Saturday, July 2, 2016

June Playlist | 2016

Wait, how is June over already?! I swear time passes by so quickly now that summer has started, and that both worries and excites me. It excites me because that means that I won't have to wait long for the fun things that I've planned to do this summer, but worries me because those times will also just fly by. Speaking of fun things, I've done basically nothing in June, just a lot of studying and exams (graduating ain't fun y'all) BUT I'm making up for it in July! I might have mentioned in a previous playlist post, but I am attending EXIT in Novi Sad this year and that's in a couple of days so I am low key freaking out. The excitement guys, it's real! I am also very excited to be in Novi Sad again, I love that city so much. Expect a travel post from this whole experience. And if you want to be all caught up follow me on Instagram @vasilevska_elena and on Snapchat @elenaa-v
And without further or do, let's dissect this playlist song by song.

 I'm starting off with the more mainstream songs that maybe you've all heard by now. Ariana Grande's new album came out, and I didn't download it (shoker!). But, I did enjoy a lovely single from it called Into You. It's a catchy pop tune and I sure love me some of that sometimes. The thing that made me like it even more was the video, it's so Tumblr I can't even deal. Also, the male lead?! I swear I rushed to find him on social media faster than you can say "Damn he's hot!", which I also said. That resulted in me watching the entire season of ANTM Cycle 20 because he was in it.

I can't stop saying how much I love Kyle Hanagami's choreography, so when he did one to Bacon by Nick Jonas I was soooo into it. It's such a fun song and makes you want to dance. Honestly props to Nick Jonas, he's killing it right now. Still not downloading his album though.

Another album that I refuse to download is "Anti" by Rihanna. I'm just not feeling it to be honest. But, of course, there must be at least one song that I like and will eventually obsess with, and I've found it. Needed Me is such a cool song honestly, and I think it deserves more attention. I won't deny that Rihanna is a badass, but I swear if I hear Work or BBHMM one more time I'm going to scream. Also, this Instagram video is a visual representation of me when I listen to this song. Just spot on, such art.

They Don't Know by Disciples was a favorite a couple of months ago, but it somehow slipped my playlist (!?). But it's back because this song is so dope! Disciples are performing at EXIT and I am so excited about their set! With this song I slowly started to listen to more and more artists that are going to perform that I have never heard songs from. It was a good month when it came to music, let's just say that.

Bad Blood by NAO is my latest discovery, and I have to admit I am obsessed with NAO's sound and vibe. This girl has such good songs and a super unique voice.I swear I can't do this song justice by describing it, so just go listen to it! Bad Blood is one of the many songs that I will have on replay this summer.

So you guys know by now that sometimes I love covers more than the actual original songs, so we've got another cover this month! I don't really listen to Adele (by choice), I was really into her when she first appeared, but she took that really long break and now I'm honestly over her. BUT what I do like is Leroy Sanchez's cover of her song I Miss You. I love his voice, he's my favorite singer on Youtube. If somebody could sing the background music to my life it would be him.

I've heard of The Vaccines multiple times but never actually listened to one of their songs. So, when I saw that they are headlining at EXIT I thought Hmm, this is destiny telling me to listen to their music. And I've come to the conclusion that their music is the epitome of indie rock. And I like that. I described their music to my friend as something that you would hear in Pull&Bear, and I think I was spot on. I Always Knew stood out to me, it was super catchy and fun to listen to. I will definitely be listening to more songs from them.

I've never been this excited about finding an artist before. Lies by Temptress came out two weeks ago and it's their first official single, so I am a true OG right now. This song is something that people will either love or hate, there is no in between. It starts off like a slow ballad but then that beat drops I was like Wait what just happened? Needless to say, check it out!

And that's all folks. As always, click HERE for the whole playlist on Youtube. Till next time, ciao!

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