Monday, November 27, 2017

November Playlist | 2017

I can't believe it's going to be December in a couple of days... How is it the end of 2017 already?!
Honestly, the thought of 2017 ending is kind of making me anxious only because I know that January will be filled with exams, and that's always stressful soo... But let's not jump so ahead in the future, time for a small recap of the month of November for me: the weather is slowly but surely making me feel moody & the only condolence is a cup of hot chocolate; I had a few mid-term exams and now I'm forcing myself to start studying earlier than usual (meaning not a week before the test) & I've kept myself busy with posting on the blog. Honestly, the last one has been making me feel so much better about myself, I hope I can keep this streak of posting regularly in December too.
And now, time to share my music favorites for this month:

If there's one thing I most definitely believe in, that's karma. And the fact that I found a badass RnB song that talks about just that gives me life. Kiana Ledé - Fairplay is one of my most recent obsessions, I just adore the dark undertone to the catchy beat, so definitely give it a listen.

Some months I go through a dry patch where I just can't find any good new artists that catch my attention within the very first second. And then, I received a notification from my Portuguese language Facebook group that somebody posted a link - and little did I know that this was the thing I've been missing my whole life. I present to you Kafé, a young contemporary RnB artist that gives off MAJOR The Weeknd vibes. I immediately fell in love with his song 360 and fell down a hole of discovering his music (and following him on all social media). His whole debut album can be found on Youtube, so I highly suggest you listen to it - it's catchy, modern and the best part, you can learn a bit of Portuguese while you're jamming to his songs. Another favorite so far is Nós 3, but I'm sure more of the songs will find their way to my next playlists.

Glassio's Daydream has the most suiting title to the vibe of the song, it truly makes you daydream. It's super chill but still upbeat, with slight 90s undertones. An awesome listen overall.

Majid Jordan have always been on my music radar, so I decided to go back and listen to some of their older songs, and that's how I found My Love feat. Drake. I believe this came out around the time Hold On We're Going Home came out, but since that was such a huge hit, this kind of fell in its shadow. But I am here today to say that it's such a good song!

Same People by The Code is such an amazing song. When I was writing this post I had a random playlist playing in the background, and then this song came up. Everything was background noise and then I heard the "Rising like a Phoenix" line and it just captivated me. I replayed the song once again, listened to it more carefully and I was blown away by how good the song is. The Code is an amazing duo (I adore their song Touch, previously featured on a playlist) that deserves more recognition.

These were my top 6 choices for this month, click HERE for the whole playlist on Youtube, or on each individual title above. Until next time!

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