Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May Playlist | 2016

It's the start of a new month so that means it's playlist time!
First off a quick recap of the month of May: prom happened, we had a good time, was a princess for a day. The best part was when I got to my building the morning after prom and went into the elevator, this little girl with her father entered right behind me and this girl looked at me with amazement (because of the Cinderella-esque dress ofc) and that made me so happy. Anyways, after prom was over I spent my days sleeping and nights on my computer, and that's not good. Started studying for finals a couple of days ago and the fact that the whole month of June will be spent doing that makes me feel anxious. Yeah, school amirite.
Anyways, here is what I've been listening to for the month of May, lot's of new artists and songs!

Starting off with a rework of "One Dance" (originally by Drake) by Bobi Andonov. The thing about Drake songs is that they become huge hits in America but here it's really hard to find the song on Youtube without it being high pitched or slowed down (due to copyright). The exact same thing happened a few months ago when "Hotline Bling" was a thing, I couldn't find it and I stumbled upon a cover by Disclosure and Sam Smith and I loved their version! This time around it's for "One Dance" and honestly now that I've heard the original song I must admit I like the version by Bobi Andonov better! Drake's version is light hearted and a simple tralala song, but I honestly think that Bobi's version captured the lyrics much better and showed the song in a much more different light. I highly suggest for you to listen to this song!

Wait ok, I haven't fangirled for a song in a while, but that changed when I heard "If I Were Sorry" by Frans. This song was the entry for Sweden for this years "Eurovision" Song Contest and if you know anything about Eurovision it's that songs like these are hard to find. His performance was very minimalistic and cute, it was like he was having a private concert honestly. Since listening to it on television, you can bet that I spent hours listening to in on YT. This song gives me Ed Sheeran vibes, it's great!

In every playlist there must be a mainstream song, and even though I am hardcore indie artists fan, some songs slip through the radar. This time it's "Don't Let Me Down" by The Chainsmokers & Daya. You've probably heard this song already so you know why I liked it - it's catchy and it has a good beat.

This next one might not be everyone's cup of tea. "Long Distance" by Sam Gellaitry, who is a Scottish trap DJ, is quite something. It stars off with a slower beat, slowly building up for the first 50 or so seconds, and them BAM that beat drop doe! It will most definitely make you feel like you are in da club. Even though I love songs that tell a story or have a deeper meaning to them with chill music in the background, these kinds of songs are what I am all about! Just dancing around your room like a crazy person pretending like you are at a music festival. Speaking of music festivals I AM ATTENDING "EXIT" THIS YEAR and I am sooo excited, I kind of don't believe it's happening! Will keep you updated through various social media.

Slowing things down a bit (but not too much) with my newest obsession JOY. She was in last months playlist with "Crazy For You" and she is back this time with "About Us". She has so much to offer and her songs are amazing, I'm shocked, how is she not super famous yet?! I love her vibe and sound, so good!

From one amazing artist to another, Astrid S. is my second newest obsession! I swear, Scandinavia has some amazing artists.This girl has an amazing voice and her sound is right up my alley. I saw that she was the opening act for Troye Sivan and decided to check her out and my god was I impressed. I have been religiously listening to a couple of songs, but everything started with "Hurts So Good". More songs from her coming in the June Playlist.

I heard "Girls Like U (Tarro Remix)" randomly on HillyDilly and I thought Wow, this has a good beat. And by the second listen, I was really into it. I feel like this song has the potential to go mainstream quick, but let's wait and see. BTW, Gold by Kiiara is mainstream now, and my heart fills with joy knowing that I listened to it waaay before (yes, I am THAT kind of person).

And that is all folks! Click HERE for the whole playlist, or on the individual titles. See ya next month.

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