Tuesday, September 3, 2019

July & August Playlist | 2019

Soo, long time no blog...
I've been quite selfish this year. I've been doing things I never thought I would, experiencing the most amazing things and living in the moment (with Instagram as a form of memory capturing), but I've neglected the thing that brought me happiness over the past years, and that's this little blog. I'm here to say that I'm putting an end to that (this sounded so official), and I plan on making more *hopefully* inspiring content for you guys! I have a couple of plans on what I want to post, but me being the slug that I am when it comes time to actually finish things, I've kinda lost interest. Buuut, I'm making a promise that I'm gonna stick through and finish what I've started, starting with this July and August playlist.

Truth be told, I don't have a lot of new music for this playlist, mostly due to the fact that I've been listening to Mura Masa and Years and Years on repeat, song after song, album after album, getting mentally prepared for the madness that was Sziget Festival. Yeah, that fkn happened. Angela and I have been talking about going to this festival for years now, but it always seemed so unreachable (not to mention expensive). But, when you want something, there comes a time and a place when you just say Fuck it, let's do it, and you do, and then you're in shock for about a week afterwards. Yep, I am still in slight disbelief of the things I got to see and hear, buut I'm planning on doing a post specifically dedicated to that whole experience, so you'll just have to wait a bit more to hear me geek out about music (and life at that point).
So yeah, here's my shortlist of music I discovered these past two months, as well as a guest song suggestion by my friend who I think you all already know, Angela, just because I wanted to have more suggestions for you guys!

There's something so enchanting about Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Multi-Love is a perfect example of a "musical voyage". The vocals give me a contemporary Freddie Mercury vibe, but still, have their own distinct sound. And I absolutely love the sharp shifts between slow tempo and fast tempo, it adds a new level of dynamic to the song. I would love to attend a concert of theirs at least once in my life, I think that would be the closest thing to an "out of body experience" I'll have.

BANKS is back with a new album and I've been waiting for this moment since forever! And of course, she did not disappoint. I'm still slowly listening through the whole album (I like to give each song the special attention it deserves), and so far I can say that Stroke and Alaska are uh-mazing. Stroke has a very dark undertone and a nice steady tempo, and then out of nowhere she hits us with an 80s synth-pop switch to the beat and that's when I was absolutely sold on the song. Alaska, on the other hand, is more upbeat and more cheerful (but the lyrics, of course, are anything but cheerful), with the unexpected chorus style that made me fall in love with the song. I'd highly suggest you listen to this album, she's a true artist.

Brockhampton also made their comeback with their new album Ginger, which I am as well going through at the moment. I have so much respect for these guys, and if you haven't read up on their story, I'd suggest you do. For this playlist, I'm gonna put the spotlight on I Been Born Again, which I would humbly describe as a textbook Brockhampton song. Also, Matt Champion's verse in this song is short but sweet sick.

On another note, I've been quite into chill but upbeat Soundcloud remixes and one that I would recommend is Cabu's remix of They. - Back It Up. Soundcloud has been my main source of "on the go" music, so it's no surprise that I'm including one in this playlist.

And now, Angela's recommendation: "If there is a song of the summer, Be Honest by Jorja Smith feat. Burna Boy is just that, even though it dropped at the end of August. Jorja's sultry vocals and Burna's rapping over the afro trap beat are the definition of a song for a summer heatwave. The accompanying visuals are as dope as the song itself, making you want to take a night dip in a swimming pool or drive around town.

And that rounds up this playlist if I can even call it a playlist lol. You can click the link HERE for all of the songs on my 2019 playlist so far, or on each individual title above. Happy listening!

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