Sunday, January 29, 2017

January Playlist | 2017

© Heathen Harnow

Soo, January has officially lasted a whole year. And this is a fact, everyone I've talked to has the same opinion. And what sucks the most is that everyone's January is terrible, just like mine. I think January's goal this month was to teach me a lesson, and all I'm going to say is - lesson learned. I can't wait to get my life back on track in February, and that includes my blog. Expect A LOT more posts from me, yay!

Starting this playlist off with a shout out to , I loooove that site so much! Well, I first had the app, but you need Internet for it, so when I found out that they have a website version of it I was so excited! For those of you who are first hearing of this, it's a music website that publishes a new playlist of 10 songs each Monday at Noon (Pacific standard time), and 9/10 of the songs on there are sure to be ones that you've never heard of before. So, whenever I'm doing something on my laptop, I choose a random playlist from the already published ones, put my headphones in and chill. (Also,the whole aesthetic of the website is *to die for*) That is how I found two amazing songs that stood out to me, Saved by Khalid and Beretta by Matt Black.
Saved has a chilled, groovy vibe that works perfectly for background noise. The melancholic voice of Khalid makes this song a smooth listen, one that will make you put this song on repeat.
Beretta has more of an R&B sound, but still has the same smoothness as Saved. Definitely on the more moody side, Beretta's electronic sounds mixed with the R&B make this song even more amazing.

Everything by SMNM kept on automatically playing every time I'd listen to Beretta, and I think that was a sign that I needed to put this song on the playlist. SMNM or See Me No More is a Norwegian singer/songwriter (I just learned this information, I swear all the good things come from Norway!), and he has only a few singles out. I am definitely expecting a lot from this artist!

Up next we have one of the coolest EDM trap songs that I've heard in a while. Mickey Valen's Meet Me feat. Noe has been on repeat for the past week, I just love the mix of the beat with Noe's voice. That beat drop though, so frickin cool!

I can't put up a playlist and not include Ed Sheeran's new song Shape of You. I don't need to explain why I love this song, as I'm sure you all love it too.

Okay, so when I say that I listen to everything I literally mean everything. That is why I have Die Antwoord and Ed Sheeran on the same playlist haha. To be honest, Die Antwoord is a bit too much for me, but Baby's On Fire has been stuck in my head since December (when it was in the background of a scene in SKAM). The song is... interesting, to say the least. But, the more I listen to it, the more I'm having a dance party in my room.

Talking about SKAM, this next remix of a song that was on a previous playlist had me screaming at the screen when a scene with it came up. Astrid S (another Norwegian bae) and her song 2 AM had a "makeover" with the Matoma Remix. You should definitely listen to this one, it's not what you'd expect.

Last on the list is Insecure by Shane. Now, the point to which I found this song is unknown to me, from one Instagram account to another I stumbled upon this little gem. So, at the beginning I was really confused by the video (no seriously, SO CONFUSED), but then the more I listened to the song I actually started to like it and when it was over I found myself singing the chorus, just from that first listen. I think that the weirdness of the video/the singer (who's hella cute btw) made me love this song. I would really want to know what was the idea behind the video, why a church? Why those dance moves? I guess some questions will never be answered.

I've made a new playlist on Youtube just for 2017, you can check it out HERE. Hope you'll enjoy my picks for this month! See you in February!