Saturday, June 8, 2019

April and May Monthly Playlist | 2019

Okay, I know I've been bad at this "monthly playlist" thing, but I promise I'm back on track this time! Of course, I'm not just going to disregard April as a month filled with good music, so this post is a double playlist! I'm in exams right now (more specifically, 3 down, 2 more to go) so what better time to go through my fave songs these past two months! If I'm procrastinating, I can at least procrastinate by doing something I love, amirite?! Anyhow, here are my top picks for April and May:

I love Ella Mai's vibes, especially in Shot Clock. It's a very chill R'n'B song that I think everyone would like. I adore the chorus, it's so catchy and vibey, and I just adore listening to her in general when I want to relax/or pretend I'm at a concert in my room. 

I'm sorry but why is every song from Zayn THAT? I swear that guy can't do wrong in my eyes... Okay maybe that duet with Taylor Swift was not my cup of tea, but the rest is just A++. Fingers has been on repeat for two months straight and it's still so.damn.good. 

I think everyone on the internet has stumbled up this remix at least once in their lifetime. Kučka - Honey (Medasin Remix) is the poster song of Majestic Casual, and people get obsessed and over this song in waves. I'm currently in the "obsessed" category. It's just such a vibe. So good. 

I know I've been sleeping on this song and everyone is probably over it by now, but James Blake's collaboration with Travis Scott and Metro Boomin for Mile High iS SUCH A VIBE! I remember my friend Angela told me about this song and how unusual it was that James Blake made a song with Travis Scott (which it is, but also genius???) and I just thought Oh cool, look at James go, listened to it once but it didn't really catch my attention. And here I am 5 months later, shamelessly jamming out to this dope song.

I'm going to watch 6LACK perform live this summer at Sziget (super excited!!!) but I actually haven't listened to many of his songs so far. My plan is to learn every song of his until August because so far I adore his sound. First on my list of favourites is In Between featuring my queen BANKS. Again, I don't know why I've been sleeping on this song, it's sooo goood!! Their voices together in the chorus, it's like bread and butter and I'm not even exaggerating.

Speaking of BANKS, this woman is back and better than ever. Gimme is truly a masterpiece of a song. It's just so powerful, I don't know how to describe it. I just listen to the chorus and I'm like YES I WANT EVERYTHING I DESERVE EVERYTHING GIMME! I think that was the effect she was going for with this song, or if not, that's how I interpret it haha. Plus that video, oh my, oh my.

Tame Impala, we meet again. Or should I say Kevin Parker finally decided to make a new song and I don't have to listen to The Less I Know The Better on repeat anymore... Just kidding, that's never going to happen, BUT it's great that now I have a new song to switch to from time to time. Borderline is your typical Tame Impala song - catchy, amazing, the best possible trip you'll ever have.  

New Order. Blue Monday. Yeah, I'm just as confused as you are. I mean, it's an amazing song and even though I don't usually share songs that are classics because everyone knows them and my point is to use these playlists as a platform for discovering new music - I had to include it. I just remember trying to fall asleep one night, but it just wasn't happening, and all of a sudden the Blue Monday melody appeared in my head. So, normally, I put it on and jammed out at 3 AM with my headphones on in the pitch black in my room. Aaand I haven't stopped listening to it since. 

And that rounds it up! As always, click HERE for the whole playlist on YT or on each individual title above! Happy listening!

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