Thursday, May 5, 2016

April Playlist | 2016

So, another month has passed and that means it's time for an April Playlist! Wohoo!
April kind of flew by and I have about two weeks left of school and then there's prom and I am low key freaking out right now. Writing these posts is always like a reality check for me - yes Elena, another month has passed and you are still sitting on your bed, on your laptop, eating chocolate. I swear I get stuff done... eventually. Anyways, there isn't that much to say about April, I legit don't recall on what happened. What happened in April?!? While I try to remember, here are the songs that I have been loving this past month.

Oh, and before we continue, I just want to mention this incredible artist that I found on Tumblr. Stacy Wyss is an amazing watercolor astist and I have been dying over her drawings that she posts on her page that you can check out HERE. Her painting is the background image I used as the playlist background, as well as last months playlist. 

Drumaq is back on the playlist with his newest single "We could be" with producer Dapurr. In a few playlists back I raved about these two as a music making duo and how they are so in sync and amazing together. I absolutely love this song and it was on replay the entire month of April. It has that dream pop/chill vibe that I adore, and I recommend listening to this one for sure!

"Tragedy" was one of those random finds on a late night that you instantly obsess over. It has the same feel like "We could be" with a dream pop vibe that leaves you singing along to the lyrics in no time.

Okay by now you guys might know that I have a slight obsession with Zara Larsson, so when I heard that she had a song with Tinie Tempah I knew that was something that had to be heard. And next thing I know I'm dancing around my room in my pajamas having a full on dance party to this song. "Girls Like" is the perfect "get in a good mood" song / "I am becoming a hip hop dancer" kind of song, ya feel me?

The next two songs are from the album that I have been low key loving in April, it's "Wild Things" and "Overdose" by Alessia Cara. First of all - amazing! Second of all - How have I not been jamming out to these songs sooner?! Alessia's music has been floating around my music radar for months now, but I am only now realizing how good her songs are. "Wild Things" has the best video ever, talk about friendship goals. And for "Overdose" I have a vision for what the music video should be like and since I can say whatever I want on here, here it goes: Alessia is a modern day princess and there is a ball where she meets her Prince Charming, and they dance together and fall in love but they manage to get lost in the crowd. The music really gives me a "All The Right Moves" by OneRepublic vibe, and their video is something similar to what I am imagining to "Overdose", with people dancing around with ball gowns and masks. But yeah, that's just my opinion haha.

"Mind Over Matter" by Young The Giant is up there for me with "Genghis Khan" by Miike Snow in the "songs that will lift up your mood" category. I like to listen to this song with the speakers on full blast, and if I didn't have thin bedroom walls, you can bet that I would have been belting out this song from the top of my lungs. I think that this song has turned me into a Young The Giant fan, so I will definitely be checking out their other music.

In a previous playlist I said that I rank the music that I listen to from good to "Oh my God Kyle Hanagami needs to do a choreography to this song!!!". On that rank, "Crazy For You" is definitely on the Kyle Hanagami side. It sounds so sensual and mesmerizing at the same time. And the most incredible part, the singer aka JOY. is an 18 year old! With facts like these I just re-evaluate my life a little bit and cry (just kidding) and move on with my "couch potato" life.

And that concludes the April edition of my Monthly Playlist posts! Click HERE for the whole playlist, or on the individual titles to listen to the songs!

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