Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February Playlist | 2018

Okay, so February is at its end and it feels like it's been a week since the start of the month. But, even though it felt like a short one, I made sure I appreciated every single minute of it - and I sure did. Reuniting with friends I haven't seen in a looong time, endless chats over coffee and spontaneous trips around Skopje were some of the things that made me love February. And now that it's over I'm starting to feel the nostalgia.

My month of February started off with Not3s ft. Mabel - My Lover (T. Matthias Remix), which isn't a bad start at all considering how badass this song is. There are times when a certain remix is better than the original, and this is one of those times. I LOVE the beat mixed with the vocals, they just blend so perfectly. Definitely, give it a listen if you want to turn your room into an EDM concert.

Coming from the same channel where I found the previous song, we have Loud Luxury ft. Brando - Body. Just like "My Lover" this one left me dancing around my room like a crazy person. I just love the chorus, it's so catchy!

One of the most positive songs of this month was Teedra Moses - Be Your Girl (Kaytranada Edition). It's the true definition of a cute song, it's got it all - the upbeat sound, the lyrics, and the lovely vocals. I found myself returning to this song more than a few times.

Continuing with the groovier songs on this playlist, I have my latest obsession - VanJess. I found these two ladies so randomly, from one end of Youtube to another, and ever since the first listen I just can't get enough of their music. Through Enough is like a happy marriage between 90s R'n'B and the electronic duo Disclosure (who you all know I looove). So, I naturally checked out their other music and I found out that they are relatively new and have just a couple of songs out. So, I decided to share another one with you that is slower and more sultry which I think suits their style perfectly. Adore is what you'll want to listen to on a Saturday night before you head out the door, trust me.

Last but not least is a really chill one, Konoba - On Our Knees (feat. R.O). This song is hauntingly beautiful, from the very beginning till the end. The simple intro melts into a complex beat drop that still feels relaxed and easy to the ear. This track is a solid 10/10.

And that's it for this short but sweet month of February. Click HERE for the whole playlist on Youtube or on each individual title above. Happy listening!


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