Tuesday, November 27, 2018

November Playlist | 2018

Hold up, November's over?! Okay, I definitely have no sense of time, I swear it was only yesterday that this month began! I guess I've kept quite busy this time, and it honestly makes me so happy. I feel like this month began with so many things going on that now I've run out of any will to do anything productive (when in fact, this is the time of the year when everybody starts getting ready for exams, midterms etc and ofc I'm running on low fumes), and his needs to change ASAP.
Short retrospect of November: volunteered at the European film festival CineDays, had an awesome time and met so many cool people; bought another disposable camera for a little project I have in mind; applied for something really cool (fingers crossed everything turns out good!); & got inspired, like, a lot. And of course, I discovered a bunch of new artists that I'm sharing with you today!

Without any further ado, here's the November playlist!

My favourite discovery for this month has to be, hands down, Lil Halima. I am in love with her aesthetic and sound, it's fresh and new and it gave me so much creative inspiration. Her songs "Abstract" and "Jasmine" have such a laid back, chill vibe to them, with "Abstract" being a bit more up-tempo. And can we just appreciate how gorgeous the videos are! Norwegians know what's up!

NAO's latest single with 6LACK is as amazing as I expected it to be. "If You Ever" has a lovely ethereal, dreamy vibe to it but still manages to keep an upbeat tempo. 6LACK is a great addition to the song, he gives the song an RnB dimension which counterbalances NAO's sweet, distinctive vocals.

"332 Miles" is such a VIBE! It's a bit more sultry than the rest of the playlist songs, but sometimes us ladies need a little something before a night out, and I'm all about that! Music is such a powerful tool, we might as well use it to its fullest potential. None the less, check this song out, it's amaaazing!

"Lost My Mind" always came on Autoplay when I listened to songs on YT, so as time passed by it got stuck in my head. It's a super catchy pop song, so if you're into those kinds of songs you'll like this one too. Plus, the girl has a very unique voice.

Can we just talk about the fact that I'm ONLY NOW jumping on the Brockhampton train?! Like, why haven't I been listening to these dudes months ago? Anyway, from what I've heard so far, "Sweet" is my absolute fave. The beat is SO CATCHY, I can't help but nod everytime I hear it. If you too are like me and have been living under a rock when it comes to these guys, I highly suggest listening to a few of their tracks.

As always, click HERE for the Youtube link to the whole playlist, or on each individual title above. Happy listening!

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