Sunday, April 3, 2016

March Playlist | 2016

Wow, March passed by so quickly I can't even. Only two more months of school and then prom and exams and...Okay, no more talking about what is in the future, instead, let's live in the present, and the present says "Elena, time to share your March Playlist".
I sadly don't have that much new music to share with you guys, the main reason being the lack of internet I've been having in March. And I'm not talking not being home or not having time to sit on my laptop, but actual lack of internet, as in none. And being the stupid me that I am, I rarely download new music on my phone, so the only songs that I listened to were old ones (shout out to JB's "Company", that song is still my fave).
Anyways, here are the few new ones that I have been loving through March.

"Her" by Majid Jordan has been my jam in the begging of March. I love the smooth RNB sound that they have. I measure songs on a scale of 1 to "OMG Kyle Hanagami needs to make a choreography to this song". And this song is definitely a Kyle Hanagami.

Okay I feel like "Lush Life" has been all over the radio stations, and for a good reason. It's just a feel good song and it makes me want to stand up and dance like I'm 15 years old and just starting high school and have no worries about anything. Ah, the good old times.Also, Zara Larsson is such a babe, how are we the same age?!?

Stephen is back in the playlist with "Sincerely". I said in an earlier playlist that Stephen is still a new artist and is trying to find his sound, and I think that he has found it. I would describe it as "Preaching with a good beat in the background".  The theme of the song is the same as in "Crossfire", so that bothers me a bit, that he is not giving himself enough artistic space, he can do so much more!

Ah, Jaymes Young my ray of sunshine. A ray of sunshine on a cloudy, moody day. That is how I can describe "Come Back For Me", as a laid back but still moody song. He has a destinct sound and I can tell apart from all of the other artists. 10 for you Jaymes Young, you go Jaymes Young!

And for the last one, I just had to - "Cheap Thrills". Let me quote the girl in the beggining of the video "I think it's got a good beat and you can dance to it". Honestly, how can you not like this song? It's fun and light hearted, plus I am all on board for cheap thrills.

And that is all for this month, click on the individual titles for the songs or HERE for the entire playlist. Until next time, byeee!

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