Saturday, October 29, 2016

October Playlist | 2016

So October is about to end so that means it's time for the monthly playlist! This time around it's all about Banks and her album "The Altar" + a couple of other amazing songs! But before we jump into that, I wanted to mention what's to come on the blog in the next couple of days. I'm attending Skopje Fashion Weekend once again and I will be reviewing some of the fashion shows and sharing my thoughts on the collections. I've got my outfits ready to go, the vibe I'm going for this year is "street style chic", so we'll see where that takes us.
Anyway, here are the best of the best for the month of October!

My babes Years & Years FINALLY released a new song and it was featured in the 2016 Bridget Jones's Baby, which I watched and cry laughed through the whole thing (definitely recommend watching it!). "Meteorite" is an upbeat, synth-pop goodness and I expected nothing less from my favorite band. I just love them so much, I want more!

"To U" by Skrillex & Diplo, also known as Jack U had a string of hits in 2015 and granted, I loved most of them. But somehow this song slipped under the radar so I discovered it only this month. But it's been on replay for about two weeks now, so that means that a good song is a good song, no matter how old it is. I feel like this month's playlist is a mish mash of every song genre, all I'm missing is some country music haha.

I discovered "Guys My Age" by Hey Violet about a week ago and It became an instant favorite. The song is upbeat and the chorus is very catchy. I've never heard of Hey Violet before, and probably most of you don't know about this band either (if you do, props to you!). They are an American pop rock band that consists of three girls and two guys, which is something that Is actually rare because most of the time it's an all guy band or just the lead singer is the girl. But hey, good for them!

Now, onto my fave songs for this month from "The Altar" by Banks:
"Trainwreck" caught me off guard at the moment because it's more fast tempo, and I'm used to her songs being a bit slower. The whole rhythm of the song captures you from the very first second and when I was listening through her whole album this is the first song that stood out to me. When I sing along I feel like a badass and that's always a plus in my book.
What's the most interesting to me is that Banks said in an interview that she wrote down the verses to this song when she was 14, and they've stayed in her head this whole time! If that doesn't say she is an amazing songwriter IDK what does.
"Poltergeist" and "Judas" are songs that to me represent lyrical perfection. From "You've mistaken all my mistakes for my crooked nature" from Poltergeist to "Thought you was heaven sent, you left for the hell of it" and "Beggin me for thread I think you need to change your brain" from Judas that is also a nod to her two previous songs "Beggin For Thread" and "Brain". I find both songs so dark and mysterious, something that I find is lacking in songs that are "more mainstream" nowadays.
"This Is Not About Us" has a faster pace and a more "girl in charge" vibe. Very different to the previous three songs I mentioned, but that is what I love about Banks, she can do no wrong!

You can click HERE for the whole playlist or on the individual titles of the songs in the text! Till next month!

Saturday, October 22, 2016


I wanted to talk about how much a single item of clothing can hold such meaning to a person. For me, this top is a story all by itself. It reminds me of my summer spent in Italy and how I bought it on the very first day there because I related to the quote on it, and an hour later I stained it with Nutella gelato from Sottozero. Later on, this top bas my go to cover up for the cold nights spent on the bus from every trip we took back to our apartment (because stupid me didn't bring a jacket). So, where ever I went, this little striped 3/4 lenght sleeve top went with me. My point is, we all have some pieces of clothing that hold memories, whether those are good or bad. If you have something like that, share it with me in the comments!
Photos: Fabulous Is Freedom (before she left me for Ljubljana)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Fall

Two things you should know about me: 1. I love autumn, it's my favorite season & 2. I love pugs.Oh so basic, but just let me be guys! So when I was gifted a tote bag with pugs on it I almost lost it,  it's everything I've ever wanted... The chances of me having a pug in the near future are close to zero, so this is my second best. A big thank you to Angela (and all of my other fabulous friends), how talented is she?!
Photos: Sara Acevska 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016


First off, how do we feel about the new look? I absolutely love it, it has been on my to-do list for a few months now, I just wanted a new refreshed look and I finally decided that the time has come. Also, we have a new domain now! I said in a post a few months back that the blog will be, but that idea took a back seat for a while. And now I can finally breathe and post with pleasure! 
Anyways, time for a new outfit post, one that I've had on hold for about two week now. This was back when we had sunshine instead of rain, but I'm still hopeful that the weather in Skopje will start to get better. My OG blog photographer Angela wanted to shoot at this location for some time now, so we set up a time on a Saturday morning & this is the outcome. I fell in love with this location, it's something that you can't find in Skopje that easily, and it shows a different side of the city. When it comes to finding locations for shooting, we struggle. But actually, we have really cool locations here, it's just about going out and searching for them. 
I hope you enjoy the post! 
Friday, October 7, 2016

A trip to... #9

So It's been a while since I posted something about my Italy adventures, so in protest to the gloomy weather we are having right now in Skopje, I decided to share probably my favorite trip of the whole month I spent in southern Italy. I'm talking about the amazing cruise around the Aeolian Islands also known as Isole Eolie. So grab a cup of tea and enjoy my little recap from this trip.

The first thing I need to say is that we were running on "low fuel" because the day before we went to Palermo, got back in Reggio at around 1AM and were supposed to get up at 7 AM to go to the Islands. So, at the beginning we were over the whole trip even before it started. Little did we know how amazing it would turn out to be.
For those of you who don't know, the Aeolian Islands are a volcanic archipelago north from Sicily. So that meant that we first had to get to Sicily, travel another 3-4 hours by bus and then get on the boat to start the cruise. This trip to Italy in general was a lot of firsts for me. I've never been on a plane before, neither on a ferry, and definitely never been on a cruise boat. So you can say that I was quite excited.
Our schedule went a little something like this: a trip around some of the Islands, a two hour stop at Panarea Island and another two to three hours at Stromboli. As our boat was getting further and further away from the dock this whole thing became even more real. On our way to Panarea we gazed into the blue depths of the Tyrrhenian Sea and even saw a dolphin! Soon enough we were able to see a group of scattered islands on the horizon, looking small but we all knew that they were bigger than we could ever imagine.