Tuesday, October 1, 2019

September Playlist | 2019

Playlist photo: Trey Trimble

September has been testing me. A lot. Health-wise, it could have been better. Actually, it could have been better in a lot of other aspects too, but since the rest of the year has been amazing so far, I was expecting a quick check of reality to come my way. And how did I cope with the low blows of September? Lots of time with friends and feel-good music. Oh, and a bunch of Netflix too. But mostly hanging out with friends I haven't seen in a loong time and discovering new music that made me happy. So, if you're looking for moody, dark songs (which I usually love), I'm sorry but this month was just not it for me. However, what was "it" were some French bops and catchy choruses. So, here's the little list I have ready for you this month!

The Brockhampton love saga continues, this time with Sugar on blast. This one is really different from their other songs, which is why I think I quite like it. Brockhampton jokes that they are the best new boy band, but this song is the most boy band-esque they've ever released. It's a very smooth track, less saturated in sound and quite timid in comparison to the other songs on the album, but still a big mood.

I found this song randomly while watching a Youtube video that popped up in my recommended, and the guy used a small bit of it and it immediately stuck in my head. I would describe Herside Story as a very positive song, whenever I listen to it I just start to nod my head like crazy. Also, you'll have the chorus stuck in your head after the first listen, trust me. I've seen the name GoldLink pop up before, so I'm definitely going to have a listening party in October.

In search of new music similar to the vibes of Tame Impala and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, I was suggested to listen to Jungle, so I did. And I immediately became obsessed with Casio. I believe this is one of their more popular songs, and rightfully so. I absolutely love the 70s sound, it's like you're in a music time machine with some modern elements. I think a reoccurring theme this month was listening to feel-good songs, and this one is for sure on that list.

While we're on the topic of songs with the 70s sound, I've found a new genre that speaks to my soul on another level - French synth-pop. *queue me regretting that I never continued learning French properly* I have two songs for you guys to listen to, the first one being Vérité by the gorgeous Claire Laffut (seriously, the girl is so stunning!), the more modern-sounding song of the two, and the second one is Toi Et Moi by Paradis which is just pure 70s/80s.

My absolute favourite find this month was Blush'ko. I found this artist through a live performance of the above mentioned Herside Story, and Blush'ko sang the chorus in it. I was really impressed by his vocals, so I decided to listen to some of his music and boy oh boy was I pleasantly surprised. His mixtape Blush'ko In Love Pt. 1 is an absolute gem - from the Intro to the smooth transitions and flow from one song to another, I became more and more obsessed. I'll give a shout out to Poetic Love, a super 90s vibe, and Another Love, which is a remix of the beat from Poetic Love but with different lyrics (genius, right?!). Also, If you're listening through the whole mixtape, I would highly suggest reading the description for each song where Blush'ko humorously explains each song and what it means to him. The whole thing is just so wholesome, I highly suggest listening to him!

And that wraps up another monthly playlist! Click HERE for the whole playlist on Youtube, or on each individual title above. Happy listening!

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