Saturday, December 5, 2015

November Playlist

Okay I admit I am super late with the monthly playlist, I have just been putting it off for so long, but hey, 2 AM on a Sunday is the perfect timing to write it. I guess this past month I haven't been into finding a lot of new songs, I just listened to whatever. But that doesn't mean that the songs on this playlist didn't leave an impact on me. So, let's begin!

"I do this for you" by Marlene, I listened to this song on and there was something about the name of the artist and her voice that sounded very familiar to me, and then I remembered that I listened to a song called "Stay Awake" by Marlene about 2 or more years ago so this was like coming back to an old friend in a way haha.This song is super powerful, her vocals are really really good.

Since I didn't know what to listen to in the begging of November I revisited one of my all time favorite songs by Ed Sheeran - "Give me love". I'm sure probably everyone and their mother knows this song by now and are probably sick of it, but not me. I could probably listen to this song till the day I die, I mean come on that part that starts at 3:28 and that build up I CAN'T EVEN IT TOUCHES MY SOUL. It's just the perfect song for gloomy dark weather... and when your soul needs to be touched of course.

My boy Troye announced a new album and I was all kinds of excited. He went on to release "Youth" and I cried tears of joy. Ok I didn't but I was super into it. If the rest of the songs are as amazing as this one (which I don't doubt) then "Blue Neighbourhood" will be perfect!

I'm sure I'm not the first one (and the last) to admit that Justin Bieber's new album is the bomb dot com. He has changed his sound completely and I must say I am a fan. "I'll show you" was an instant hit with me, but can we just talk about that video for a second. Like... WHAT??? I knew Iceland was beautiful but holy guacamole, it is me who needs to run on those fields and visit those waterfalls, not Justin.

Voyeur by Aywy. is a masterpiece by itself in my opinion. It is not everyone's cup of tea and many probably won't understand why I love this song so much, so I will just leave it to you to be the judge. Now, the way that I found this song ( a few months back I might add, and this month I became obsessed with it again) is a bit... i don't know... strange? Weird? Unusual? Basic white girl-ish? It was in the background of a make up tutorial, there I said it. Amazing tutorial I might add, one of my faves, you can check it out here.

And last but not least - "Warm Water". I know that I just can't go wrong with Banks, so I picked a random song of hers to listen and became obsessed. Like, 24/7 on repeat "posted it on my Facebook" kind of obsessed. Some of you may wonder, what is so special about this song? And I will answer, I don't know. There is something about her vocals that mesmerizes me every time, plus the melody of the chorus is catchy, even though I can't understand a single word she is saying.

And that is all folks, click HERE to listen to the full playlist on Youtube or click on the song titles individually. Byeeee!

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