Friday, June 23, 2017

June Playlist | 2017

Hello people!
June was bittersweet for me, some things ended and others began. Actually, when I put things into retrospect I know that everything happens for a reason. If life has taught me one thing (in my ever-so-long 19 years of age), it's exactly that. But what I do know for sure is that these next few months will be filled with both work and play, which makes the "play" part much more enjoyable.
The songs this month were um, really random. Most of them are ones you've probably never heard of before (thanks to but then you have some really old ones that sound just as amazing. Genres mix in this playlist, so I think that there's something for everybody here.

Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini is one of those songs I would categorize as "real music". Drums, a bass, a trumpet and a soulful voice. Add a meaningful message + an excerpt from Charlie Chaplin's speech from The Dictator and you have yourself one hell of a song. Definitely check it out.

Have you ever listened to a song and it opened up a whole new world to you? Yeah, that's me after listening to In A Manner Of Speaking by Nouvelle Vague. First of all, the amazing soft vocals accompanied by the equally as amazing Bossa nova style of music - butter on toast. Second of all, why do I feel like a grown up when I listen to music by Nouvelle Vague? Third of all, why haven't I been listening to this before?! I'll answer the second question myself - because I know I wouldn't have had appreciated it. But I guess now I do, so therefore that makes me an adult now?

Brought to you via (I honestly can't stop going on about this music streaming site, I've got all of my friends hooked on it) we have You by LINES and Tear You Down by La Mar.
You is from a more recent playlist of theirs, and the funky beat stood out to me, plus that chorus is super catchy! On the other hand, Tear You Down is the complete opposite. It's from an older playlist, but that's the beauty of this website - you have so much cool music neatly organized in picture perfect little playlists. This particular song is one that sounds like the music I would fall in love with from the first listen. The atmospheric sound makes this the perfect chill out song, but you still have to stop and appreciate every aspect of it. Honestly, I can go on about this for days, so I just suggest you put on your headphones for the full experience and enjoy this music masterpiece. La Mar have amazing music, I will definitely be checking more of it out.

Astrid S is back with Party's Over, a song that I've had on repeat since last month. You guys know I love this girl, so her bringing out new music makes me rejoice! Party's Over is a chill song, with a kick-ass beat drop, perfect for listening to while daydreaming perhaps?

Lauv's I Like Me Better was suggested to me every time I would listen to Party's Over, so I decided to give it a go. Let me explain to you, I've never felt so strong about an under-rated singer - Lauv is a gift from God himself. Right after I listened to this song and came to the conclusion that it's probably one of the cutest songs I've heard in my life (and sent it to my friend for a second opinion on whether this is the cutest or not) I made it my sole purpose to support this guy and his music no matter what. So, came the social media stalking and finding out if he's playing live shows anywhere near me (ofc not -.- ) and then I started listening to his other songs. That's when I found The Other, a song that I am still to this day sure I've heard prior to that moment, but I just can't put my finger on where I've heard it before. That made me furious, and I spent the evening trying to figure out where I know this song from, but alas nothing was determined.

I know I should have downloaded Halsey's album by now, but I'm just not there yet. In the meantime I've been listening to Eyes Closed with pleasure, it's such a cool song! At first I thought "Hmm this sounds like something The Weeknd would put out" and when I made my research I found his name under Writers, so that made sense.

And last but not least, There For You by Martin Garrix and Troye Sivan. I love Troye, been there since day 1, so I've been looking forward to this collab for a while now, and the final song did not disappoint at all! In fact, I'm seeing Martin Garrix live tonight, so I think it will be a cool moment to listen to this song (sans Troye sadly </3).

And there you go, another playlist, another month gone! Well, almost gone. Click HERE for the whole playlist or on the individual titles above. Till next time!

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