Saturday, April 6, 2019

March Playlist | 2019

Another month has passed and that means one thing - exams are slowly but surely creeping up. But, how can I think about exams when I'm living in beautiful Madrid? I've been a busy bee this past month, took a couple of day trips outside of Madrid, or just simply explore the city even more. The weather has been gorgeous, and I've been taking more photos on my analogue camera so there might be a photo post coming soon! Meanwhile, here are the songs I've been listening to on repeat for March:

Spanish alternative is my new fave genre of music, and I have Miss Caffeina to thank for that. Since being in Spain I've been exposed to so many new music artists that are not as famous internationally but have a huge fan base in Spain. Miss Caffeina is one of them, I tried to get a ticket to their concert and it was sold out two months before the show, so you can imagine they have quite a following. One of the first songs I heard from them was Merli, and I immediately fell in love with the synth-pop sound. 

Italian music never sounded cooler, trust me. Mahmood's Soldi will be part of Eurovision this year, BUT that doesn't mean that the song sucks. Actually, it sounds totally different and modern, and I just can't get over the darkness of it. Highly recommended!

I discovered Sampha's Blood On Me through a Netflix show called On My Block (if you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend it!) and it immediately caught my attention. I knew of Sampha as an artist from before, but this song is just next level. I love the different levels it has, it just sounds so fresh and new.

A playlist can go without at least one indie, take-me-on-a-road trip type of song. Affection by BETWEEN FRIENDS is just that song. Highly recommended if you just want to put your thoughts on mute and daydream.

I have periods when Brockhampton is all I listen to. The month of March has been one of those periods. I've had their songs on repeat, especially Bleach. I just love how mellow the vibe of the song is, but at the same time, it goes soo hard!

Wait, how is this the same Doja Cat we all know about by this point? I randomly found So High on Soundcloud and can I just say, wow. The chill vibes are strong here, but also her vocals sound so calming here. It reminds me of 90s R'n'B/hip hop but with a modern twist.

I think I found the most sensual song in the world. And that title goes to All To You by Sabrina Claudio. I randomly found a deep house remix of this song on Soundcloud and I was originally going to share that version here because it's really good, but the original...OH MY GOD. It's just so slow and beautiful and damn sexy. Ladies, definitely give this one a listen if you want to be in a "feeling myself" type of mood.

If you want to listen to the songs, you can click on the titles above individually, or just click HERE for the whole playlist on Youtube. 

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