Saturday, December 31, 2016

December Playlist | 2016

Hello and happy new year's eve!
Honestly, to me it doesn't feel like it's the end of the year, nor that I'm supposed to be celebrating it tonight. But, I think that it's definitely time for a new year, because this past one has had it's ups and downs, and we need to be refreshed. I hope you all will have fun/ had fun tonight/last night (depending when you're reading this) and let's jump into the playlist!

The Weeknd has to make and appearance here, with his latest album launching late November I had the chance to listen to all of the tracks and I'm honestly not feeling his new sound. The whole "new wave" thing is just not appealing to me, and it doesn't sound like The Weeknd. With that being said, Party Monster was the closest thing to his previous work in my opinion. So I think that is why I liked this song more than the rest of the album.

Jon Bellion is my newest discovery, and I think that his music is soo good! That is why I featured two of his songs in this playlist, as I had them both on repeat constantly! Guillotine starts of very soft and and kind of slow, but then the hook and the refrain start and it becomes the most danceable song ever! I think that this one will put anyone in an instant good mood. With that being said, All Time Low has a more "modern pop" vibe, and is an all around cool song to listen to. Plus, I recommend you to check out his cover art for his album, it's so amazingly cool and different!

Dua Lipa's cover of Good Times by Jamie xx was an instant hit with me. I had a shot "Dua Lipa phase" and when I stumbled up on this cover via the recommended songs I thought it was very cute and different to her previous songs. So, I heard the original version and Dua's cover has a very different vibe than the original. The original is more r'n'b but Dua made it sound like the original version was a very old song from some jazz singer (which is not the case at all).

Okay, I know I'm getting some looks for this one, but I couldn't resist. It's 5 Fine Frøkner by Gabrielle. So, a very short back story - I've been OBSESSED with Skam, a Norwegian web series this past month and I truly urge everyone to watch it, it's amazing! Anyways, this song was in the background of one very cute scene in season 3 and everyone who has watched Skam will understand why I love this song. But, those of you who are lost by this point might not think that the song is necessarily "good" (most of the time it's due to ignorance because it's foreign and because we don't understand it then it's not worth watching/listening to). I think that the song is catchy and fun, and I love singing along to the refrain because it's the only thing I'm able to remember the words to haha.

Okay, for the last one if I say that the title wasn't the thing that made me click it, then I would be lying. New Person, Same Old Mistakes (genius btw) by Tame Impala has been on repeat for the last week or two, it's soo good! Tame Impala has been on my radar for a while now, but their songs haven't stuck out to me. And them came along this one, and I take everything I previously said/thought back. I will definitely be listening to more of their songs in 2017!

And that is it! Another year, another 12 playlists! Click HERE for the whole playlist on YT, and all that is left for me to say is Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Monthly Moments | December

It's time for the second post in the "Monthly Moments" series woop woop! This time I'm talking you on a walk around Debar Maalo and its surroundings. I love this neighborhood, I've spent more time there in the last year than I have my entire life. It's my go-to place for taking blog photos because every street and every corner looks different, and sitting down for a coffee break is so easy as there are more coffee spots than you can imagine. As you can tell by the pictures, we found a bunch of cool doors and buildings, so we had to stop and take photos. Jokingly we said that this post can be a door advertisement, because it sure looks like it. I've been loving this outfit recently: a long coat, a warm scarf and cute socks peeking through the boots. 
After walking around for about an hour we decided it's time to warm up, so we headed to Sindikat for some hot tea. I absolutely love Sindikat, it's the most chill and cheap priced coffee place in Skopje. Every time I'm contemplating where to go with my friends, we end up in Sindikat. And because I'm there so often, I have such cute memories of conversations and people in that place.
Photography: Angela Petrovska
Also, Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate today!
Friday, December 16, 2016 Wishlist

Yellow Turtleneck | Embroidered Jeans | Military Jacket | Embroidered Skirt | Structured Backpack 

Hello everyone!
Here is a small wishlist I created in collaboration with, an online clothing store that has amazingly fashionable and affordable clothing.
With the holidays coming up, I decided to choose both dressy and casual items, as people spend the holidays differently. So, for the casual/lazy types I've chosen a few pieces that to me screamed effortless chic! You know I'm obsessed with turtlenecks, so this mustard yellow one is perfection in a sweater. A good pair of jeans can be both dressed up and down, so why not give your plain denim skinny jeans a break and go for a nice embroidered relaxed jean for a change? While on the embroidered theme, I chose this military jacket with amazing details on the shoulders, I love clothing pieces that have a twist. Same goes for the skirt, that I would say can categorize as the "dressy" clothing item in this wishlist. But, in my opinion all dressy items can be dressed down, so I can see this skirt being worn in a casual, girl-on-the-go way. And of course, rounding up the list with a backpack, but not a plain one - a cool, structured, multiple pocket backpack. Talk about being stylish and functional at the same time!
I hope you enjoyed the post! Till next time.

Здраво на сите!
Овој пост е мала листа од работи кои моментално ми се допаѓаат од онлајн продавницата Во соработка со нив решив да одберам 5 производи кои сметам дека се совршени за овој период од годината, како и за понатаму.
Бидејќи знаете колку сум опседната со ролки, морав да вклучам една на листата - совршени се за во зима и можат да се носат и кежуал и за специјални прилики. Истата би можела да се искомбинира со наредното нешто на листата, односно фармерки со везени детали. Везените детали се апсолутен хит овој период, затоа решив тоа да е вклучено во повеќето од производите тука. Зелената војничка јакна ми е to die for, контрастот помеѓу женствените везови и самата форма на јакната дефинитивно дава интересен изглед. Везените детали се гледаат и кај мини здолништето, кое јас го замислувам носено на кежуал начин, можеби со обична бела маичка и бели патики. И на крај морав да одберам црно ранче,сметам дека човек не може да има доволно!
Се надевам ви се допадна овој пост! Се читаме во следниот.
Wednesday, December 14, 2016

4 Year Blogiversary Giveaway

Shy But Secretly Fabulous has turned 4! We've celebrated the last three years, so it's only fair we do the same this year. Wow, 4 years. I honestly can't believe how fast time flew by, it's like only yesterday I started high school and gathered the courage to open my blog. But, as I've said in the previous birthday posts, I wouldn't change that decision for the world! I've had so much amazing experiences because of it, and have gotten to know so many same-minded people. 
This blog went through a makeover this past year, with a whole new layout and a new link URL. Hopefully you like it more now, because I know I adore it sooo much!
For those of you who are wondering, the giveaway is closed only for Macedonia for now. Fingers crossed the next ones will be international!

Здраво на сите! Време е да го прославиме четвртиот роденден на Shy But Secretly Fabulous!
Не ми се верува дека поминаа 4 години, цело време се чувствувам ко вчера да започнав со средно училиште, периодот кога собрав доволно храброст да започнам блог. И 4 години подоцна, еве сме! Се уште со нетрпение и љубов го објавувам секој нареден пост, и навистина се чувствувам среќна поради сите можности кои ги имам добиено заради блогот, како и неверојатните пријатели кои ги имам запознаено!

Сега,време е за интересниот дел. До сега немав направено никакво дарување на блогот, иако често се вртеше како идеја во мојата глава. Бидејќи ова е специјална прилика, мислам дека е совршената можност за првото дарување на Shy But Secretly Fabulous. 
Сакав да е нешто што јас лично носам, нешто што е репрезентација на работите што јас моментално ги обожавам. Поради тоа се решив за беџови и chokers - две работи без кои не можам. Choker-ите се деликатни и симпатични, нешто што совршено би го комплетирало секој изглед, а беџовите се сопствен дизајн (нешто што беше потешко да се изведе отколку што очекував) што ги прави уште поблиски до мене. Истите обожавам да ги носам на се', од палта до платнени торби и ранчиња. Сметам дека малите детали како накит и беџови/pins се одличен начин на дополнување на веќе одлична комбинација.

Правилата за ова дарување се:
1. Like на пејџот на блогот, кој може да го најдете ТУКА
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3. Искоментирајте го вашето Име и Презиме, како и вашиот меил за контактирање, на овој пост

Дарувањето е отворено до 21.12. до 23:00 часот. Победникот ќе биде објавен на 22.12. на пејџот на блогот, како и на мојот Instagram Story. Дарувањето е отворено само за Македонија. Со среќа на сите! 

Monday, December 5, 2016


Let's reminisce on the past for a bit, when a 7 year old Elena was just starting elementary school. I can't say I was immediately transfixed on books and reading, as I first needed to learn how to read. From the first day when I got my ABC book, my grandmother made me sit for an hour, every day by her side to practice my reading whilst she was preparing lunch. I hated it at first, all I wanted to do was play outside with my friends but instead, I was stuck at home reading. But, as time flew by my reading improved and I started to find something really interesting about it. I even remember when it was my turn to read out loud in school and there would be dead silence as I began to read. Little first grade Elena took that as a huge compliment. I would ask for books for birthdays instead of toys, I even keep some of them till this day. And when I shared a room with my younger brother when we were little, I used to read to him before bed. 
Sadly, I now find it hard to set time apart to read something purely because of desire and not obligation. I do feel a bit somber because of it, as I can remember why I started to love it in the first place. Maybe this trip to the library will change my mind.
A big thank you to "Brakja Miladinovci" and the library Drugarche for letting us take photos here, and to the lovely employees. 
Photography: Irina Krstevska