Wednesday, October 31, 2018

October Playlist | 2018

Sooo, October is over and done. In retrospect, this past month has been one of the most challenging ones of this year so far. From amazing news to moments of utter weakness, I guess the universe needs to balance itself out somehow. But amidst all those ups and downs I knew one thing for sure - music was here to make me chill tf out. That is why most of the music this month is on the "vibe with me" side, so that means lots of chill R'n'B and soul beats. The songs I listened to in October can be divided into two categories: new, fresh Macedonian music and music I discovered via the Student FM radio (92.9 here is Macedonia - you won't regret it!).
Here are the ones that made the final cut:

Probably my favourite song in October - Matej Foltz "Ponedelnik". I am soo surprised by how amazing Macedonian music has become in the past few years. New artists are bringing so much to the table, I guess the music here was stuck in a creative rut where it had to compete with foreign music in order to be appreciated. So when I see new artists like Matej trying to bring back the beauty of a cool, laid-back beat & simple, yet meaningful lyrics it makes me so happy to watch the industry move forward. Also, major shoutout to Frozen Timedrops, the video looks sooo good!

Another example of Macedonian music moving forward is Funk Shui and their latest track "Krik". They've been on the scene for quite some time now, but they are finally getting the recognition they deserve. I love the direction they are moving in, it's new and different from what we're used to but they still manage to make it unique and their own. And again, the video looks so sick!

Toro Y Moi - So Many Details
This is a prime example of "music I discovered through the radio". I don't usually listen to Toro Y Moi although I loove Tame Impala and he has similar music to theirs, so far everything I've heard from him has been super cool. I had another song by him on a previous playlist which was a totally different vibe from this one but none the less, "So Many Details" is the perfect chill out song.

Khalid is back with a new EP YAY! I'm yet to listen to it, but the lead single "Better" is sooo good! I expect nothing less from Khalid, I am soo beyond excited for his growing career and even more happy that he's still keeping his style the same.

Ama Lou - DDD EP
Ama Lou is my latest discovery and I am over the moon happy that I did. Her EP DDD is amazing from both an auditory and a visual aspect - the songs: "Tried Up", "Wrong Lesson" and "Wire" all complement each other so good and it truly feels like you're listening to a whole story being told accompanied by soul and R'n'B beats. At first, I thought I could choose a favourite out of the three but I soon realised they are all connected and you get the full experience when listening to all of them. And the visual film made to accompany the songs is simply filled with the coolest shots ever, plus I read that everyone that worked on it is under 22 years, so that makes me even more proud that young artists of all fields can come together and make something beautiful.

As always, click HERE for the Youtube link to the whole playlist, or on each individual title above. Happy listening!

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