Sunday, December 24, 2017

December Playlist | 2017

Can you believe 2017 is almost over?! I felt just like this last year when I was writing the December 2016 playlist, just pure disbelief that another year has gone. 2017 has been generous to me, I've made a lot of new friendships and traveled to different cities and countries, but it's also been quite challenging. I learned the hard way that mental health comes first, so fingers crossed things are going to get better this upcoming year! I'm not planning to set myself any "New Year Resolutions" like most people do, I'll just try to do my best with everything I set my mind to. Anyhow, time to talk music!
If you came here expecting to see Christmas songs, I'm sorry but it's just not happening haha. The songs I've been listening to most this past month are slower and moodier than usual, but perhaps it's the gloomy weather rubbing off on me and making me enjoy songs like that even more. But you'll see how the songs tend to get more upbeat as the month passes, maybe that's the New Year's euphoria doing its thing haha.

I've always said that Majid Jordan have such good music, and this next one proves that statement right - "Warm" is a slow and sultry track that goes perfectly with the smooth vocals. All that I recommend is to listen to these songs with headphones in, it truly adds to the experience, especially with songs like this one where there are so many different layers that one can easily miss.

This next one is probably one of the smoothest songs I've ever heard. "Get You" by Daniel Caesar ft. Kali Uchis is a song that EVERYBODY has to hear, it's just that good. I originally heard a remixed version that I became obsessed with (click HERE for that one, it's also amazing!) but I decided to give the original song a go - and I realized what I've been missing out on. 10/10

Ever since the new version of "Come Through and Chill" by Miguel and J.Cole came out I've been OBSESSED with it. I loved the original version, but I mean come on, J.Cole is such a cool artist! Plus, the fact that he mentions Macedonia in his verse...#blessed haha.

Bastille & Craig David were two names I never thought would make music together, but here we are with "I Know You" and I have to admit, it's so fricking good!

And last but not least, I'd like to shine a light on two young ladies that are very new to the music scene, but I've been loving their sound and songs so far.
The first one is Charlotte Lawrence with her single "Sleep Talking". It's got a pop sound to it, quite catchy and the lyrics are super sassy.
And the second one is Sigrid with her song "Strangers". There is something so pure about this girl, I can't explain it haha. Just watching her dance to this super catchy tune will make you stand up and jump around your room, I adore her energy!

And slowly but surely we're getting further away from the moody songs and into the more "dance vibes" part of this playlist. For the ultimate dance party, I suggest playing Jax Jones' "Breathe" ft. Ina Wroldsen. Jax Jones has had some great hits over his career, and I'm sure this one will be as well.

And that wraps up another year of Monthly Playlists! Click HERE for the whole playlist on Youtube or on each individual title above. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

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