Sunday, January 29, 2017

January Playlist | 2017

© Heathen Harnow

Soo, January has officially lasted a whole year. And this is a fact, everyone I've talked to has the same opinion. And what sucks the most is that everyone's January is terrible, just like mine. I think January's goal this month was to teach me a lesson, and all I'm going to say is - lesson learned. I can't wait to get my life back on track in February, and that includes my blog. Expect A LOT more posts from me, yay!

Starting this playlist off with a shout out to , I loooove that site so much! Well, I first had the app, but you need Internet for it, so when I found out that they have a website version of it I was so excited! For those of you who are first hearing of this, it's a music website that publishes a new playlist of 10 songs each Monday at Noon (Pacific standard time), and 9/10 of the songs on there are sure to be ones that you've never heard of before. So, whenever I'm doing something on my laptop, I choose a random playlist from the already published ones, put my headphones in and chill. (Also,the whole aesthetic of the website is *to die for*) That is how I found two amazing songs that stood out to me, Saved by Khalid and Beretta by Matt Black.
Saved has a chilled, groovy vibe that works perfectly for background noise. The melancholic voice of Khalid makes this song a smooth listen, one that will make you put this song on repeat.
Beretta has more of an R&B sound, but still has the same smoothness as Saved. Definitely on the more moody side, Beretta's electronic sounds mixed with the R&B make this song even more amazing.

Everything by SMNM kept on automatically playing every time I'd listen to Beretta, and I think that was a sign that I needed to put this song on the playlist. SMNM or See Me No More is a Norwegian singer/songwriter (I just learned this information, I swear all the good things come from Norway!), and he has only a few singles out. I am definitely expecting a lot from this artist!

Up next we have one of the coolest EDM trap songs that I've heard in a while. Mickey Valen's Meet Me feat. Noe has been on repeat for the past week, I just love the mix of the beat with Noe's voice. That beat drop though, so frickin cool!

I can't put up a playlist and not include Ed Sheeran's new song Shape of You. I don't need to explain why I love this song, as I'm sure you all love it too.

Okay, so when I say that I listen to everything I literally mean everything. That is why I have Die Antwoord and Ed Sheeran on the same playlist haha. To be honest, Die Antwoord is a bit too much for me, but Baby's On Fire has been stuck in my head since December (when it was in the background of a scene in SKAM). The song is... interesting, to say the least. But, the more I listen to it, the more I'm having a dance party in my room.

Talking about SKAM, this next remix of a song that was on a previous playlist had me screaming at the screen when a scene with it came up. Astrid S (another Norwegian bae) and her song 2 AM had a "makeover" with the Matoma Remix. You should definitely listen to this one, it's not what you'd expect.

Last on the list is Insecure by Shane. Now, the point to which I found this song is unknown to me, from one Instagram account to another I stumbled upon this little gem. So, at the beginning I was really confused by the video (no seriously, SO CONFUSED), but then the more I listened to the song I actually started to like it and when it was over I found myself singing the chorus, just from that first listen. I think that the weirdness of the video/the singer (who's hella cute btw) made me love this song. I would really want to know what was the idea behind the video, why a church? Why those dance moves? I guess some questions will never be answered.

I've made a new playlist on Youtube just for 2017, you can check it out HERE. Hope you'll enjoy my picks for this month! See you in February!
Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Monthly Moments | January

Soo, I've been MIA for the past week or so, I was just so caught up in exams that I didn't really get the chance to go out, let alone to take pictures. Plus, it's been snowing a ton lately, and honestly I'm not about that life. I get the appeal of snow, but when you actually have places to go and things to do it's an inconvenience, or at least to me it is. I'm just not made for cold weather, I don't mind it being a bit cold, but when it gets sub zero Celsius that's when I draw the line and become a homebody. But, for the sake of going out at least a couple of times, me and Angela decided to go to the Museum of The City of Skopje, where there are constantly art exhibitions and something new to see. That's one thing I really like about living in Skopje, I feel like there are art exhibitions popping up every month and there's always something new to see, whether they are group exhibitions or individual projects - we love them all!
Photography: Angela Petrovska

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Hello everyone!
Happy 2017, I hope this year will bring us more happiness than ever! With that being said, I'm not feeling particularly happy at the moment as I have tons of studying to do and I'm in that stage where I have so much to do that I don't even know where to begin, so I just don't. Probably shouldn't be procrastinating this early in the year, the time where everyone actually tries to do their best.
I have never been the type to set myself resolutions, just because I know I'm not going to follow through and end up forgetting them. But, I have decided to set one small "mindset" task for myself, and that is to care less about other people's opinions. If I want to wear something, I'm sure as hell going to wear that and not give a.... Same goes for everything I do and say. You can't please everyone Elena, and that's just the way it's always going to be.
Anyways, these photos were shot last year, so this is kind of like a *not so difficult to understand* inception.
A big thank you to Nikola for the photos!