Thursday, May 25, 2017

May Playlist | 2017

It's that time again guys! Another month has (almost) passed us, which means only one thing for me - it's getting closer to summer! No more exams, no more worries. I have just a few left, and from the 9th of June onwards I am a free person! These past few weeks I've been trying to get my life organized and I've put studying first, blog second - which I absolutely hate. But, slowly I'm getting back into the game, and I for sure knew that I wasn't going to miss this month's playlist!

Starting off with Wash Away. You are all familiar with my love for Wilkinson, so when I saw that he had a new song out I knew it was going to be one of those "replay until you're sick of it" songs. And the conclusion is - I think I'll never get sick of it. It's been on repeat for a month straight, which is weird even for me. The interesting part is that the whole track has about six words that are sung on loop, but it's the beat of the song that makes it so epic!

When lowkey you've been listening to Zayn songs on repeat for months, but it's been just a secret. Yeah, that happened. Still Got Time is a fun song guys, I'm not gonna lie and pretend like I don't enjoy listening to it haha.

So, the story about how I stumbled upon Beach Weather's Swoon is a random one. I was scrolling down Tumblr one night and I saw one of those horoscope posts that tell you funny/random things about your sign. This post was about songs your sign should be listening to. Under Libra (my sign) was Swoon, so I decided to give it a listen. Little did I know I would completely fall for this song haha. The song gives me Arctic Monkeys vibes, but more beach-roadtrip-type of vibes. The same goes for Chit Chat , it's just one of those feel good songs. P.S. Here is that Tumblr post, so that you can check for your sign too haha.

Now, you might not consider me the type to listen to Childish Gambino (2013 rapping Childish Gambino, not the "Awaken, My Love!" soul/rnb 2016 version), but I've been a fan of his songs for a few years now, so I decided to listen through the whole of "Because The Internet", as I already knew (and loved) half of the songs from the album. I've always known his music is very different to other popular rappers' of that time but now I have newfound appreciation for this guy. The whole album is made to sound like an hour long song, and each interlude compliments the story and connects the tracks so perfectly. I could honestly go on about this album for days, I think it's honestly one of the best ones I've heard - ever! If I could put each song on this playlist, I would, but at the end I decided Sweatpants deserved a place here the most. Honorary mentions go to Zealots of Stockholm and Earth, The Oldest Computer. 

Humanz came out late April, and can I just say - Oh my god! The sound is very different to their past music, but growth is part of every good artist's music, so I was beyond impressed with their new sound. Also can we talk about the amount of featured artists on this album?! Crazy!
Submission was one that stood out to me from the very beginning. I fell in love with Kelela's vocals, so when Danny Brown's part came up I was taken back a bit, but overall it compliments the song nicely.
The Apprentice was right up my alley, so I immediately knew it was going to be featured on this playlist. I feel like this song is divided into three parts, each corresponding with the singer's style even though they all sing to the same beat. I'll be listening to this album for months on end, there are just so many different songs and I feel like they all deserve their special attention.

You can listen to the whole playlist on Youtube HERE, or click on the individual titles above! Until next time, ciao!

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