Sunday, August 28, 2016

A trip to... #8

I hope you enjoyed my last post about the wonderful Palermo, but now we are taking a trip down Gerace and the small picturesque Borgo Antico. Borgo Antico or The Medieval Town was our main trip, as the castle or "the town" is situated at the top of Gerace. I went with an open mind and little expectation on this trip, but was pleasantly surprised. Borgo Antico was adorably quiet and tucked away from the world, with a couple of inhabitants living in small picturesque houses. At times like these I wish I was in their shoes for at least a day, to feel the peace that they feel. Just like the rest of Italy, there is an abundance of churches  (there used to be 128, but not all are remaining) and we visited two of them. I snapped a "quick" picture that you can see below of the amazing altar from the church of St. Francis that dates back to the 13nth century. When we were left with about an hour to just wonder around the village, we took the advantage to walk through every little street, even if that meant walking straight into someone's backyard. 
And now I hope you enjoy the photos and until the next travel post!
Thursday, August 25, 2016

A trip to... #7

So, it's been an eventful couple of days here in Italy. In the last 3 days I've visited 4 towns and two islands. With this being said, expect a lot of new travel posts. Today it's all about Palermo, the capital of Sicily and our marvelous day exploring it. Palermo is such a wonderful city, filled with numerous landmarks, museums, theaters, parks, and endless streets with different venders, shops and art galleries. This city truly is a melting pot of different cultures, as it has been occupied by different nations in the past. The buildings are a true depiction of what different cultures wanted at the time, whether that's the Baroque or the Gothic style. Walking the streets of Palermo, you really get a sence of the city, and seing amazing landmarks such as the Cathedral, Martorana and San Cataldo, Fountain Pretoria, Catacombe Dei Cappuccini etc. is truly an overwhelming feeling. 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

A Trip To... #6

Long time no speak, or hear, or read... As some of you may know, I am in Italy right now and will be until September 1st. And with this, I said that I'll be posting lots of travel posts! Well, it's time for the first one! Take a trip with me to Tropea and Pizzo, two beautiful sea side towns on the Calabrian Coast.

Помина долго време од мојот последен пост, и доколку го прочитавте би знаеле дека моментално сум во Италија и ќе сум тука до 1 Септември. И со оваа информација, ви ветив дека ќе има многу постови за патувања! Време е за првиот - прошетајте со мене до Тропеа и Пицо, две прекрасни приморски гратчиња во Калабрија.