Saturday, December 31, 2016

December Playlist | 2016

Hello and happy new year's eve!
Honestly, to me it doesn't feel like it's the end of the year, nor that I'm supposed to be celebrating it tonight. But, I think that it's definitely time for a new year, because this past one has had it's ups and downs, and we need to be refreshed. I hope you all will have fun/ had fun tonight/last night (depending when you're reading this) and let's jump into the playlist!

The Weeknd has to make and appearance here, with his latest album launching late November I had the chance to listen to all of the tracks and I'm honestly not feeling his new sound. The whole "new wave" thing is just not appealing to me, and it doesn't sound like The Weeknd. With that being said, Party Monster was the closest thing to his previous work in my opinion. So I think that is why I liked this song more than the rest of the album.

Jon Bellion is my newest discovery, and I think that his music is soo good! That is why I featured two of his songs in this playlist, as I had them both on repeat constantly! Guillotine starts of very soft and and kind of slow, but then the hook and the refrain start and it becomes the most danceable song ever! I think that this one will put anyone in an instant good mood. With that being said, All Time Low has a more "modern pop" vibe, and is an all around cool song to listen to. Plus, I recommend you to check out his cover art for his album, it's so amazingly cool and different!

Dua Lipa's cover of Good Times by Jamie xx was an instant hit with me. I had a shot "Dua Lipa phase" and when I stumbled up on this cover via the recommended songs I thought it was very cute and different to her previous songs. So, I heard the original version and Dua's cover has a very different vibe than the original. The original is more r'n'b but Dua made it sound like the original version was a very old song from some jazz singer (which is not the case at all).

Okay, I know I'm getting some looks for this one, but I couldn't resist. It's 5 Fine Frøkner by Gabrielle. So, a very short back story - I've been OBSESSED with Skam, a Norwegian web series this past month and I truly urge everyone to watch it, it's amazing! Anyways, this song was in the background of one very cute scene in season 3 and everyone who has watched Skam will understand why I love this song. But, those of you who are lost by this point might not think that the song is necessarily "good" (most of the time it's due to ignorance because it's foreign and because we don't understand it then it's not worth watching/listening to). I think that the song is catchy and fun, and I love singing along to the refrain because it's the only thing I'm able to remember the words to haha.

Okay, for the last one if I say that the title wasn't the thing that made me click it, then I would be lying. New Person, Same Old Mistakes (genius btw) by Tame Impala has been on repeat for the last week or two, it's soo good! Tame Impala has been on my radar for a while now, but their songs haven't stuck out to me. And them came along this one, and I take everything I previously said/thought back. I will definitely be listening to more of their songs in 2017!

And that is it! Another year, another 12 playlists! Click HERE for the whole playlist on YT, and all that is left for me to say is Happy New Year!

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  1. I gonna listen all of them know!

    kisses dear and happy new year