Friday, September 2, 2016

August Playlist | 2016

Soo I'm back in Skopje! A month exploring south Italy was an amazing experience but I am more than ready to get back to my regular life. I have a few more travel posts but I will disperse them so that it's not travel posts all day every day.
Returning home is kind of like returning to reality, no more beaches and speaking Italian on a daily basis. Even though I really loved the Italian life, I missed catching up with friends over a cup of coffee, or coming home to a cooked meal, or just the simplest of things like sleeping in my own bed. But, now that I'm back, I am craving some "Vitamin Sea", eating delicious authentic pizza and interacting with people from different countries at school. Oh mind, how I adore you and your little tricks.
When It came to music, there wasn't a big list of newly discovered songs in August. But, even if I listened to just one song on repeat I would still make a playlist about it. So, here are my choices for this past month.

First of all, Gemini Feed is absolute perfection. Second of all BANKS' album comes out this month and I am BEYOND excited, all three singles so far have left me in awe with her distinct sound. Tbh, Gemini Feed is my favourite so far, but I also really love Mind Games. With two fast tempo singles being released I knew that a slow one was coming, and Mind Games didn't disappoint. What I like about BANKS is that she can make a slow song sound so dynamic with a slow build up. What a queen.

 HUNTAR (another name in Caps Lock, not by my choice) is my newest prised possession. His music is amazing and I am discovering his sound slowly, song by song. The first song I heard from him was 4AM and the tune was stuck in my head for days. So, I decided to give this HUNTAR guy a try, see what he's about. The second song I ever heard from his was Blindspot and I fell in love instantly. It's unlike anything I've heard before, it's basically 5 minutes of heaven for me. I could listen to Blindspot and 4AM back to back for hours (which I have done). And right now I can tell you, September is going to be all about BANKS and HUNTAR.

Clean Bandit is known to make some great songs that easily become hits, so when Tears ft. Louisa Johnson came out I gave it a listen and it sounded great but I just left it be for a while. And then in the middle of August I revisited this song and somehow got addicted?! Music's weird man... Or just my information intake process. I read a comment that this sounds like it should be in Eurovision, I guess to insinuate that this song is bad? But joke's on him because I love Eurovision soooo.

Elena what is this? Another Justin Bieber song on your playlist? To that I say "I ain't sorry". Cold Water is such a fun song, it makes you want to dance and sing and all the wonderful things that music can make us do. I'm sure probably most of you have already heard this song, so no need to elaborate.

I hope you enjoyed this short rendition of a playlist post. Click HERE for the whole playlist, or just on the individual titles above.

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