Monday, October 8, 2018

September Playlist | 2018

First things first, I want to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for the amazing response I got on my last post. I honestly felt so overwhelmed but in the best way possible! So many young, amazing women (and gents) reached out to me to share their story or just to say how much they liked it, and I am forever grateful that the post had the effect it did because that was my goal from the start! Although I love blogging about fashion, I truly believe that this platform is meant to do so much more than just showcase personal style. I want to tackle more topics of that nature in the future, so if there is a certain subject you'd want me to talk about and share my point of view, don't hesitate to write to me.

Gratitude rant aside, here are some of the songs that I listen to in September. There aren't many as I revisited a lot of music I had previously posted on the blog, so these ones were the lucky few that made the cut:

I'm starting the playlist off with the most wholesome song of them all - "The Trip" by Still Corners. This was one of those rare gems on Youtube that probably sounds the way happiness feels. It's so chill, easy-going and brings positive energy like no other song. When I listen to it I just imagine myself in a van on the road, with mountains surrounding us while I take photos of them on my analogue camera. That honestly sounds so perfect right now.

A few years back I discovered JOY. and I adored her sound and music. So, when a song auto-played on Youtube one day I immediately knew it was hers. The vibes are still the same and her voice sounds even better now, so I was pleasantly surprised to see she still makes music. "Same Place" has those r'n'b subtones while keeping things mellow and melancholic with the overall sound. Definitely check it out.

Sometimes you listen to a song and the lyrics hit you like a ton of bricks. I guess that was the feeling I had when I heard "Better Than This" for the first time. I love the self-empowering message it gives, about how at the end of the day you're your own friend and cutting ties with people is sometimes mandatory.

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon one of The Weeknd's old songs from way back, and next thing I was doing is listening through his Trilogy album. "What You Need" is one of those songs that I always go back to and could never get tired of, it's not typical for The Weeknd but he still managed to make it his own.

I'm not one to listen to trap music or Travis Scott for that matter, but when I was in Bratislava last month my friends and I had a little Astroworld listening party and "Sicko Mode" managed to get my attention. I'm sure probably 99% of you have already heard this song, so no need to explain why I think it's a cool one.

And that's it! As always click HERE for the whole playlist, or on each individual title above. Happy listening!

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