Friday, October 20, 2017

Sky high

"How to be a badass, or at least give the impression that you are one" - a guide by Elena:
1. First off, you need some music to get you in the mood, so may I suggest a new classic, Bodak Yellow by the ever so elegant Cardi B.
2. Once you have your background music, you need to have the proper look. It's all in the details, for example, a cool bomber with even cooler patches (courtesy of, click HERE) & a statement belt (get yours over on, click HERE).
3. Now that you have the look down, you need to commemorate this moment. This is where it gets tricky. You need to get yourself a Jane Nikoloski who will capture the badass-ness without you even trying.
4. Another important part is the location, so be prepared to face your deepest fears to get to your desired destination. Mine is climbing up a shaky ladder, which is exactly what I had to do. BUT, anything to get the picture, am I right?
5. And now, all that's left is for you to enjoy the result.
Photography: Jane Nikoloski
Thursday, October 19, 2017

Avon Mark. Liquid Lip Laquer Review

Ако нешто треба да знаете за мене, тоа е дека имам голема љубов кон било каков тип на кармин, но посебно течните кармини кои станаа хит во декоративната козметика последниве неколку години.
Заедно со Авон Македонија се здруживме за да ви ја претставиме новата линија на течни кармини Mark, а во видеото кое го изработивме заедно, може да погледнете која нијанса ми остави најголем впечаток и каков изглед би можела истата совршено да комплетира.

Имав можност да ги пробам сите нијанси и дефинитивно сум изненадена од самата формула и долготрајноста на карминот. Но, тоа што најмногу ми се допаѓа е колку лесно се нанесува (а сите знаеме дека течните кармини се едни од најтешките за нанесување) и тоа е благодарение на формата на апликаторот. Пријатниот мирис е исто така голем плус!

П.С. Организираме и дарување, па доколку сакате да освоите 2 Mark. Liquid Lip Laquer кармини клик ТУКА за повеќе информации.


Friday, October 6, 2017

Burgundy Autumn

I'm back with a quick outfit post from today's look. Autumn is here guys, and I'm taking full advantage of the moody weather - one minute it's 25 degrees and the next one I feel like I need to cover up with a cozy scarf. Moments like these are perfect for layering but also being smart with choosing the right outfit for the right temperature. While it was still somewhat warm I decided to take out my dress for a spin, and ever since I got it I've had this look envisioned in my head - the leather jacket, the Converse, the bag, ALL OF IT!
Hope you enjoy!
Wednesday, September 27, 2017

September Playlist | 2017

September was quite a ride. From travels to unknown countries, to seeing friends you haven't seen in a long time and meeting new people along the way - it was a good month. University started, and so did every other extracurricular which means that things are gonna get quite busy from now on, but I think that's good for me. This summer I had a lot of time to just be with myself, and if you knew me you'd know that overthinking is something I'm really good at. So, being busy for me means finding distractions and focusing my attention on certain things, not letting my mind wander about in the realm of "What if's" or "If I had done that differently".
Now that the reflecting part of the post is over, let's see what I've been listening to this month.

Definitely one of my fave songs in a while, Touch by The Code. I absolutely love the vibe of this track, chill but seductive at the same time. I've had it on repeat for weeks on end, plus I really think it goes with the weather we've been having at the moment - moody and rainy. You have to give this one a listen, trust me!

I don't know if it's just me but every time fall rolls around, I immediately turn to the old music from The Weeknd. This time around I've been listening to What You Need, more specifically this version.
I've said on multiple occasions that I prefer his older songs, so every time I find new renditions I'm more than happy!

Okay now onto the "guilty pleasure" part of the playlist. Camila Cabello has put out some cool songs since she's gone solo, and one of them is OMG featuring Quavo (BTW is it just me or is this guy literally everywhere?!). I love the vibe of this song, it's catchy and upbeat and it's been my go-to song for getting ready. "My God, you look good today" *insert Joey Tribbiani wink gif here*

Up next is Angel from Fifth Harmony. I know, shocking! But hey, just like Camila's song, this one is soo good too! It makes me feel all sassy and stuff (yeah, I realize how nerdy that sentence sounds, but it's true haha). I'm sure you've heard these songs at least once on the radio, so it's nothing new by now.

And for the last song, this one is a bit of a throwback because It's already been featured on a playlist, but I had to put it again because it's THAT GOOD! Get You Good by Roy Woods is one of my fave songs, and whenever I'm listening to music that I already have on my phone, this is the first one I play.

Hope you enjoyed this short playlist, the truth is I haven't been able to find a lot of new music lately, so I've just been re-listening to old songs. Click HERE for the whole playlist on Youtube, or the individual titles above. Have a nice October!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

A trip to... #10

The date: 06/09/17
The destination: Budapest, Hungary
The plan: see as much as possible in a 7 day period
The outcome: 1000+ photos, a newfound love for this city & memories for a lifetime

It all began with a simple idea to use the free time my friends and I have in September before university starts. It ended with getting together on a Friday afternoon, booking plane tickets and an Airbnb in Budapest. From that moment on, I spent my free time planning and making endless lists of places we can visit, for a couple of reasons:
1. I don't like to waste time. So carefully planning out what we want to see means that we will use our time there wisely.
2. The thought of traveling to another country for the first time, where you don't speak the language, you don't know the mentality of the people and you could easily get lost gives me major anxiety. With advance planning, I feel like I'm more in control of the situation.
3. It allowed me to daydream about what Budapest is like, and even though I am a tourist I want to experience (at least some) things like a local.

Next thing you know, three girls board on a plane not knowing what to expect from this new adventure. And I can now say, I feel like we've truly seen Budapest. Well, perhaps not all of it, I'm sure there are so many hidden gems that we've missed, but walking minimum 13km a day sure made it feel like there's not a single street we've not walked through.
I hope you enjoy this photo diary and it teleports you to this wonderful city in one way or another.
Photos: Angela Petrovska & Elena Vasilevska
P.S. There will be another post with more specific locations and information, so stay tuned!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Little Striped Dress

This is officially the longest it's taken me to write a blog post - ever. One writer's block and a two and a half hour "nap" later, I think I can do this. I never do things "just casually". I've never been that kind of person, I guess you can call me a perfectionist to some extent. This is just an example, I've been racking my brain about what to write for the entirety of my morning because I wanted things to be done quickly, and this was getting in the way. I seriously need to chill down, so if you have any tips leave them in the comments below. 
Anyway, the thing that I wanted to grab your attention was NOT me "not knowing to take things easy" but this super cute LSD! Before you go and think, wow I never thought I would read a post about a psychedelic drug on this blog, I am here to inform you that LSD can ALSO mean Little Striped Dress! Haha, gotcha there. I found the perfect one over on, so if you like what you see click HERE to order yours!
Photos: Angela Petrovska

Sunday, August 27, 2017

August Playlist | 2017

Um, August is over. And I don't know how I feel about that. It's weird knowing that I still have September until university starts again, and for the first time EVER I'm excited about September being so close because I may or may not be going on a little trip. Not spoiling anything, you'll just have to check out the blog for new exciting posts coming soon.
Anyway, I found myself in a music rut this past month, nothing sounded exceptionally interesting to me. So that's why the playlist is a bit short but hey, the songs that are on here are golden.

Gavin James - For You (Bearcubs Remix). I stumbled onto this song randomly on Instagram and can I just say, I think it was destiny. This is my favorite song of the month hands down, I have it on the second I wake up, when I'm getting ready for something, when I'm editing photos - it's just my go-to song because it's so easy to listen to and it lifts me up. The original version, on the other hand, Is very (veryyy) depressing, it's a beautiful piece but the fact that it took me one listen for me to start crying by the end of it... I think that it was a combination of the lyrics + the video itself. That's some sad stuff man...

Far East Movement is SO underrated, I genuinely enjoy their music and it pains me that they don't have any new music out. That resulted in me trying to find something I haven't heard from them yet and so I found Don't Speak ft. Tiffany. I think they need to make a comeback and bless us with some awesome EDM music.

Astrid S. is back on the playlist with two songs: Just For One Night and Does She Know.
Just For One Night is lighthearted and fun, with love as the main theme. Sometimes this is just what you need, to sing your lungs out and dance around your room like an idiot. Does She Know is slower, but the tempo still keeps the song upbeat.

I think I'm not the only one who's been obsessed with Kaleo's Way Down We Go these past few months. That voice, oh my god. It's the perfect moody/chill out song that lets your mind wander. For me, when I listen to this song all I imagine myself in a forest, with trees surrounding each corner my eye can catch. It may sound a bit silly, but that's the beauty of music, it has the ability to transport your mind to another place.

If you've ever wondered what Britney Spears' Toxic would sound like if it was produced by Disclosure circa 2012, then Eden Prince - Toxic ft. Marco Foster is the song for you. Such a cool song, vibes for days!

As always, click here for the whole playlist on Youtube. Until next month, bye!
Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Monthly Moments | August

Monthly Moments is here! Sorry for missing a month, but this time around I'm back with a really cool event that takes place every year in Skopje. Makedox (according to their website) is a young and avant-garde festival celebrating the creative documentary film. Every year since 2010 KurshumliAn has been the home to this lovely event which is the perfect surrounding for all of the films, workshops, live performances and doc-talks (under a fig tree I may add). It is truly a magical experience, and I and my friends decided to go to the screenings scheduled for last night, Tuesday. 
These photos don't compare to the calm atmosphere in Kurshumli, so if you are in Skopje I strongly suggest you check it out for the last couple of days. 
Sunday, August 13, 2017


Time for a little life update: I spend my days trying to study, I end up looking at stupid videos on Youtube for an hour straight, I regret doing so and I try to study once again, but I end up in the same cycle as before. Honestly, I know I put myself into this situation and it's no one's fault, but come on Elena when will you learn...
BUT there are perks when I try to "study" - I suddenly get so many ideas about blogging, photo shoots, outfits, blog post ideas etc. In other words, my mind focuses on everything but the thing it's supposed to be focusing on. I know I'm not the only one who gets sudden bursts of inspiration mid reading about Chaucer, right? Anyways, I got a fairly large blogger mail package from various shopping sites, so I decided to start off with this super cute T-shirt from I mean come on, it's baby pink and it says Paris with an embroidered flower - what more could you want!
Photos: Angela Petrovska

Monday, August 7, 2017

Cool down

Back with a casual look, something I think I'm most known for haha. I don't know about where you live, but in Skopje, it's been too hot to function. If you are not in an air-conditioned room then you are most probably sweating out - hard. So, my idea for a chill Sunday afternoon out would be a "picnic" (in quotation marks because this can hardly be called a picnic) with your friends accompanied with a cold beverage like a Breezer. I wish this post was sponsored by Breezer, but sadly that is not the case haha.
Photos: Angela Petrovska

Sunday, July 30, 2017

July Playlist | 2017

I'm finally back, after spending most of July anywhere but home it sure feels good to sit down and write what I've been up to and get things back on track. Basically, I've been trying to clear my head and enjoy time with just me as much as I can. How you ask, when you've gone to a festival this month filled with thousands of people and afterward went to a vacation with your family? Well, even though the festival part wasn't about having "me time", I consider enjoying yourself while listening to good music with your eyes closed to be a great time to reconnect with yourself. And when on vacation I realized that I enjoy nothing more than being alone in the water, floating with my head tilted back and just letting the waves carry you. It's the little moments that matter the most, knowing what you need to de-stress completely and just be present in the moment. And now after I've told you my little mantra, time to switch gears and listen to some good music.

Somebody Else by The 1975 is such a sweet song. I've heard it couple of times before but never really took notice of the beauty of this song. They have such good songs, but they certainly put you in a specific mood so this one might make you sad, might make you think about a lost love or it will make you smile. You never know with songs like these honestly.

Paralyzed is one of those songs that I have no idea how I ended up finding, or how I ended up loving and having on repeat. But can I just say how f*cking cool I think this song is?! It's unlike anything else I've heard in a while, maybe it's the beat of the song or the vocals of the singer - either way, I'm obsessed. Klyne is a dance/electronic duo from The Netherlands, they are relatively new on the music scene and I'll most definitely give a listen to their other music.

Backstory: Pain Goes Away by Refs is one of my all time favorite songs, but the struggle I was having at the time was - Refs had only one song out. So imagine my excitement when I found out they had another single out! Spotlight is a refreshing tune that intertwines synth pop with Refs' raspy vocals and I am here for it! Glad to have them back.

If my summer could have an album as a soundtrack I would want it to be Funk Wav Bounces Vol.1 by Calvin Harris. Each song is 3/4 minutes of summertime and I'm loving it! But of course, I have to have my favorites, so here they are - Faking It , Cash Out , Slide & Rollin.

Dua Lipa's newest single New Rules has been stuck in my head for a year straight, and it's not even that old yet! There are just some songs that turn you into a sassy b*tch that snaps her fingers in a Z formation and needs no man in her life - this song is just that.

Astrid S. is back with a new single, I can't wait until she releases the rest of the songs from her EP. Anyways, Such A Boy is perfection, not only because Herman Tommeraas is in it (SKAM fans where you at!) or because the whole video is super cute, but the melody is so catchy and the whole point of the song is relatable af. Boys say that girls are confusing, but I beg to differ - and so does this song haha.

Rudimental have a new song out and it's everything and more! At first, I was a bit confused because I'm used to their songs having a drum 'n' bass sound, but it quickly grew on me. Sun Comes Up is the perfect summer song, it just instantly puts you in a good mood. I had the luck to see Rudimental DJ Set live, and had a blast! I've always had a lot of love for this group, I wish to someday see the full group together on stage, that would be so epic.

More Than You Know is one of those coincidental finds that you just know were meant to be. This song is best heard with headphones in on full blast. It just makes you jump around and make your surroundings an outdoor festival. A must listen!

And this last one is truly random, but I've been listening to it quite a lot so it deserves a spot here! Ever since I found out Koop were performing at D Festival I've been going through their music and I enjoy it so much! It's so chill and relaxing, and Come To Me is such a cute song! And yes, they were just as amazing performing live as you would think.

Click HERE for the whole playlist on Youtube, and till next time Ciao!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

90s vibes

Back with an outfit post, it's been a while since I've done one, huh? As I was editing these photos I got major 90s vibes from this look, and everybody loves the 90s so I was all up for it. I love pairing this awesome button up skirt from with, well, everything. It's so versatile and a true closet staple item. 
Anyways, how are you guys? I feel like it's been a while since I've updated you on general life stuff, but the truth is I haven't been up to much lately. I know, it's not that exciting here in Skopje this time of the year, when all you can think about is escaping from the hot pavement streets to a colder retreat for a quick dip in the water. I've got quite a month planned ahead of me, from music festivals to seaside escapes - it's all happening. And then August will be just like June, unbearable heat and studying. What an exciting summer, I know haha.
Friday, June 30, 2017

Summer ready with

I'm bringing you this post in collaboration with, the best place for you to do some damage to your wallet before you go on vacation. With so many amazing sales happening right now on their website, I chose 4 items that I think you would love!

Денешниот пост е во соработка со, најдоброто место за правење на штета пред да тргнете на добро заслужен одмор. Без разлика дали ќе скокате на фестивали, ќе пливате во море или ќе шетате европски метрополи, на може да најдете се' што ви треба за да изгледате модерно и кул. Јас одбрав 4 парчиња кои сметам дека одлично би се вклопиле во сечиј плакар!
Click HERE to order 
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Friday, June 23, 2017

June Playlist | 2017

Hello people!
June was bittersweet for me, some things ended and others began. Actually, when I put things into retrospect I know that everything happens for a reason. If life has taught me one thing (in my ever-so-long 19 years of age), it's exactly that. But what I do know for sure is that these next few months will be filled with both work and play, which makes the "play" part much more enjoyable.
The songs this month were um, really random. Most of them are ones you've probably never heard of before (thanks to but then you have some really old ones that sound just as amazing. Genres mix in this playlist, so I think that there's something for everybody here.

Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini is one of those songs I would categorize as "real music". Drums, a bass, a trumpet and a soulful voice. Add a meaningful message + an excerpt from Charlie Chaplin's speech from The Dictator and you have yourself one hell of a song. Definitely check it out.

Have you ever listened to a song and it opened up a whole new world to you? Yeah, that's me after listening to In A Manner Of Speaking by Nouvelle Vague. First of all, the amazing soft vocals accompanied by the equally as amazing Bossa nova style of music - butter on toast. Second of all, why do I feel like a grown up when I listen to music by Nouvelle Vague? Third of all, why haven't I been listening to this before?! I'll answer the second question myself - because I know I wouldn't have had appreciated it. But I guess now I do, so therefore that makes me an adult now?

Brought to you via (I honestly can't stop going on about this music streaming site, I've got all of my friends hooked on it) we have You by LINES and Tear You Down by La Mar.
You is from a more recent playlist of theirs, and the funky beat stood out to me, plus that chorus is super catchy! On the other hand, Tear You Down is the complete opposite. It's from an older playlist, but that's the beauty of this website - you have so much cool music neatly organized in picture perfect little playlists. This particular song is one that sounds like the music I would fall in love with from the first listen. The atmospheric sound makes this the perfect chill out song, but you still have to stop and appreciate every aspect of it. Honestly, I can go on about this for days, so I just suggest you put on your headphones for the full experience and enjoy this music masterpiece. La Mar have amazing music, I will definitely be checking more of it out.

Astrid S is back with Party's Over, a song that I've had on repeat since last month. You guys know I love this girl, so her bringing out new music makes me rejoice! Party's Over is a chill song, with a kick-ass beat drop, perfect for listening to while daydreaming perhaps?

Lauv's I Like Me Better was suggested to me every time I would listen to Party's Over, so I decided to give it a go. Let me explain to you, I've never felt so strong about an under-rated singer - Lauv is a gift from God himself. Right after I listened to this song and came to the conclusion that it's probably one of the cutest songs I've heard in my life (and sent it to my friend for a second opinion on whether this is the cutest or not) I made it my sole purpose to support this guy and his music no matter what. So, came the social media stalking and finding out if he's playing live shows anywhere near me (ofc not -.- ) and then I started listening to his other songs. That's when I found The Other, a song that I am still to this day sure I've heard prior to that moment, but I just can't put my finger on where I've heard it before. That made me furious, and I spent the evening trying to figure out where I know this song from, but alas nothing was determined.

I know I should have downloaded Halsey's album by now, but I'm just not there yet. In the meantime I've been listening to Eyes Closed with pleasure, it's such a cool song! At first I thought "Hmm this sounds like something The Weeknd would put out" and when I made my research I found his name under Writers, so that made sense.

And last but not least, There For You by Martin Garrix and Troye Sivan. I love Troye, been there since day 1, so I've been looking forward to this collab for a while now, and the final song did not disappoint at all! In fact, I'm seeing Martin Garrix live tonight, so I think it will be a cool moment to listen to this song (sans Troye sadly </3).

And there you go, another playlist, another month gone! Well, almost gone. Click HERE for the whole playlist or on the individual titles above. Till next time!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Moody June

For the ultimate mood setter I suggest listening to this while scrolling this post. 
The time and day: a rainy Saturday afternoon, around 3 pm. 
The scene: the backyard of a building in Debar Maalo. 
The feeling: indescribable awe from this hidden gem. 
Angela and I never expected to run into this place, from spontanеously deciding to go to Аcanthus Gallery and then me seeing a garage door in the back that looked descent enough for an Instagram photo, to being amazed from the coolness of this little secret spot that's been right under our noses. So, an impromptu photoshoot was a must, and funnily enough - the moody weather was a perfect fit for this place.
Shoutout to Skopje Se Nosi for using the beauty of this place for a photoshoot of their own, 
Monday, June 12, 2017

June wishlist

To start off the month of June, I'm bringing you a wishlist featuring items from the, a super affordable wholesale fashion retail website.
I love wearing bright and light colors during spring and summer, so it's no wonder that I've opted for this white & blue theme.
The pinstripe cold shoulder top is stunning, I've been seeing these kinds of tops in every story possible so they are a big trend right now. I would pair it with a denim skirt, and this one from is perfect! I can't resist a cute button up skirt guys, they are my weakness!
Embroidery is EVERYWHERE, so why not have it on your super cool shoes too? How amazing are these white lace up sneakers. And to finish off the outfit, you need your cute accessories like these pink mirrored sunglasses and a white satchel bag. 

Го започнуваме месецот јуни со wishlist од страната, една од моите go-to дестинации за онлајн купување.
Во пролет/лето најмногу сакам да носам светли бои, така да воопшто не ме чуди што парчињата кои ги одбрав за овој пост се во плаво-бели тонови.
Јас не би била јас доколку не носам тексасно здолниште, и нијансата на ова е совршена! Одлично би одговарало со било каков топ, но јас се одлучив за ригеста маичка на прерамки. Овој стил на "cold shoulder" го гледам насекаде и мислам дека изгледа преслатко, без разлика дали е на маички или фустанчиња.
Везените детали беа многу популарни минатата сезона, но овој пат истите може да ги забележиме и на патики! Дап, патики - и финалниот продукт изгледа прекул!
И за да го комплетираме изгледот - наочари со розево стакло и бела сачел торба.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Culottes

So, back in my first post for 2017 I wrote that I will set a small goal for this year, and I quote:
and that is to care less about other people's opinions. If I want to wear something, I'm sure as hell going to wear that and not give a.... Same goes for everything I do and say.
So, here I am - present day Elena trying to put her own words into action. If I do say so myself, I have been more experimental with my outfit choices this year more than last year, even though I'm a sucker for a T-shirt & mom jeans combo. One of the bigger pieces that required a lot of "mental preparation" before heading out of the door were these culottes from To be honest, I HATED them when they first became popular. Part of the hatred was because I thought I would never be able to pull them off (main reason: being hella short). But I decided to just do it, so I ordered them not knowing what to expect. So when they arrived and I tried them on, I was so surprised! Never in a million years would I think that I could wear pants like these with confidence, but the truth is - I feel so *cool* when I wear them. I think we should all have a piece of clothing in our wardrobe that makes us feel like the street is our personal runway and not care what people think about it.
Photos: Fabulous is Freedom

Thursday, May 25, 2017

May Playlist | 2017

It's that time again guys! Another month has (almost) passed us, which means only one thing for me - it's getting closer to summer! No more exams, no more worries. I have just a few left, and from the 9th of June onwards I am a free person! These past few weeks I've been trying to get my life organized and I've put studying first, blog second - which I absolutely hate. But, slowly I'm getting back into the game, and I for sure knew that I wasn't going to miss this month's playlist!

Starting off with Wash Away. You are all familiar with my love for Wilkinson, so when I saw that he had a new song out I knew it was going to be one of those "replay until you're sick of it" songs. And the conclusion is - I think I'll never get sick of it. It's been on repeat for a month straight, which is weird even for me. The interesting part is that the whole track has about six words that are sung on loop, but it's the beat of the song that makes it so epic!

When lowkey you've been listening to Zayn songs on repeat for months, but it's been just a secret. Yeah, that happened. Still Got Time is a fun song guys, I'm not gonna lie and pretend like I don't enjoy listening to it haha.

So, the story about how I stumbled upon Beach Weather's Swoon is a random one. I was scrolling down Tumblr one night and I saw one of those horoscope posts that tell you funny/random things about your sign. This post was about songs your sign should be listening to. Under Libra (my sign) was Swoon, so I decided to give it a listen. Little did I know I would completely fall for this song haha. The song gives me Arctic Monkeys vibes, but more beach-roadtrip-type of vibes. The same goes for Chit Chat , it's just one of those feel good songs. P.S. Here is that Tumblr post, so that you can check for your sign too haha.

Now, you might not consider me the type to listen to Childish Gambino (2013 rapping Childish Gambino, not the "Awaken, My Love!" soul/rnb 2016 version), but I've been a fan of his songs for a few years now, so I decided to listen through the whole of "Because The Internet", as I already knew (and loved) half of the songs from the album. I've always known his music is very different to other popular rappers' of that time but now I have newfound appreciation for this guy. The whole album is made to sound like an hour long song, and each interlude compliments the story and connects the tracks so perfectly. I could honestly go on about this album for days, I think it's honestly one of the best ones I've heard - ever! If I could put each song on this playlist, I would, but at the end I decided Sweatpants deserved a place here the most. Honorary mentions go to Zealots of Stockholm and Earth, The Oldest Computer. 

Humanz came out late April, and can I just say - Oh my god! The sound is very different to their past music, but growth is part of every good artist's music, so I was beyond impressed with their new sound. Also can we talk about the amount of featured artists on this album?! Crazy!
Submission was one that stood out to me from the very beginning. I fell in love with Kelela's vocals, so when Danny Brown's part came up I was taken back a bit, but overall it compliments the song nicely.
The Apprentice was right up my alley, so I immediately knew it was going to be featured on this playlist. I feel like this song is divided into three parts, each corresponding with the singer's style even though they all sing to the same beat. I'll be listening to this album for months on end, there are just so many different songs and I feel like they all deserve their special attention.

You can listen to the whole playlist on Youtube HERE, or click on the individual titles above! Until next time, ciao!
Monday, May 22, 2017

Monthly Moments | May

I'm finally back with a new post after a while. Let's just say that this whole studying thing takes up a whole lot of your energy and will to do anything productive (except study of course). But, I knew I wasn't going to let this get to me, especially today because Marija from Fabulous Is Freedom and Lara from Mainstream Chic were in Skopje, and that meant only one thing - catching up over coffee! So, myself, Marija, Lara, Jovana and Verica (the photographer) decided to visit Kahawa, a fairly new coffee shop in Skopje. I found this place randomly a few days ago, and I instantly fell in love with the overall cuteness of it. Besides the adorable decor, I love how much coffee and sweets options they have. It's the perfect place for catching up with friends, and you can never go wrong with an Instagram photo-op here. 
Check out Kahawa HERE and on Instagram HERE
Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Concrete Jungle

It's May, and that means it's that time of the month where we all think we're going to be soo productive and do things right this time around. There's nothing wrong with that and I'm not going to lie, I am one of those people. But, I still have my reservations about new beginnings, maybe they are just too good to be true?
Anyways, Angela and I decided to take our location hunting to Plochnik, a popular spot in Skopje known for being a gathering place for all cheap wine and beer lovers. But by day, it's the perfect location to take photos at.
I'm wearing this lovely button down from, a website that never fails me. See more HERE.
Photos: Angela Petrovska

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April Playlist | 2017

Hold up, April is over? I seriously need to get my *you know what* together, soon it's gonna be me against 6 different exams - yay! But for now, let's have a small recap of the month of April, shall we? I spent half of the month feeling sick (but never fully sick), went on a roadtrip, spent time with friends (most of the time catching the sunshine rays in the City Park), tried to study, fangirled over SKAM's new season (!!!) and listened to a bunch of random music. Trust me, this playlist is as random as it's gonna get. So let's get get right into it.

Starting off with Gorillaz and ALL of their newly released songs - talk about perfect timing. Their sound is a bit different now, but I can't bring myself to hate their music, no matter what they bring out I know I'm going to love it! Plus, how cool is their Saturnz Barz concept, not only do we get a 360 video, but also there will be exhibitions inspired by the "Spirit House". My faves so far are Andromeda & Saturnz Barz.

Astrid S released a second single this month, and I was over the moon excited for it! Bloodstream did not disappoint, it's so catchy and modern, totally in Astrid's style. I can't wait for a whole album, this girl is going to go far!

Aloha by Mome ft. Merryn Jeann was one of the first songs that caught my attention during the first Skam episode, it's just so catchy! It's the perfect balance between chill and dance music, which is always nice to find.

And now we have a string of Norwegian songs that you'll most probably not bother listening to,but for those of you who are not afraid to reach beyond the typical English language, might I suggest these:
Iblindeserenbedre by Tomine Harket & Unge Ferrari is a wonderful piece of music that I would describe as a "chill Disclosure" type of song. The title might frighten you, but it's just I blinde ser en bedre but without space between the words (so Art, I know). I think I could listen to this particular song on repeat for days on end, it just makes me feel so calm. I now also know how to say "Be honest, can you see my soul?" in Norwegian haha.
Another song by the same artists that was featured on Skam was Nostalgi 3Millioner. I have to admit it first, the title of the song is so random, or I just can't connect it to the lyrics. Either way, you would expect some rapping or at least hip hop just by reading the title, but instead you have an amazingly touching ballad?! Oh Norway, how I adore you.
And last but not least, Fy Faen by Hkeem & Temur - I can't not include this song, it's the perfect summer hit waiting to be discovered. It lifts up your mood and makes you excited about summer, what more do you need from a song?

Now that the Norwegian songs are out of the way, we have another string of songs that I like to call "Summer daydreaming circa 2014" (because the songs are from 2014):
Imagination by Gorgon City ft. Katy Menditta - oh how I love this song, Gorgon City have some amazing songs and I don't know how this one's slipped under my radar.
I Know by Shift K3Y is the ultimate summer song, you can't go wrong with a catchy beat and repeating the same words over and over again. Elena, why are you torturing yourself, exams are just about to start and your mind is already by the beach, sun tanning and drinking a mojito...
Okay, so we all know My Love by Route 94 by now, but can we just appreciate it for one more minute? I don't know why but it's been on absolute repeat this month,

And the last discovery for this month, November by Super Cruel ft. Lisa Mitchell. It's a super cute song with a cute music video to go with it. Lisa's vocals are so soft to the ear, it's just like butter on warm bread. Plus, there's a beat drop, so that's an unexpected twist.

As always, click HERE for the whole playlist, until next time, byeee!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


It's spring, therefore the denim jackets are out for the world to see, and my collection is getting bigger and bigger thanks to (best place to buy denim jackets, seriously!). When I saw this one with flower embroidery I: 1.Went crazy with excitement & 2.Ordered it faster than you could say "OMG that's so cute!" Okay, enough fangirling about the jacket, I hope you all had a great Easter catching up with family. Now, back to reality, have a great week!
Photos: Angela Petrovska 

Friday, April 14, 2017

Monthly Moments | April

Last week I touched on the subject of "places that make me feel calm in Skopje", but this time I'm taking you outside the city bounds and into nature at its finest. What you see here is Lake Kozjak, the largest artificial lake and man made accumulation in Macedonia. Even though the drive there is less than an hour away, this was actually my first time visiting this lookout point. I've seen plenty of pictures on Instagram, but the real thing is much more grandiose - in every sense of the word.
A road trip with friends was just what I needed to end last week off in a right way, and it definitely made me daydream about more in the future. Also, Happy Easter!
Photos: Filip Gjorgjioski & Angela Petrovska

Tuesday, April 4, 2017


One of my favorite things to do in spring here in Skopje is to take full advantage of the cherry blossom blooming season. So when this time rolls around each year, I go to Maksim Gorki street to admire the gorgeous Kanzan cherry trees before the petals hit the ground and I take looots and lots of pictures. I've been feeling a bit disorganized and overwhelmed recently, so whenever I have the chance to go here, or to the park, I take the opportunity to clear my head for a minute and breathe in the aroma from the blossoms.
BTW how cute is this top from, it's the perfect basic T-shirt with a modern twist. Click HERE to check it out.
Photos; Filip Stefanovski
Sunday, April 2, 2017


Овој пат имам поразличен пост од вообичаеното, и иако не сум бјути блогер решив да споделам со вас неколку продукти кои ги добив од Аvon Македонија и да напишам збор-два за истите.
Новата линија Mark е составена од впечатливи мејкап производи кои се наменети за девојките кои сакаат да бидат креативни со нивната шминка и да бидат забележани благодарение на високо пигментираните производи кои се дел од оваа линија. Во продолжение ќе прочитате за новата Spectralash маскара, Magix Face Primer & Avon Plum It Lipstick.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

March Playlist | 2017

Remember when I posted last month's playlist a bit earlier? Yeah, that resulted in me accumulating a lot more new music for this playlist than I expected. I don't think I've ever had this many songs to share with you, so I know this is going to be a mammoth to read, but stick with me!

My absolute favorite this month has to be Tame Impala's The Less I Know The Better. I've been digging the disco vibes this month, so much that I would describe them as... relaxing? I don't know what I love more about this song, the easy-going melody or the goofy lyrics, but either way I've been enjoying it way too much!

Sticking to the "disco theme", the song I've had on repeat these last few days has to be Shy Girls - Trivial Motion (PREP Remix). It's just a fun song to listen to and you'll find yourself shimmying your shoulders by the time you reach 0:30 seconds of the song.

I found Wildfire by SBTRKT over on Tamara's Instagram (her Insta is a whole playlist with cool songs by itself) and I was immediately captivated by the melody. It was unlike anything I've heard before, but it was definitely cool, dare I say a bit seductive? And that's when I had a little SBTRKT listening session and I found Hold On feat. Sampha - a very different sound from Wildfire, but you could still tell who the artist was. Check them out, you won't regret it!

And now, the attack of the Norwegian singers thanks to SKAM (a TV series I'm obsessed with for those of you who aren't aware). Starting off with Kamikaze by Susanne Sundfør - and no, this is not that super annoying song Kamikaze by MØ, but rather a ballad-esque song that grabs your attention from the very beginning with its 80s/90s melody.
Then we have Run by Elsa & Emilie, a song that is perfection for rainy days and gloomy weather. I would describe this one like this - Daughter, but instead of one amazing voice, you have two.
And ending the SKAM songs with my personal favorite - Grizzly Man by Rockettothesky. Where do I even begin with this one... It's not everyone's cup of tea. Not at all. Some would even say this song is boring, or pointless, or stupid. To me, this song represents how my happy place would sound. When I listen to this song, I close my eyes and I feel as if I am floating on air, or I'm lying on a field surrounded by green grass and daisies. This is what I want a song to make me feel, and I know I probably sounded crazy just now, but trust me on this one!

Call Me Out is Sarah Close's first single, and I've been following this lady on Youtube for a while now, so when I saw this in my subscription box I was so happy for her! Definitely check her out, it's such a cute song!

Astrid S finally released a new song and I'm on cloud 9 right now! I looove her music, and Breathe is no exception from that. I know that from the very first listen the chorus will be stuck in your heads. So, you're welcome!

If I had to describe James Arthur's Say You Won't Let Go in one word, that word would be adorable! And it's not even the lyrics that get to me, it's the melody of the song and his voice. Oh so dreamy... and adorable haha.

When I saw that Syd had a solo song I was pleasantly surprised, but then again I knew that it would be an amazing piece of music. All About Me did not disappoint in the slightest. As a self-proclaimed RNB lover, I must admit I've been avoiding this genre for the past few months. And this song reminded me why I loved it in the first place.

And last but not least, the ultimate throwback! Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc. Name a more iconic song, I'll wait. Okay, jokes aside, I've been loving this song through the whole of March. I remember it all started when I was having one of those "throwback music" nights, and this song reminded me of how much I loved it as a kid, but I never thought I was cool enough to listen to a band like Gorillaz. 10+ years later, I'm still not cool enough, but I sure know how to enjoy it a lot more. And I would like to think of this as a sign of destiny, because just recently Gorillaz released new songs, just as I was having their old songs on repeat!

And that's it! What a small playlist, I know haha. Click HERE for the whole playlist on YT, and until next month, ciao!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Main Stage

Here is a random fact about me: I love reminiscing about the past. And the fact that I am a hoarder that refuses to delete videos and pictures from my phone even though I have the same files on my laptop just reinforces my desire to reminisce. Example - me attending Exit Festival last summer. I love to watch back shaky videos of me screaming along to an Ellie Goulding song, and I love the random "vlog" style clips I have of me and my friends. Besides the endless amount of pictures and videos, I also love to wear my "If Found Please Return To Main Stage" shirt that I bought there. What can I say, I'm damn proud that I went, and that I survived haha.
In other news, it's finally Spring! I am so so so excited for denim jackets, skirts and Converse, with the sun calling out my name and telling me to take full advantage of it. For lovely days like these, I recommend having Miike Snow's Genghis Khan on repeat.
Photos: Fabulous Is Freedom

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 Wishlist

I'm back with a little mid-week post in collaboration with the website, an affordable wholesale online clothing store that has so many cute things!
As you can see I've been having a thing with embroidery these past few months, and I think it's going to be a big trend for spring and summer. I adore the vintage feel it gives, especially if it's flowers. So, it's no surprise that I chose a denim jacket with red roses on it, as well as a denim skirt with delicate flower embroidery. Of course I would wear these pieces separately, we don't want to go overboard on the flower applique. I can just imagine the skirt with a loose cream light-weight sweater, some Converse and a cute satchel bag, or the denim jacket with black skinny jeans and some Vans.
Sticking to the vintage theme, I think the brown shoulder bag would complete any outfit perfectly, as well as the "Clubmaster" inspired sunglasses.
What are your favorite pieces for this upcoming spring?

Се враќам со краток пост вака среде неделата, во соработка со веб сајтот, онлајн шопинг страница полна со прекјут работи!
Како што можете да забележите, во последно време сум опседната со везени детали на облеката, и сметам дека тоа ќе е голем тренд и оваа пролет. Добивам vintage vibes од парчињата кои ги одбрав за овој пост, и сериозно треба да се стопирам пред да го наполнам плакарот со премногу цветни дезени. Со вас споделувам тексасна јакна и здолниште, и двете со слични извезени детали кои ме тераат да се радувам за пролетта 10 пати повеќе. Секако не би ги носела овие две парчиња заедно, тоа е веќе премногу цветчиња за мој вкус хаха, но било кое парче може беспрекорно да се вклопи во секоја комбинација.
И кога сме веќе кај винтиџ тематиката, не може да се погреши со добра кафеава чанта, исто како и наочарите инспирирани од "Clubmaster" стилот.
Кои се вашите омилени парчиња за оваа пролет?

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Monthly Moments | March

Decided to bring back Monthly Moments a bit earlier this time. But it's not just a regular Monthly Moments post - it's a collab between me and two girls by the names of Marija and Teona. We've gathered to give you our recommendations for the cutest coffee shops in Skopje, London and Ljubljana. Go over to Teona's Wanderlust to see where she likes to brunch with her friends in London,and if you want to see Marija's favorite place in Ljubljana head over to Fabulous Is Freedom.
With that being said, I got to choose one place in my hometown of Skopje for this post. One of the places I always walk out of feeling more relaxed and happy is Squeeze Me, the perfect marriage between guilty pleasures and healthy delicious-ness. I don't know what I love more about this place, the uplifting interior or the dreamy Peanut Butter Cheesecake. They also have an array of smoothies and healthy juices that always catch my eye, but I always tend to stick to the sweet stuff like the cheesecake or the carrot cake. I love the atmosphere there, the quirky furniture and little details like the quote boards all around make you feel like you've entered a whole new world.
Hope you'll enjoy the post!
Monday, March 6, 2017


Happy Monday, I hope this week is a productive one for you as much as it will (hopefully) be for me. I seriously need to catch up on studying, and of course I'm just realising this now - when the weather here is gorgeous and I want to do everything but study! Anyway, the sunny weather allowes me to ditch the coats and bring out the spring jackets. And thankfully, my denim jacket from arrived just in time for that! I've been wearing it non-stop, I love the oversized fit it has & those patches give the jacket a lot of character. I think I'll be switching between this one and my trusty leather jacket for the whole of spring, and I'm more than okay with that.
Photos: Verica Mitreska

Monday, February 27, 2017

Monthly Moments | February

And just like that, we're saying goodbye to February!
February was the month of reconnecting with friends for me, and I loved every minute of it. Marija from Fabulous Is Freedom came back from university in Ljubljana and I wanted to spend as much time with her as I could, so when she asked me if I wanted to go to Thessaloniki with her for a day of course I said yes. Our last trip to Thessaloniki was quite a rushed one, so I made it my responsibility to make things go as smooth as possible. One of my most favorite things to do is search for cool coffee places to visit online, so that we don't regret not going somewhere afterwards. So, in my quest to find the perfect spot, I narrowed down the decision between two places: Piece of Cake & TOMS Flagship Thessaloniki. We were planning on visiting the first place, but when we found out that TOMS was easier to find (and closer) we decided to go there instead. And boy, was that the right thing to do! As soon as we entered in the venue our jaws dropped and I knew we were in one of the coolest places I've ever been to. As you probably guessed by now, this is a store/art gallery/coffee shop that sells TOMS shoes and accessories. And what's even more amazing is that for every pair of shoes that's bought a pair is donated to a person in need, and for every bag of coffee that's finished 140 l. of clean water are also donated. I read that here there's always something new to see like an exhibition, workshops etc. When we walked in we were greeted by an amazing atmosphere, the perfect lighting due to the open dome rooftop and a stray dog lying between the tables. We ordered our coffee and sat down to take a break, but I knew that I needed to get to work. So I took Marija's camera and went full-on-tourist-mode. I tried to capture the atmosphere as best as possible, but I guess you'll have to visit this place yourselves to experience it the best.
Monday, February 20, 2017

February Playlist | 2017

I know, it's too soon for a playlist Elena! But, I have another post planned for next Monday, so I wanted to fill this week's spot with something, so a playlist was the reasonable answer! Guys, this month has whizzed away and I feel like I spent it either laying in bed or running around like a headless chicken - there was no in between! That's why the songs I gravitated towards this month were chill songs that put my mind on "Airplane mode", if you know what I mean.

Let It Happen by Tame Impala has been on repeat on and off for about two months now, so I thought it was about time to include it in a playlist for those of you who haven't heard this song before. The catchy chorus will be stuck in your head from the very first listen, so you're welcome for that.

Brand New Moves is probably the only song here that would make you stand up and dance, so I was conflicted on whether to mess up my perfect chill pill playlist. But, I want to be honest, and February wouldn't have been what it was without this song. I featured Hey Violet's other song (Guys My Age) a few playlists ago, so this song was like a little reminder that they are an amazing band!

From one end of the spectrum to another, I present to you this month's obsession - Aventine by Agnes Obel. Actually, Agnes Obel in general is an obsession, how have I missed her music?! The whole album called Aventine is a masterpiece, but the song of the same name and Dorian are my two favorites. Obel's sound is giving me Daughter vibes, but instead of guitar we have haunting cello and piano. Her music is an actual experience, and I've been watching live performances of these songs in awe. When I was listening to Aventine for the first time the animated movie Coraline popped into my head, and this song would have been a perfect fit for it. Definitely check them out!

My other obsession has been Khalid, can I just say how fricking amazing his songs are! Totally different vibe from Agnes Obel, but still in that "chill" category. If Obel's music makes you feel feel a bit crept out, Khalid's will make you miss the boyfriend you've never had. Two songs caught my attention after last months Saved, and those are Shot Down and Location. Shot Down is slower and more of a ballad, while Location is the initial song that made people take notice of Khalid. Location is like an ode to the Millennial love, where relationships are ruled by sending locations and subtweets. Genius lyrics if you ask me.

And last but not least, If You Let Me by Sinead Harnett ft. GRADES. This song was one of those "love at first listen" types, and I've had it on repeat for a week straight. I was captivated by the style of the song, and it reminded me of another artist but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. And when I googled GRADES (he's a music producer) I found out that he made some of my fave songs by NAO. And that's when it all made sense, this guy was producing the kind of songs that intrigue me the most.

Hope you'll enjoy my picks for this"chill vibes" playlist, click HERE for the whole playlist on YT.
Until next week!

Monday, February 13, 2017


Another Monday, another outfit post! I've been dying to style this skirt from (check it out HERE) ever since I received it I've been staring at it with ultimate heart eyes. It''s one of those pieces that can easily be styled for both day time with a plain white T-shirt and Converse, & night time with heels and a shirt. I'm more excited to style it for day time, so can Spring come quicker please!
I was reunited on a cold February morning with Biljana Klisarova, and we had so much fun walking around searching for cute garage doors to take photos in front of.
Hope you enjoy!
Photos: Biljana Klisarova

Monday, February 6, 2017


Just like I've promised, I have a ton of posts prepared for the month of February! I hope you enjoyed last week's post, it was a different one for me, but that's why I enjoyed preparing it for you so much. Anyways, how are you? I'm kind of nervous right now, I'm starting my second semester at uni and I'm hoping it goes a bit better than the last one. I generally feel better when the weather is warmer, so maybe that will affect my outlook this time. I'm so over the cold weather, all I want is to wear my mom jeans with Converse and have picnics in the park. The temperature seems to be getting higher as we speak, but when we shot this post it definitely wasn't warm AT ALL. I froze my butt off, so hence why I kept the coat on, but I'm sure you won't mind. I wore my new favorite backpack from (check it out HERE), it's very different to what I've seen in the stores and that makes it even more special.
Me and Irina shot in this empty bus and I am so happy with the outcome. The pictures are moody and slightly dark - perfectly representing how I felt this winter.
Photos: Irina Krstevska

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Bag Diaries

Time to talk about bags, or in my case - my obsession with backpacks. I can't imagine myself wearing something else, I find them both charmingly cute and necessary at the same time. Plus, they can hold all of the things I'd ever need & more. Yup, this is the part where things get a bit OTT. I think it's time to have a look through my bag and see all the things I don't need to be carrying around. I'm guilty of having random things in my backpack, lots of loose change, empty gum wrappers and a bunch of receipts that need to be thrown out. But for the sake of this post showing you that I'm *a bit* organized, I'm going to spare you from them and show you just the "necessities".
Also this was made in collaboration with Fabulous is Freedom, so check out her blog on Sunday to see what she likes to carry in her bag!
Photos: Angela Petrovska

Sunday, January 29, 2017

January Playlist | 2017

© Heathen Harnow

Soo, January has officially lasted a whole year. And this is a fact, everyone I've talked to has the same opinion. And what sucks the most is that everyone's January is terrible, just like mine. I think January's goal this month was to teach me a lesson, and all I'm going to say is - lesson learned. I can't wait to get my life back on track in February, and that includes my blog. Expect A LOT more posts from me, yay!

Starting this playlist off with a shout out to , I loooove that site so much! Well, I first had the app, but you need Internet for it, so when I found out that they have a website version of it I was so excited! For those of you who are first hearing of this, it's a music website that publishes a new playlist of 10 songs each Monday at Noon (Pacific standard time), and 9/10 of the songs on there are sure to be ones that you've never heard of before. So, whenever I'm doing something on my laptop, I choose a random playlist from the already published ones, put my headphones in and chill. (Also,the whole aesthetic of the website is *to die for*) That is how I found two amazing songs that stood out to me, Saved by Khalid and Beretta by Matt Black.
Saved has a chilled, groovy vibe that works perfectly for background noise. The melancholic voice of Khalid makes this song a smooth listen, one that will make you put this song on repeat.
Beretta has more of an R&B sound, but still has the same smoothness as Saved. Definitely on the more moody side, Beretta's electronic sounds mixed with the R&B make this song even more amazing.

Everything by SMNM kept on automatically playing every time I'd listen to Beretta, and I think that was a sign that I needed to put this song on the playlist. SMNM or See Me No More is a Norwegian singer/songwriter (I just learned this information, I swear all the good things come from Norway!), and he has only a few singles out. I am definitely expecting a lot from this artist!

Up next we have one of the coolest EDM trap songs that I've heard in a while. Mickey Valen's Meet Me feat. Noe has been on repeat for the past week, I just love the mix of the beat with Noe's voice. That beat drop though, so frickin cool!

I can't put up a playlist and not include Ed Sheeran's new song Shape of You. I don't need to explain why I love this song, as I'm sure you all love it too.

Okay, so when I say that I listen to everything I literally mean everything. That is why I have Die Antwoord and Ed Sheeran on the same playlist haha. To be honest, Die Antwoord is a bit too much for me, but Baby's On Fire has been stuck in my head since December (when it was in the background of a scene in SKAM). The song is... interesting, to say the least. But, the more I listen to it, the more I'm having a dance party in my room.

Talking about SKAM, this next remix of a song that was on a previous playlist had me screaming at the screen when a scene with it came up. Astrid S (another Norwegian bae) and her song 2 AM had a "makeover" with the Matoma Remix. You should definitely listen to this one, it's not what you'd expect.

Last on the list is Insecure by Shane. Now, the point to which I found this song is unknown to me, from one Instagram account to another I stumbled upon this little gem. So, at the beginning I was really confused by the video (no seriously, SO CONFUSED), but then the more I listened to the song I actually started to like it and when it was over I found myself singing the chorus, just from that first listen. I think that the weirdness of the video/the singer (who's hella cute btw) made me love this song. I would really want to know what was the idea behind the video, why a church? Why those dance moves? I guess some questions will never be answered.

I've made a new playlist on Youtube just for 2017, you can check it out HERE. Hope you'll enjoy my picks for this month! See you in February!
Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Monthly Moments | January

Soo, I've been MIA for the past week or so, I was just so caught up in exams that I didn't really get the chance to go out, let alone to take pictures. Plus, it's been snowing a ton lately, and honestly I'm not about that life. I get the appeal of snow, but when you actually have places to go and things to do it's an inconvenience, or at least to me it is. I'm just not made for cold weather, I don't mind it being a bit cold, but when it gets sub zero Celsius that's when I draw the line and become a homebody. But, for the sake of going out at least a couple of times, me and Angela decided to go to the Museum of The City of Skopje, where there are constantly art exhibitions and something new to see. That's one thing I really like about living in Skopje, I feel like there are art exhibitions popping up every month and there's always something new to see, whether they are group exhibitions or individual projects - we love them all!
Photography: Angela Petrovska