Monday, March 28, 2016

R U Mine

*listens to "R U Mine" on repeat whilst writing this post*
I know, I know. It's been a hot minute since I last posted something over here. I am deeply sorry for that, there was not a day where I didn't think "Crap, I haven't posted in a while". I just needed to put the blog in second place since school was getting to me, hard. But hey, 4 tests, 6 grades and one mental breakdown later, here we are! Don't get me wrong, the breakdown wasn't about school (I learned not to stress that much about it, by 4th year you just don't care. At all.), it was about the fact that I FRIGIN FORGOT TO RENEW MY DOMAIN and the blog went down for a couple of days. And stupid me who doesn't check her email, didn't even notice. But alas, it's all good now, things went back to normal and by things I mean my heart rate. Anyways, I am back with an outfit post, with this T-shirt that I have had since December I reckon, that I have been dying over. It has an Arctic Monkeys song title on it! *gasps* I mean, talk about cuteness.
Big thank you to Fabulous is Freedom for the photos, and for the tears of laughter today. All I can say is, God bless that old emails don't get automatically erased and we can rejoice on the magical thing that is our 10 year old brain.

*ја слуша "R U Mine" додека го пишува овој пост*
Знам, знам. Одаамна немам постирано нешто ново тука. Многу ми е жал, верувајте немаше ни ден а да не помислам "Леле од кога немам постирано". Морав за момент да го ставам блогот на второ место бидејќи училишните обврски ме престигнуваа, и тоа брзо. Но, 4 теста, 6 оценки и еден нервен слом подоцна, еве сме! Не ме сфаќајте погрешно, тој нервен слом не беше заради школо (до 4та година учиш да не ти е гајле до толку), туку заради фактот дека ЗАБОРАВИВ ДА ГО ОБНОВАМ ДОМЕЈНОТ и блогот не постоеше неколку дена. И јас како што сум си смотана, последно нешто на памет ми беше да си го проверам мејлот каде се собирале еден куп пораки кои ме известуваат дека basically сум крајно неодговорна. Но сега се е добро, работите се вратија во нормала, а под работите мислам на моите срцеви отчукувања.
Како и да е, се враќам со нов аутфит пост со мојата најомилена маичка 4ever. На неа е наслов од песна на Arctic Monkeys, што друго преостанува да се каже.
Големо благодарам до Fabulous is Freedom за сликите, и за солзите од смеење денес. Се што можам да кажам е фала Богу за фактот дека старите пораки од мејловите не се бришат автоматски и можеме да се радуваме на нашите 10 годишни мозочиња.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

February Playlist | 2016

This leap year thing really threw me off, so that is half of the reason why I am so late with the Playlist. The other half is that I have been so busy in February that I just needed to take a moment and chill at the begging of March. Man, now I know what being in charge of things feels like. I have never had deadlines (well, I have but not like these) and the stress oh my god.
Anyhow, now that I kind of had some time to chill, am I back and it's time to share my February Playlist.

Bloodsport is one of those "love at first listen" kind of songs. And I have the show "Teen Wolf" to thank for this (they have been killing it with their music choices these past few episodes, another reason to love "Teen Wolf"). I have been nodding my head along the beat and singing along for a full month and I can't seem to stop.

Okay this next one... I have a special bond with this song - Where's My Love by SYML. I reasured myself that I am an emotional wreck by reading a (really sad) book whilst having this playing in the background. Can I just say those two things SHOULD NOT be done together. A friendly tip. And yes, this one is also from TW cause TW rules!

Don't shoot! Yes I put Pillow Talk on the playlist, I'm only human! I have to admit though, when I first heard this song I was a) Amazed by the fact that Zayn can actually sing b) Amazed that I liked it
I usually tend to stay away from, as one would say, "the mainstream" but once in a while I indulge, so sue me. Anyways, I am sure that most of you have already heard this song, and just as me, you are by now kind of sick of it.

You know how there are some songs that instantly put you in  a good mood and make you happy? That's what Genghis Khan does to me! The song, not the emperor...
I just listen to the song and I instantly want to get up and dance and sing along and have faith in the world and... and you get the point. And of course, that video - best thing I have seen so far.

This next one I found randomly on Soundcloud one day, I present to you Freedom by Postaal, a Anglo-Franco duo and this is their debut single.As you guys know, I love electronic music so this a typical "I know I am going to love this" kind of song.

Raleigh Ritchie makes some good music! I listened to another one of his songs this past month and that is Stronger Than Ever. I really like his vocals, we all know british accents are amazing, but when you can actually recognize them in a song it's super rare because most british singers tend to "switch" to american accents when they sing. Anyways, love this song.

And that is all. As always, click HERE for the whole playlist or click on the individual song titles.
Till next time!