Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November Playlist | 2016

Wait, how is 2016 almost over?! With every playlist I do, I get more and more aware of this whole time concept and how it goes by so quickly! Anyways, a small recap for the month of November is due, so here we go. I was on a blogging high this month, I've never had so much strive to do something. With this post, that will conclude to 7 posts only for this month! That's so crazy to me, I remember struggling to make 2 posts a month back in the day, but now I'm feeling more and more productive with each passing day. I don't know if that's connected to me not wanting to study for finals or what, but I know I'm loving it and I think you guys are too! Of course, working and surrounding myself with creative people helps too. I'm planing something big for next month, so fingers crossed for that.
Now, let's focus on the music and break down what I've been loving in November.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


By now we all need and love Instagram. I remember being 15 and Instagram not being able to download on my small phone because it didn't have the newest Android system. I felt soooo sad because all I wanted to do was post photos of my food and artsy shots of my suroundings, plus everybody had it and I was basically the only one living without it. Years pass and now I have an Instagram which isn't anything special, but the love is still here to this day. And just like the rest of the world, I ocasionally stalk amazing Instagram photographers, fashion bloggers, foodies etc. And the truth is, because of this app I've met amazing people and we've bonded over our love for it. This is just the case with the photographer behind this post, Irina. Her amazing eye for photography is loved by many and I am so thankful she was down to shoot me for my blog. High five for Instagram friendships! 
Check out Irina here.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Comfort Is Key

Another week, another outfit post! I hope you enjoyed my last post as it was a bit different because I'm trying to introduce new things to the blog. Anyways, today I am paying homage to one of the best winter basics - a turtleneck! Some call them roll-neck, some call them polo neck. Either way, I love 'em! I've been on the hunt for chunky turtlenecks for the past two weeks now because a) I want them in all shades and colors and b) I just don't seem to have enough in my closet ATM. 
And thus, the great Turtleneck Conquest began and Elena was searching high and low for one to add to her small collection. So when she found one at Bebel Fashion (can also get it on New Look) she knew it was destiny. 
But no, in all honesty this thing is so warm and cosy I think I can spend an eternity in it. And the best part with wearing basics - you can jazz them up with accessories! My new thing is putting pins and badges as a personal touch, I think it's too cute not to! 
I hope this inspires you in some way, till next time!
Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Monthly Moments | November

So, I've been thinking about bringing in a new series to the blog just to shake things up a bit. And one day when Angela and I were making plans about going to our favorite sweet pastry and cakes place I came up with an idea, told her to bring her camera and just see what happens.
So, I present to you the first post in the "Monthly Moments" series, where I take you along with me for a day around a certain part of Skopje (it doesn't have to be just Skopje) and I recommend a few of the places I visit along the way. That might be museums, cafes, anything!
For the first post I present to you a specific part of Stara Charshija (Old Bazaar), a place that has so much history and is loved by all of the people from Skopje. There isn't enough words for me to start describing Charshija and its beauty, and there surely isn't enough photos in the world for me to try and capture everything in one post. Today I take you up Samoilova street, a place that is as quiet as it is picturesque. With autumn making it impossible for us to not stop at every corner to take photos, our little "stroll around" turned into an hour long photoshoot. So, if you are in the Skopje area and find yourself in a photographic rut, I suggest coming up to this place.
We later visited K8, one of the best sweet bakeries in town with delicious cakes, cupcakes and tartes for days! We went for some tea to warm us up and put us in the total autumn spirit, and I chose a Snickers cake (I eat this every time I go there, It's heavenly) and Angela went for a Chocolate cake. 10/10 for this place!
Hope you'll enjoy these kinds of posts, more to come next month!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

FWSK AW 17/16 | TMF Fashion show

Finishing off the FWSK reviews with the fashion show of the students from the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy - Skopje, Fashion Design under the mentorship of Lidija Georgieva. The theme of the collections was "Rhythm and science", which Georgieva describes as the unbreakable bound between fashion and technology nowadays. 
What I loved about this show was that you could clearly see the visions of each of the students, and how differently they can think with a given theme and background story. From gorgeous dresses to 3D elements, I was positively surprised with these young designers. I've chosen a few of my favorite designs to share with you here, but you can see the rest of the creations here
Saturday, November 5, 2016

FWSK AW 16/17 | Irina Tosheva

Continuing this season's reviews with Irina Tosheva's collection inspired by the Firebird from Slavic mythology. First off, how cool of a concept is that?! Tosheva always brings something new and fresh to the table, with every collection having a unique story behind it. 
From the very beginning I knew I would love this collection, with Irina teasing sneak peeks via Facebook. The anticipation was high, and you could feel the cool energy at the start of she show. And when the first model came out carrying a cocktail,we all knew this was going to be a party in every sense of the word. Bright colors, whimsical patterns and butterflies in the girls' hair - the fashion show was a complete 10/10.
Photos: FWSK
Friday, November 4, 2016

FWSK AW 16/17 | Jovana Filipovic

Fashion Weekend Skopje started on October 30th on one heck of a cold night. But that doesn't stop every fashion enthusiast in Skopje to attend this seasonal event, including me. So just like the years before, I'm reviewing some of my favorite shows from the season, starting off with Jovana Filipovich.
Jovana Filipovich is a FWSK veteran with her countless collections filled with amazing garments that leave people in awe. Her style is sleek and feminine, showing how a true #girlboss needs to dress.This collection especially screamed Jovana Filipovich to me with the accessories of choice like wide brimmed hats and killer black heels. When the models walk down the runway you can truly tell who is the designer without a doubt. From the iconic LBD to a fiery red bodysuit, Jovana's collection embodies the chic modern woman that we all strive to be. 
Photos: FWSK