the blog played Biljana Klisarova aka Captured by Klisarova. Some of my favorite posts were shot by her, and she just keeps getting better and better. I can't wait to see what's next for her, because her talent is unbelievable.
Whilst on the topic of photographers, I would like to thank my friends/photographers Nikola Ilievski, Angela Petrovska (the real MVP, with SBSF since the beginning), Marija Stojkovska from Fabulous Is Freedom and Filip Stefanovski for basically making my dreams come true, since I don't own a proper camera myself.
I was part of two workshops: the first one was the SNKR City Workshop where I had a blast making some plain jane sneakers into art, and the second one was "The voice of Fashion" workshop at "Paratissima" leaded by Tea Mitrovska from A cup of Tea. 
I collaborated with "Nakit od Patenti" for this amazing post shot by Captured by Klisarova.
And last but not least, I attended the FWSK A/W fashion shows and covered some of them, in addition to a couple of outfit posts.

I would like to thank You, the readers, for making me all happy inside with every view, comment, share or feedback.You are all a part of this blog, whether you realize it or not.

Photography: Sara Simplified  Doodles: Angela Petrovska 

За постов да не биде 300 метри долг, македонски превод нема да има, но во кратки црти Ви благодарам на сите што. иако не сте свесни за тоа, сте дел од овој блог. Можеби звучи многу клише, но секој преглед, коментар, споделување и слично многу ми значи.

Фотографија: Sara Simplified Цртежи: Angela Petrovska 

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