Friday, December 27, 2019

December Playlist | 2019

The fact that this is the last playlist for 2019 is low key freaking me out BUT I am honestly more than ready for another year. Not gonna lie, December has been a bit of a struggle bus for me mentally. I guess I can kind of pinpoint the root of the problem but instead, I blame it on other outside factors like "Oh it's getting darker earlier, I need the sun to keep me happy". I can see why some would think of it as a legit reason, but it's useless and also not really true to completely blame it on the season. I think I find myself reflecting the most in December, I just do a mental recap of everything I've done in the year and I immediately go back to where I was this time one year ago and how much I've changed and how much the situation I am in has changed. This time last year I was completely stressed out trying to sort out my Spanish visa and searching for a home in Madrid, but at least I had something to look forward to in the new year. And now, I can't seem to find a reason to look forward to. I know that sounds stupid and I shouldn't be so materialistic in a way, but after that high last year, I keep thinking, how can I top that? Was that the peak for me? And this ladies and gentlemen is how my lovely brain works. While everyone is celebrating the holidays and getting in the Christmas spirit I'm over here having an existential crisis :))))
I don't want to end the year on a bad note, so I'm just gonna keep a positive mindset from now on. I'm excited to spend some quality time with my friends and ring in the new year with them, and I hope you are excited to do the same with your loved ones too!
Anyway, I think the music I listened to the most this month kind of reflected everything I just word-vomited, so nothing crazy, nothing upbeat, just chill and perfect for drowning out the dark thoughts that might creep up once in a while. So, here's the last playlist for 2019:

I will always associate Aurora with my friend India, she absolutely adores her and introduced me to her music. One of the songs that she suggested I listen to was Soft Universe, and I did, but I never came back to it, or well, not until recently. Going with my "chill mood" playlist, the enigmatic sound of this song makes me feel some type of way. It's just one of those songs that makes you feel as if you're a wild queen of a Nordic forest running with a pack of wolves by your side, ya know?

Everything I Wanted by Billie Eilish. Need I say more? I couldn't think of a more perfect fit for my "chill December mood" playlist. I think this one is in my top 3 Billie songs, it's like a representation of what butter on a warm piece of bread would sound like.

I discovered Кукла (meaning "doll" in English) at the PIN Music Conference festival in late November. I randomly went to her performance and caught it midway but I was immediately drawn to her sound. She performed Hranimo Se Rechima  and she did it in a cool way too, by coming down to the crowd and walking around. So you could just imagine the tenseness in the air because this song is actually quite dark and intense in my opinion. It got stuck in my head, so when I got home I played it and I've had it on repeat since.

Okay so I completely blame my friend Bisera about my newest obsession Klinac. He's an up-and-coming Serbian rapper (i guess?) and honestly, his music SLAPS. My friends know that I don't listen to trap music, but I'm not sure why I find his songs so addicting. We (Bisera and I) watched him perform this December and he was really good, so there's one more reason to like him (although most of his fanbase is like...15). Anyway, I've had his latest single Pravila on repeat these past few weeks, so if you're in the mood for some Serbian chill trap this is the song for you.

The Weeknd's latest track is probably the most upbeat song on this playlist haha. Heartless is just what I needed from him, it's the perfect mix of Trilogy and Starboy, and even though I wasn't a big fan of the latter, I still have a lot of respect for his music. I think probably everyone has heard this song at one point, so no need to further explain why it's on this list.

As always, click HERE for the whole playlist on Youtube, or on each individual title above. Happy listening, happy new year and merry Christmas!

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