Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April Playlist | 2017

Hold up, April is over? I seriously need to get my *you know what* together, soon it's gonna be me against 6 different exams - yay! But for now, let's have a small recap of the month of April, shall we? I spent half of the month feeling sick (but never fully sick), went on a roadtrip, spent time with friends (most of the time catching the sunshine rays in the City Park), tried to study, fangirled over SKAM's new season (!!!) and listened to a bunch of random music. Trust me, this playlist is as random as it's gonna get. So let's get get right into it.

Starting off with Gorillaz and ALL of their newly released songs - talk about perfect timing. Their sound is a bit different now, but I can't bring myself to hate their music, no matter what they bring out I know I'm going to love it! Plus, how cool is their Saturnz Barz concept, not only do we get a 360 video, but also there will be exhibitions inspired by the "Spirit House". My faves so far are Andromeda & Saturnz Barz.

Astrid S released a second single this month, and I was over the moon excited for it! Bloodstream did not disappoint, it's so catchy and modern, totally in Astrid's style. I can't wait for a whole album, this girl is going to go far!

Aloha by Mome ft. Merryn Jeann was one of the first songs that caught my attention during the first Skam episode, it's just so catchy! It's the perfect balance between chill and dance music, which is always nice to find.

And now we have a string of Norwegian songs that you'll most probably not bother listening to,but for those of you who are not afraid to reach beyond the typical English language, might I suggest these:
Iblindeserenbedre by Tomine Harket & Unge Ferrari is a wonderful piece of music that I would describe as a "chill Disclosure" type of song. The title might frighten you, but it's just I blinde ser en bedre but without space between the words (so Art, I know). I think I could listen to this particular song on repeat for days on end, it just makes me feel so calm. I now also know how to say "Be honest, can you see my soul?" in Norwegian haha.
Another song by the same artists that was featured on Skam was Nostalgi 3Millioner. I have to admit it first, the title of the song is so random, or I just can't connect it to the lyrics. Either way, you would expect some rapping or at least hip hop just by reading the title, but instead you have an amazingly touching ballad?! Oh Norway, how I adore you.
And last but not least, Fy Faen by Hkeem & Temur - I can't not include this song, it's the perfect summer hit waiting to be discovered. It lifts up your mood and makes you excited about summer, what more do you need from a song?

Now that the Norwegian songs are out of the way, we have another string of songs that I like to call "Summer daydreaming circa 2014" (because the songs are from 2014):
Imagination by Gorgon City ft. Katy Menditta - oh how I love this song, Gorgon City have some amazing songs and I don't know how this one's slipped under my radar.
I Know by Shift K3Y is the ultimate summer song, you can't go wrong with a catchy beat and repeating the same words over and over again. Elena, why are you torturing yourself, exams are just about to start and your mind is already by the beach, sun tanning and drinking a mojito...
Okay, so we all know My Love by Route 94 by now, but can we just appreciate it for one more minute? I don't know why but it's been on absolute repeat this month,

And the last discovery for this month, November by Super Cruel ft. Lisa Mitchell. It's a super cute song with a cute music video to go with it. Lisa's vocals are so soft to the ear, it's just like butter on warm bread. Plus, there's a beat drop, so that's an unexpected twist.

As always, click HERE for the whole playlist, until next time, byeee!

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