Sunday, July 30, 2017

July Playlist | 2017

I'm finally back, after spending most of July anywhere but home it sure feels good to sit down and write what I've been up to and get things back on track. Basically, I've been trying to clear my head and enjoy time with just me as much as I can. How you ask, when you've gone to a festival this month filled with thousands of people and afterward went to a vacation with your family? Well, even though the festival part wasn't about having "me time", I consider enjoying yourself while listening to good music with your eyes closed to be a great time to reconnect with yourself. And when on vacation I realized that I enjoy nothing more than being alone in the water, floating with my head tilted back and just letting the waves carry you. It's the little moments that matter the most, knowing what you need to de-stress completely and just be present in the moment. And now after I've told you my little mantra, time to switch gears and listen to some good music.

Somebody Else by The 1975 is such a sweet song. I've heard it couple of times before but never really took notice of the beauty of this song. They have such good songs, but they certainly put you in a specific mood so this one might make you sad, might make you think about a lost love or it will make you smile. You never know with songs like these honestly.

Paralyzed is one of those songs that I have no idea how I ended up finding, or how I ended up loving and having on repeat. But can I just say how f*cking cool I think this song is?! It's unlike anything else I've heard in a while, maybe it's the beat of the song or the vocals of the singer - either way, I'm obsessed. Klyne is a dance/electronic duo from The Netherlands, they are relatively new on the music scene and I'll most definitely give a listen to their other music.

Backstory: Pain Goes Away by Refs is one of my all time favorite songs, but the struggle I was having at the time was - Refs had only one song out. So imagine my excitement when I found out they had another single out! Spotlight is a refreshing tune that intertwines synth pop with Refs' raspy vocals and I am here for it! Glad to have them back.

If my summer could have an album as a soundtrack I would want it to be Funk Wav Bounces Vol.1 by Calvin Harris. Each song is 3/4 minutes of summertime and I'm loving it! But of course, I have to have my favorites, so here they are - Faking It , Cash Out , Slide & Rollin.

Dua Lipa's newest single New Rules has been stuck in my head for a year straight, and it's not even that old yet! There are just some songs that turn you into a sassy b*tch that snaps her fingers in a Z formation and needs no man in her life - this song is just that.

Astrid S. is back with a new single, I can't wait until she releases the rest of the songs from her EP. Anyways, Such A Boy is perfection, not only because Herman Tommeraas is in it (SKAM fans where you at!) or because the whole video is super cute, but the melody is so catchy and the whole point of the song is relatable af. Boys say that girls are confusing, but I beg to differ - and so does this song haha.

Rudimental have a new song out and it's everything and more! At first, I was a bit confused because I'm used to their songs having a drum 'n' bass sound, but it quickly grew on me. Sun Comes Up is the perfect summer song, it just instantly puts you in a good mood. I had the luck to see Rudimental DJ Set live, and had a blast! I've always had a lot of love for this group, I wish to someday see the full group together on stage, that would be so epic.

More Than You Know is one of those coincidental finds that you just know were meant to be. This song is best heard with headphones in on full blast. It just makes you jump around and make your surroundings an outdoor festival. A must listen!

And this last one is truly random, but I've been listening to it quite a lot so it deserves a spot here! Ever since I found out Koop were performing at D Festival I've been going through their music and I enjoy it so much! It's so chill and relaxing, and Come To Me is such a cute song! And yes, they were just as amazing performing live as you would think.

Click HERE for the whole playlist on Youtube, and till next time Ciao!

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