Tuesday, July 2, 2019

June Playlist | 2019

Okay, so June. Damn, this month had so much going on I think I'm gonna need a year long vacation just so I can process everything that has happened. If May was filled with guests coming over in Madrid and me living my best life showing people around, June consisted of studying, stressing, traveling, and then stressing some more. I had my exams, I finished my Erasmus exchange (post coming for that whole experience soon), I came back to Skopje, and then returned to Madrid for a little bit to get some stuff done. In fact, I'm in Madrid currently, sweating my butt off because of the heatwave, but my little vacation is coming to an end soon *cue me crying at the airport yet again*. This is probably the most I've traveled my whole entire life, or more specifically the most I've been on an airplane in a short amount of time. Thank god I'm not afraid of flying, otherwise this whole thing would have been a nightmare. Anyway, the emotional rollercoaster was in full swing this month, from meeting some people I wish I had met earlier, to saying bye to the people who made my experience here the best ever. Okay, I'm gonna stop now before I bum myself out even more. Here are the songs I've been listening to this month:

When I came back to Skopje, I went on a mini-quest to find what cool events will be happening in my hometown this summer, and one of those events is Zdravo Mladi. And then I remembered that Nipplepeople is headlining the festival this year, so I decided to give them a listen. Frka is one of those songs I knew, but I had no idea who it actually was by, so now that I know I'm going to listen to it live I'm suuper happy about it. I've been into 80s synth-pop since last year, so this is straight up my alley.

I would like to state a public "Thank you" to whoever was in charge of the playlist in Stradivarius that day because I Shazamed this song immediately and have had it on repeat ever since. Cabu's remix of Stay Lost is everyyything I need for this summer, and after you listen to it it will be everything you need too.

BANKS released her second single Look What You're Doing To Me and do you know what I said after listening to this track? "Look whAT YOU'RE DOING TO ME BANKS!! Got me crying at the airport like an idiot.." Either way, this song is amazing just like anything else she puts out so yeah.

My latest obsession Sabrina Claudio has made a collab with 6LACK which I was not aware of until last month, and now I know that these two are perfection together. Belong To You is so sultry and seductive, like daym miss Claudio. All of her songs have this vibe, but this one is that + R'n'B and I'm living for it!

Jason Dhakal is my latest discovery who deserves soo much more recognition. Infatuation is an amazing chill, laid back song with a sultry tune - and we all know I'm a sucker for this combination of sounds. Highly recommended!

And that wraps up this month's playlist! As always, click HERE for the whole playlist or on each indiviual title above. Happy listening!

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