Saturday, January 30, 2016

January Playlist | 2016

Can you believe it's the end of January? Actually now that I am thinking more about it, yes, I can. January went by so slowly for me, I just felt like the days went on and on. I guess that must have been because I spent the majority of January in my bed listening to some awesome tunes. No seriously, I have been listening to music non stop 24/7, and I have developed a new found love for Sound Cloud. I FRICKIN LOVE THAT WEBSITE! I have the app on my phone and it allows me to do everything I want on my phone with the music playing in the background (which you can't do with Youtube) so you can say I was livin'. If you want you can follow me here. With that being said the links for the individual songs will take you to the Sound Cloud site so keep that in mind. Anyways, let's begin cause I have 10 amazing songs that are all worth listening to. 

Starting things off with the band that has been my favorite these past few months - The Neighbourhood. In my last post I wrote how I don't think I'm cool enough to listen to their songs and I honestly still think that haha. "Cry Baby" is this months pick, a song that probably most of you have already heard. Oh and I have a new goal in life - Go to a "The Neighbourhood" concert - even if it means selling your kidney.

Remember that guy that sung the hook in "Hold On We're Going Home"? Yeah "he" is actually a duo, and one that makes damn good music! Starting my obsession with "A Place Like This" , the perfect chill out song. By now you know that 80% of the music I listen to I describe as "chill" and I don't know if I am doing the song justice when I describe it like that, but for me it means a no hassle song and no over exaggerating cause I'm not about someone screaming in my ear. I like soothing voices and vibes, something that this song definitely has.

"Get You Good"  has the most addictive beat ever. You listen to this song and you can't not get into it. Head starts to nod, hands start to do the "Rolling with the homies" and it's a fun time. Props to Roy Wood$ for making me channel my inner Tai. (10 points for me for that "Mean Girls" reference)

Up next is probably the most replayed song of January - "Peach Arizona". Maybe it was the fact that I was craving some peach Arizona or maybe it was the overall coolness of this song. The producer of this song is a 16 year old lemme just say that. This one is less about the vocals and more about the music portion. Just listen to this one PLEASE!

"Too Deep" was a last addition to the playlist but I just had to share it with you guys. Delilah is known for her sultry style (example - "Go") and this track is no exception. RITUAL is a new band to me and I am still exploring their music and vibe but so far I like what I am hearing.

And of course Banks is on the playlist YET AGAIN! I love this woman! Every time I listen to one of her songs I get so into it, I analyze every part of it, it's lit. "Drowning" is SOO GOOD! I especially like the ending where the last bridge and outro overlap, I think that is a smart touch to the song.Plus I've spent around 4 years of my life in school choirs so things like that I appreciate.

"Waking Up" (Acoustic) is such a cute song! I really like the singers voice, so calming and nice to the ear. Since this is an acoustic version it is quite calm but not to the point of being boring, which can sometimes happen when a person releases an acoustic version. Must listen.

Up next is "Crossfire" by Stephen. This is most probably the song you've never heard, but going to love due to the bad-ass-ness of it. That chorus is so.damn.badass. From the very first listen I was like "Oh no.This is going to be on replay for days on end". And of course I was right.Every time I listen to it I can just imagine it being in the background to a very intense scene of some TV series like "The 100" for example.

"Hold me" by Janine and the Mixtape. Okay so I am not one for sappy songs but this one is SO BEAUTIFUL I just, I need a minute. It so emotional and sad. This song makes me sad, and that's okay! We all need one like that once in a while.

On the playlist is another song from Stephen. "Fly Down" is... an experience. I think that Stephen was still discovering his sound (he has very little songs out) when he created this song, so it has a little bit of everything. It starts of as a lovely ballad and gradually turns to a dubstep song. But not an over exaggerated dubstep song, those are way to intense for my liking. I would recommend listening to this one, your thought process will look something like this: What a lovely ballad...Oh.. Oohh okay.. OOHHH OKAY.

I just realized that I missed out a song in the picture! I guess this is like a bonus song at the end for the lovely peeps who actually read these posts haha. Flume has low key always been on my music radar and when "Never Be Like You" popped up on my Sound Cloud I decided to have a listen. And of course I loved the up beat vibe it has and how it's just a fun song.

And that is the end of the playlist! Click HERE to listen to the whole playlist on Youtube, or click on the individual song titles.
Hope you enjoyed this post, talk to you soon!

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